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VIDEO: Jasmine and Jorge Reflect on their Idol Run

Jorge Nunez, Jasmine Murray

Not long after being trimmed from American Idol's Top 13, Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez came by the offices to reflect on their admittedly brief experience on America's No. 1 TV program.

Among the topics we covered:

• If Jasmine had to do it all over again, would she still sing "I'll be There"?

• What was Jorge's actual first pick from the Michael Jackson catalogue?

• Are the sequestered Idol contenders aware of the "scandals" (e.g. XXX-rated 800-numbers) going on in the "outside" world?

• Does the Judges' Save element double the devastation for a departing singer? Plus: Jasmine's message to whoever winds up getting saved.

• What's next for each of the young castoffs?

See what each had to say, after the jump. read more

First Castoffs Favor Rule Change that Failed to "Save" Them

American Idol's Jorge Nunez, Jasmine Murray

American Idol's latest wrinkle might not have saved their bacon, but both of the Top 13's first ejected finalists say the rule change is a good idea.

On Wednesday's results show, host Ryan Seacrest unveiled the "Judges' Save," a new rule whereby Simon Cowell et al, by means of a unanimous vote, can reinstate a voted-off singer. The catch: They can only use the Save once during the season, and only until the Top 5.

Rather needless to say (yet undoubtedly to Idol producers' delight), neither of this week's bottom finishers ... read more

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