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Mega Minute Scoop on Lost, Trace and The Closer 2

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Lost's Jorge Garcia previews the (very complicated) "return" of the Oceanic 6.

Without a Trace focuses an episode on someone who is not Jack or Sam.

• Which familiar face might appear on both The Closer and its spin-off?

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Lost's Hurley Rocks Out to "Mustang Sally"

During the "Netflix LIVE! On Location" event this past weekend, the Band From TV, featuring television stars from today's hottest shows, opened the evening with a rock ‘n’ roll hour for charity set. Lost's Jorge Garcia led the vocals on "Mustang Sally," but keep an eye out for Heroes stars Adrian Pasdar and Greg Grunberg on bass and drums, respectively, Hayden Panettiere and House's Jesse Spencer on the violin. read more

Season Premiere Redux

Leave it to ABC to take the concept of the dreaded repeat and reinvent it as "enhanced" television. Now, instead of enjoying a few quiet Thursday evenings with my family, I am compelled to watch these repeats—I mean "enhanced" episodes— and search for clues and new information. My name in Trish W. and I am a Lost addict. I did actually learn a few things tonight, though I don't know if any of this was truly new information. Below are a few tidbits that I noticed and some corrections from the first time around:—The car that Hurley is racing in the opening scene is a 1974 Camaro—the same car that he was rebuilding with his father in season three's "Tricia Tanaka is Dead." —Abbadon (as in Hurley's mysterious psych ward visitor) translates as "guardian of the abyss." Also, the picture on the chalkboard in that scene, which includes a boat, an island and a shark, is a clue. —I didn't remember Sawyer's kindness to Hurley after he learns of Charlie's death. Th... read more

Lost: The Cast's Burning Questions Answered!

Josh Holloway apparently has had it up to "hair" with Sawyer's look.

"It's no shock to say that Season 4 ends with the Oceanic 6 getting off the island," Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof shares with TV Guide. "The real mystery is how, and what they have to sacrifice, and what happens to the people who didn't leave. You get all that this year." Sounds good, we'll take it. But what other intel are producers willing to spill? To find out, we turned to no, not viewers but to Lost cast members themselves for their own burning questions. Warning! The producers' answers could cause a major head rush, if not a full-on Desmond-style time jump. Jorge Garcia (Hurley): "Is Ben in the coffin?"Carlton Cuse: Come on, Jorge!Damon Lindel read more

Lost's Jorge Garcia Discusses the Joy of (Oceanic) Six

Jorge Garcia, Lost

In Lost's Season 3 finale, we learned that both Jack and Kate make it off the island (and that one of them grew a horrific beard). Then, in this season's premiere, Hurley was found to be alive and (kinda) well in the future, himself also a member of the "Oceanic Six." spoke with Jorge Garcia about his good fortune to be among Lost's living. After the season premiere, in every forum available to me, I was saying that you did your best Lost work in that episode.Jorge Garcia: Oh, right on! Thank you very much. Were you glad that the premiere really addressed Charlie's death, which naturally would have a drastic impact on the original castaways?Garcia: I was. I'm glad it happened. Last season, you didn't get to see Hurley grieve for Libby until well into the sea read more

"The Beginning of the End"

Are they still aliveThat prophetic question posed to Hurley by the presumably bogus Oceanic representative Lance Reddick who seems to come by creepy characters very naturally sets the tone for the mini-season to come Eight episodes dont seem like much but after tonights satisfying emotionally resonant fourth-season premiere I am supremely grateful for them As expected we didnt get many answers Heck who wants them anyway But here is what we now know Or at least what we think we know The buzzed-about Oceanic Six appear to be the survivors who made it off the island We knew about Jack and Kate going in and now we can add Hurley to the list Sadly Hurleys post-island life has not panned out very well and our first glimpse of him is as a fugitive taking police on a wild televised chase a scene that is witnessed by a vodka and orange juice-swilling Jack The joy with which Hurley spoke of his imagined c read more

Feeling Lost? Here's Our Guide to Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Jorge Garcia as Lost's Hurley

Our favorite castaways thus far have been on the island a few months, but for Lost fans, it's been more than 260 days since Jack's super-freaky flash-forward. As the Jan. 31 season premiere (finally) draws closer, is offering daily profiles — "refreshers," if you will — of the key players in ABC's island-based odyssey.  Hurley, by the "Numbers": Of all the characters on the island, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes (played by Jorge Garcia) is perhaps most connected to — and wary of — the numbers, the code that had to be input every 108 minutes at the Swan station (and which appeared on the outside of the hatch). Hurley first encountered them when he was committed to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute a read more

This is in response to a ...

Question: This is in response to a letter someone wrote about on-screen chemistry. First you said that Juliet was the best thing to happen to Lost since Season 1. I've got to disagree. While I enjoy Juliet a lot (and I'd put Desmond ahead of her), at the top of the list of great things to happen to Lost is Ben. Michael Emerson is a revelation. As for chemistry, I'd submit another "couple": the Hurley-Charlie-Jin friendship. From some interviews it seems that Dominic Monaghan, Jorge Garcia and Daniel Dae Kim are friends in real life, and this translates to the screen as one of the most authentic friendships on TV. In the midst of all the drama and horror on Lost, it's good to be reminded, as we were in "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead," that real joy is also possible. Seeing Jin, Hurley and Charlie whistling the theme from Bridge on the River Kwai and telling ghost stories around the campfire at the beginning of "Catch-22" was a great gift to the audience. In a media world where most ... read more

Without Hope, All Is Lost

Today’s TV sermon, inspired by tonight’s wonderfully entertaining Hurley-centric episode of Lost, is all about hope. About not giving up hope, even when the TV gods seem to be working against our innate optimism that all good things come to those who patiently wait and watch.I have hope for Lost, always have had. The show may never regain the mass audience of its first season, and that was probably inevitable. As the show got denser and the island more cluttered with new characters and enigmas, not all created equal, the impatient among us gave up, screaming “not another Twin Peaks!” and drifted away to more predictable shores. Their loss. Even at its worst, which arguably came in the ill-conceived six-episode “pod” last fall, Lost is still one of TV’s most ambitious and spectacular productions, blessed with a fascinatingly diverse cast (this year, largely underused until now) that reveals new depths with each flashback into their back stories. For... read more

Lost and Found: Jorge Garcia Previews Hurley's Discovery

Jorge Garcia, Lost

The genteel man who gave Lost's original castaways their "golf course" this week seeks to start up another diversion, when Hurley makes a most unexpected discovery within the jungle brush. Before actually screening the episode (airing tonight at 10 pm/ET), caught up with Jorge Garcia to preview the Hurley-centric outing, discuss one of Lost's latest puzzlers and survey the eventual fate of ABC's brain-busting series. I have to tell you, Elizabeth Mitchell is extremely lovely and all and we had a great interview, but it feels good to be talking now with a member of "the old guard."Garcia: [Laughs heartily] That's funny. It's all good, we're bringing her into the fold.... N read more

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