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Greg Grunberg Made Series Regular on NBC's Love Bites

Greg Grunberg

Greg Grunberg will be sticking around on NBC for at least another season.

NBC picks up three more series for 2010-11 season

Since Heroes has been canceled... read more

NBC Picks Up Three More Series for 2010-11 Season

Jason Ritter (The Event), Jordana Spiro and Becki Newton (Love Bites)

NBC has ordered three new series — high-concept drama The Event and comedies Outsourced and Love Bites — for the 2010-11 TV season, the network announced Friday.

NBC picks up new J.J. Abrams drama series

Starring Jason Ritter (The Class), The Event is a conspiracy thriller that follows Ritter's character as he investigates the disappearance of his fiancée (Disturbia's Sarah Roemer), only to expose the biggest cover-up in U.S. history ... read more

Ghost Whisperer's Jennifer Love Hewitt Heads to NBC's Love Bites

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been bitten by the love bug.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy split

The 31-year-old actress will guest-star in the NBC pilot Love Bites, has confirmed. Hewitt — best known for her lead role in Ghost Whisperer — will play... read more

My Boys Picked Up for Third Season

My Boys

My Boys will be back in town. The critically acclaimed sitcom has been picked up for a third season by TBS. read more

Cheers: Bring Back the Boys of Summer!

My Boys by Ben Watts/TBS

Cheers to TV's most underrated comedy: My Boys. In its just-completed second season, TBS' sitcom about a Chicago sportswriter (Jordana Spiro) and her gaggle of pals wisely cut back on the hackneyed sports-metaphor voiceovers and focused on its strength: an ensemble with genuine, Friends-level chemistry. With the exception of standup genius Jim Gaffigan (who plays Spiro's goofy brother), none of the actors were previously familiar to me. But with their snappy timing and breezy camaraderie, they've become great TV company. If My Boys were on CBS, it'd be a How I Met Your Mother-sized hit. Instead, it's still waiting for a third-season order. Time to step up to the plate, TBS.• Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on or in TV Guide magazine! read more

Nia Vardalos Joins TBS Comedy My Boys

Nia Vardalos by Lester Cohen/

Nia Vardalos, star of the monster hit movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, has joined the cast of the TBS comedy My Boys for a three-episode arc.She'll play the "work wife" to Andy (played by comedian Jim Gaffigan), whose close friend is a twentysomething female sportswriter (Jordana Spiro) and the focus of the show, which returns to the TBS lineup on June 12. — J.R. Whalen read more

"The Promise of a New Season"

Finally. It's been a long seven months, but the Boys are back and we're picking things up with a double-header, starting with that kiss. I was already expecting something negative to come out of this, considering this could be a My Boys version of Friends' Ross and Rachel, and it would be too soon for them to really get together. But I didn't expect to have such a physical reaction to PJ answering her cell phone right after their smooch. (Picture me throwing my hands in the air and yelling, "No! Don't answer the phone! You're totally ruining it!") But then I calmed down because this season is all about new beginnings, despite any awkwardness, and I'm so glad the show is back that I'll set the Brando-PJ thing aside just for the sake of new possibilities and new faces. (For more on upcoming guest stars and storylines, check out my interview with Jordana Spiro.)Moving on… Since when does Mike take yoga? I can't picture that, but I guess I should keep an open mind — after all,... read more

Jordana Spiro and Her Boys Jump Back in the Game

Jordana Spiro, My Boys

It's been a very long hiatus for My Boys fans since the TBS comedy's December 2006 Season 1 finale. But with new episodes beginning tonight at 10 pm/ET, there are plenty of loose ends to tie up and new situations to deal with. caught up with the show's leading lady, Jordana Spiro, to get the goods on upcoming romances, big guest stars and surprising changes around the poker table. I'm so excited for the show to return. It's been too long of a wait.Jordana Spiro: Thank you! Likewise! What have you been up to since filming ended last year?Spiro: I did a movie with Jimmy Fallon, Lucy Liu and Tony Hale called Rockett. We shot that in Jacksonville, Florida, and it was really fun. Then I traveled a little bit. So yeah... tough life. read more

A Promise of a New Season

So, everyone who watched the season finale of My Boys last year has been asking me, "What's gonna happen with PJ and Brendan?" Good question. In this season's premiere episode, that and many other questions will be answered. Is that enough of a tease?Seriously though, I think everyone that saw "the kiss" is really going to dig this new episode. We get into it right away, see where Brando and Peej take things, and in true My Boys fashion... have some laughs. You're not gonna want to miss this.Check it out Monday, July 30, at 10 pm on TBS. And be sure to stop back in here at afterwards to join in the blog.See ya Monday! read more

The New Episodes Are Coming....

Hey, all. So, we just wrapped shooting for the season, and we had a blast! We've got some great new episodes ready to roll out this summer, very excited. I was just talking to Jim Gaffigan, Mike Bunin and Jamie Kaler, and we were all saying how much fun we had shooting the latest installments of TBS' My Boys. Maybe it was all the caffeine and booze, but I seriously don't think I've ever laughed as hard as I did working with these guys. We had some great guest stars, we brought back our favorite directors, and basically just kept on doin' what we did last year, only more of it. Think you're really gonna dig the new stuff. Hope you're all looking forward to the new episodes as much as I am. See you Monday, July 30, at 10pm/ET! read more

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