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Elementary - Coffee Date
01:43 — After their first romantic conversation is cut short, Fiona and Sherlock meet to discuss their relationship.
Elementary - Test Runs
02:37 — Watson finds that Sherlock has reassembled their furniture on the roof as part of an investigation.
Elementary - Would You Like To Kiss Me?
03:01 — Fiona drops by with a gift for Watson and opens up about her feelings.
Elementary - The Truth Comes Out
02:37 — Just as the team believes they've found the murderer, they receive a startling confession.
Elementary - Race You To The Bottom
01:42 — Watson warns Detective Gina Cortes that she is on to her
Elementary - Explosive Evidence
01:47 — The body of a murdered man containing an explosive is brought in for an autopsy.
Elementary - Making Things Right
03:09 — Sherlock's father opens up about the reason for his extended stay in New York.
Elementary - Stay Or Go
01:50 — Sherlock discovers that a man who was murdered had been spying on his father.
Elementary - An Assassination Attempt
02:10 — Sherlock confronts his father about the potential hit that may be out from him.
Elementary - Attempted Murder
02:14 — Watson opens up to Sherlock with new details about his father.
Elementary - Private Dance
03:50 — A murder investigation takes Sherlock to a strip club.
Elementary - Dinner Date
01:38 — Watson accompanies Sherlock's father to a fancy dinner.
Elementary - Study Buddies
02:13 — Sherlock assists Detective Bell in studying for his police sergeant’s exam.
Elementary - Sherlock surprises Detective Bell
01:54 — Sherlock surprises Detective Bell with a reward for his excellent work on the case.
Elementary - One New Message
03:29 — Watson and Sherlock investigate the strangulation of a woman in her car.
Elementary - A Bloody Badge
02:14 — Watson finds out about a book that appears to be inspired by her and Sherlock. Meanwhile, a dead FBI agent is found in a wood chipper.
Elementary - A Prolific Liar
02:24 — Sherlock talks to Cassie after she is arrested...only to find that she is prepared to dish out yet another string of lies at trial.
Elementary - Take It Back
01:59 — Watson confronts her dad about the book he based on her and Sherlock.
Elementary - Shake Down
03:14 — Sherlock's father confronts Bill Wellstone about his unethical practices.
Elementary - Bloodshed
03:10 — Sherlock's father interrupts his meeting with a group of hackers to inform him of a public shooting.
Elementary - Go Back To Paris
02:13 — Lukas sits down with Morland to make his demands, only to regret it moments later.
Elementary - A Suspicious Scent
01:17 — A murderer attempts to cover up his crime with arson.
Elementary - Doughnut Time
02:38 — Sherlock visits Alfredo to explain his new recovery path and how it will effect their relationship going forward.
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