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Mon Oct 3 6:00am
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Mon Oct 3 6:30am
Big Cat DiaryBibi's Lost Babies ANIMAL

Separated from their mother, two lion cubs struggle to survive on their own against such predators as hyenas and elephants.

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Tue Oct 4 6:00am
Big Cat DiaryThe Marsh Pride Lions ANIMAL

The lions of the Marsh Pride endure a serious loss, and the group is forced to split.

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Tue Oct 4 6:30am
Big Cat DiarySearch for Sala ANIMAL

Cheetah cubs learn to work together.

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Wed Oct 5 6:00am
Big Cat DiaryTreed by Lions ANIMAL

A family of cheetahs go hungry after hyenas steal their food; lion cubs wrestle with each other while the adults battle another pride.

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Wed Oct 5 6:30am
Big Cat DiaryKarma Bites Back ANIMAL

Chui is all paws at climbing, which means trouble when he tries to get a kill into a tree. Hoping for a kill of their own, Kike and her cubs set out on another hunt in the Talek River.

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Thu Oct 6 6:00am
Big Cat DiaryThe Ridge Pride ANIMAL

The Ridge pride lions gather together peacefully; Kike and Bella prepare their cubs for life on their own.

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Thu Oct 6 6:30am
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Fri Oct 7 6:00am
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Fri Oct 7 6:30am
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Mon Oct 10 6:00am
Mon Oct 10 6:30am
Big Cat DiaryWhere's Toto? ANIMAL

The lionesses of the Marsh Pride need a successful hunt to save their starving cubs; the leopard, Bella, must hide her kill from lions; Toto and his mom are in trouble again.

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Tue Oct 11 6:00am
Tue Oct 11 6:30am
Big Cat DiaryCubs in Peril ANIMAL

One of Honey's cubs has disappeared. Meanwhile, Bella deals with the attention she's receiving from the local male leopards; and Tamu continues to search for her missing young.

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Wed Oct 12 6:00am
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Wed Oct 12 6:30am
Big Cat DiaryReunion ANIMAL
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Thu Oct 13 6:00am
Thu Oct 13 6:30am
Big Cat DiaryMasai Mara: The Great Migration ANIMAL

Hosts Simon King and Jonathan Scott travel to the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya to observe lions, leopards and cheetahs.

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Fri Oct 14 6:00am
Big Cat DiaryTracking the Marsh Pride ANIMAL

Tracking lions at night in the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya.

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Fri Oct 14 6:30am
Big Cat DiaryKidogo's Cubs: Family Ties ANIMAL

A female cheetah and her cubs are observed.

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