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Fri Jun 3 6:00am
Big Cat DiaryKidogo's Cubs: Family Ties ANIMAL

A female cheetah and her cubs are observed.

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Fri Jun 3 6:30am
Big Cat DiaryCranes and Cats of the Mara River ANIMAL

Fundi the cheetah and her cubs return to the area, Half-tail the leopard protects her cub from lionesses at Fig Tree Ridge.

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Sat Jun 4 6:00am
Big Cat DiaryBattle of the Titans ANIMAL

Amber the cheetah faces off with a jackal over a kill.

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Sat Jun 4 6:30am
Big Cat DiaryThe Search for Solo ANIMAL

Showers plague the camera crew; Shadow the leopard and her cub frolic.

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Mon Jun 6 6:00am
Big Cat DiaryThe Big Pride: A Night Vigil ANIMAL

Night-vision photography highlights nocturnal feline activity. Included: a pride of lions.

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Mon Jun 6 6:30am
Big Cat DiaryThe Elusive Prey ANIMAL

Heavy rains disperse prey animals across the Masai Mara.

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Tue Jun 7 6:00am
Big Cat DiaryMeeting the Big Cats ANIMAL

Lions, leopards and cheetahs are observed.

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Tue Jun 7 6:30am
Big Cat DiaryLooking for Half Tail ANIMAL

Wildlife photographers discover the difficulty in tracking leopards. Also: cheetah cubs practice hunting skills; the Marsh pride of lions stalks its prey.

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Wed Jun 8 6:00am
Big Cat DiaryWildebeest Move into the Marsh ANIMAL

As wildebeest cross the Mara River, they're observed by nature photographers and lions. Also studied: leopards.

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Wed Jun 8 6:30am
Big Cat DiaryHalf Tail's New Cubs ANIMAL

A family of servals, small wild felines, is observed.

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