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Let's Make A Deal - Hamilton Song Battle
01:31 — It's time for a Hamilton Song Battle!
Let's Make A Deal - A lot of Energy and a lot of Winning
02:33 — Julie can't contain her excitement.
Let's Make A Deal - A BIG Prize For Our 15000th Trader
02:14 — Very special day at Let's Make A Deal. Don't miss it.
Let's Make A Deal - It Pays to Work for Wayne Brady
02:24 — Wayne "does what he can" for these contestants.
Let's Make A Deal - Mother's Day Special
00:20 — It's a playdate for moms and moms to be! Bundles of Joy and lots of new toys on the Mother's Day Special! Only CBS Daytime
Let's Make A Deal - The Sun Will Come Out... In a New Hybrid!
02:15 — Is a new ride in this contestant's future?
Let's Make A Deal Trailer
02:33 — An updated version of the classic television game show, hosted by Emmy Award-winner Wayne Brady, where audience members try to win cash and prizes by (more…)
Let's Make A Deal - 2 Prizes No Waiting
02:31 — No guts no glory.
Let's Make A Deal - You Have The Right To Remain a WINNER!
02:05 — Sometimes you have to risk it all.
Let's Make A Deal - 1 Is The Winning-est Number!
02:02 — People love the number one and for good reasons.
Let's Make A Deal - The Luck of The Straw
02:00 — The luckiest straw will bring great cash and prizes. Watch and see.
Let's Make A Deal - It Pays to Watch LMAD
02:33 — This contestant knows how to play the game.
Let's Make a Deal - Her Husband's Lucky Number is a Big Deal!
02:03 — She picks her husband's favorite number. Will it be the one?
Let's Make A Deal - Wayne Brady Competes in Epic Song Battle
01:35 — Wayne Brady and Jonathan Mangum of Let's Make a Deal show off their talents for one silly and beautifully sung ballad.
Let's Make a Deal - Poetry Done Right
03:00 — Jonathan shows his poetic side and it's awesome.
Let's Make a Deal - Deal Together. Stay Together
03:00 — This couple get a great honeymoon gift.
Let's Make A Deal - Spirit Ritual
02:16 — Wayne gets in touch with the spirit world.
Let's Make A Deal - Mad Scientist Wins Mad Deals
02:03 — There is a science to this.
Let's Make A Deal - So You're Really a Martial Arts Practitioner
02:24 — Wayne learns the art of treating everyone the same, no matter the color of their belt.
Let's Make A Deal - That's One BIG Wedding Gift!
02:48 — These newlyweds are looking for a big prize!
Let's Make A Deal - Does He Know What's in Her Purse
02:06 — What's in the purse? Can Scott guess correctly for cash and prizes?
Let's Make A Deal - Cloudy With a Chance of CAR
02:10 — Will the Zonk rain on this contestant's parade? Or will there be sunny days ahead? Find out.
Let's Make A Deal - She Risks It All For the Big Win
02:25 — It helps if you can spell, but will it help enough to win the big prize?
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