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Exclusive: Will Netflix Give Jericho (Another) New Life?


Apocalypse now? TV Guide Magazine confirms that Netflix has approached CBS about reviving cult fave Jericho — and the network, through its CBS TV Studios production arm, is considering it. read more

USA Gets Hitched to Common Law

Michael Ealy, Warren Kole

USA is doubling down on its winning formula: crime-solving with a side of bromance.

The network has picked up the CBS Television Studios cop drama Common Law, ordering 11 episodes, Variety reports. The drama stars Michael Ealy and Warren Kole as a pair of cops who have a big problem ... each other. Their captain (Jack McGee) sends them into couples therapy in an effort to return the duo to their professional glory days despite their hatred for one another.

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USA Orders Pilot for Buddy Cop Comedy

USA Network

USA has given a green light to the buddy cop pilot Common Law, the network announced Wednesday.

Common Law follows a former Los Angeles Police Department dream team forced into couples therapy in an effort to return to the duo to their professional glory days despite... read more

CBS' Jericho: Burning Questions Answered!

Skeet Ulrich and Ashley Scott, Jericho

What do the Morse-code messages say? Is Hawkins a hero or a villain? As the Feb. 21 return of CBS' Jericho nears, TV Guide has the inside scoop on these bombshells — and more! Are we ever going to get outside of Jericho and really see what happened?You'll get a lot of answers in the first new episode of the year (airing next Wednesday), which shows events that happened 36 hours before the bombs were dropped — if they were actually "dropped." But in the future, the show will only follow peripatetic lead character Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich) and other Jericho residents. "We're trying to tell the story from the point of view of the people in this town," says executive producer Jon Turteltaub. "So we're not g read more

Jericho Exec Balances Good and Bad News

Skeet Ulrich, Jericho

The new CBS drama Jericho has a good-news/bad-news message. The good news is that you can survive a nuclear attack. The bad news is it’s not a lot of fun afterwards. But the whole “what if” nature of Jericho — set in a small town that is cut off from the rest of the world after a nuclear strike — is what makes it one of the more intriguing concepts of the new season. The Biz talked to executive producer Jon Turteltaub about why he thinks it’s the right time to go nuclear in prime A lot of people are going to compare this show to the 1983 TV-movie The Day After, which was also about how a nuclear attack affects a Kansas town. Jon Turteltaub: The main difference is we’re not doing a show about people walking around with their hair falling out. It’s about what you do when you survive it. It could be any place that gets cut off. read more

Press Tour Diary: CBS Day 1

Fresh Diet Raspberry Snapple? Check. Fully charged Dell laptop? Check. Leftover Vicodin from last year's root-canal crisis, just in case? Check. OK, let's do this, people. EXECUTIVE SESSION 9:08 am: I spy Eye president Nina Tassler embracing a reporter prior to walking on stage. Is that ethical? Oh, wait, this is coming from someone who reserves judgment on a show until after the tie-in swag is delivered.9:14 am: Stop the presses! In her opening remarks, Tassler drops a bombshell: "It's [been] a "really great year at CBS for us!" 9:22 am: With no major controversies swirling around CBS, the initial questions lobbed at Tessler are decidedly tame. Where's a good Big Brother scandal when you need one? Speaking of which, did anyone watch the live video feed last night? Maybe someone got stabbed, and we don't know it! (Hey, a guy can dream.)9:29 am: Things may be picking up. Citing the demise of Fox's Reunion as an example, a reporter asks Tassler if she's worried that viewers might thi... read more

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