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Scoop from The Closer's 100th Episode Celebration

Kyra Sedgwick

A dark cloud looms over The Closer, as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick) continues her work with the overhanging threat of a lawsuit that has already put her at odds with her colleagues. But even as we get much anticipated closure at the end of Season 7, some of those dark vibes will follow the Major Crimes department as they transition into next year's spinoff.

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The Closer's Final Season: Is Brenda Ready to Call It Quits?

The Closer

The beginning of the end is here for The Closer: After six seasons, Emmy winner Kyra Sedgwick is only 21 episodes away from turning in her badge as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. And series creator and executive producer James Duff says it's going to be an emotional ride.

"The theme of this season is love and loss," Duff tells "Loss is part of the promise of love. The only promise that you ever get with love, is that it will end. So we wanted to incorporate how much we loved doing these stories: how much Brenda loved her job, how much she cared about her part in the justice system, and how much it would mean to her to step away from all of that."

Summer TV: Get scoop on your favorite returning shows

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Christmas Gets Closer

The Closer

The Yuletide episodes of The Closer are true standouts every season, and this one's got it all: holiday hilarity, family dysfunction and, of course, murder. The two-parter opens tonight at 9/8c on TNT with a death on Christmas Eve in a case that threatens to dash everybody's holiday plans. "Brenda [Kyra Sedgwick] and Raydor [Mary McDonnell] always fight to gain control of cases, but they're fighting to give this one away," says exec producer James Duff.

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The Closer Sneak Peek: Brenda's Back for the Holidays!

Kyra Sedgwick

Kyra Sedgwick lets out a big "Ha!" when asked how Brenda Leigh Johnson, the Georgia peach—turned—Los Angeles police babe she plays on The Closer, has changed after six seasons on TNT. "That's the wonderful and fun thing about Brenda," she says. "The woman really hasn't evolved."

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Closing the Book on The Closer & Weeds

Kyra Sedgwick by Karen Neal/TNT; Mary-Louise Parker by Sonja Flemming/Showtime

Feel that change of seasons? Hard not to notice on this Monday night, as two of cable's best summer series- TNT's popular signature drama The Closer and Showtime's quirky classic Weeds- sign off with life-or-death cliffhangers, a week before the official network season gets underway. ( The Closer's story will pick up again in the new year, with five episodes remaining in this split season.)
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Will There Be Wedding Bells on The Closer?

Kyra Sedgwick and Jon Tenney in The Closer by Ben Kaller/TNT

Do we hear wedding bells for The Closer's Brenda (Kyra Sedgwick)and Fritz (Jon Tenney) this season? Indeed we do, executive producer James Duff tells TV Guide exclusively. "I will tell you that the first episode of this winter begins with Brenda trying on several wedding dresses," says Duff. "A date is set, but will that date be met? That's the question that we're asking."Although no one knows for certain whether Brenda will make the trip down the aisle, I'd say it’s looking pretty good, especially after Duff shared his thoughts on TV marriages. "Conventional wisdom has it that romance is over once you marry, on television. But I'm not a big fan of conventional wisdom so I can't really tell you exactly how it will happen or if, but this looks like a good relationship to me."Does it feel like a good relationship to you? Should Fritz and Brenda tie the knot? — Carita RizzoUse our Online Video Guide to see some of The Closer.More on The Closer:• Season premiere recap!&b... read more

Movie News: Jon Tenney Joins Stepfather and More

Jon Tenney by Andrew Eccles/TNT

The Closer's Jon Tenney has joined the remake of 1987's The Stepfather. Tenney will play a dad trying to reconnect with his teen son (Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley) after a divorce. Oh, and Hidden Palms' dewy Amber Heard is now playing Badg's GF, a role previously eyed by FNL's Adrienne Palicki.... Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood) will star in and exec-produce Gigantic, an offbeat comedy about a mattress salesman and a woman he meets in his store. Zooey Deschanel will also star.... DreamWorks Animation has pushed the release of the 3-D How to Train Your Dragon to March 26, 2010, after realizing the original November '09 date was overcrowded with other 3-D flicks: A Christmas Carol (starring Jim Carrey) and James Cameron's Avatar. — Adam Bryant read more

Catching Up with the Good (Closer) and the Bad (TMZ)

Kyra Sedgwick in The Closer by Ben Kaller/TNT

This week’s crackling finale of TNT's The Closer was a splendid reminder of why Kyra Sedgwick is so deserving of the best-actress Emmy this year (yes, she'll be getting it for last season, but the character was just as strong a year ago). Being on basic cable, it's possible she'll once again by upstaged in what is one of the more crowded categories — her five other nominees include Sally Field (my second pick), Minnie Driver and past winners (in order of preference) Edie Falco, Mariska Hargitay and Patricia Arquette. But if for whatever reason she fails to score, this season's finale once again puts her at the top of my list for next year's competition.It was a great two-parter, with Brenda really on the ropes both professionally and personally. First, her case is in tatters after she fails to get a confession from her suspect. Then, midway through the high-profile trial, the defendant’s alibi turns up out of nowhere with rock-solid video evidence that he couldn’... read more

The Closer Finale Preview: Brenda's World "Explodes"

Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer

"We're trying to make it so you never know what kind of show you're tuning in to," says The Closer creator (and celebrity blogger) James Duff. And his formula — unexpected moments of comedy, plucked heartstrings and a dash of gore — is working: The Closer is the top-rated basic-cable series ever. For the two-part, two-night finale, the police procedural heads to the courtroom after a high-profile divorce attorney is found dead in his swimming pool and the crime-solving methods of LAPD deputy chief Brenda Johnson (Emmy-nominated Kyra Sedgwick) are called into question. Keep an eye out for real-life law-and-order pundits read more

June 18, 2007: Slashes 'N Cuts

Welcome back to Red Herring Central, aka a new season of TNT's The Closer!For any newcomers to the superb series, we are glad to have you here to break down the week's episode, twists and turns and double-backs included. You’ve chosen a real crackerjack of a show to test-drive, and you shall be rewarded for your expenditure of brain power every Monday night. For the regulars from Season 2... here, have a pastry.Let's start with a show of hands: Who thought the Wallaces' son did it? Yep, my hand is up. I know, I know, it's rare that the prime suspect proves to the be culprit in Brenda Leigh-land, but I thought for sure this was going to be a "he did it/no, he didn't/oops, yes he did" reveal. That is, until they unveiled the secret second family. You know, early on I was pondering, "The dad spends a lot of time with this unseen shrink, maybe they are one and the same?" I see now I should have stuck with that. That whole cell-phone-behind-the-wet-bar clue threw me, too. I thought,... read more

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