Jon Stewart

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz
  • Birth Place: New Jersey, United States
  • Profession: TV talk-show host, Writer, Actor, Producer
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The Faculty
Students suspect that their teachers are aliens after bizarre occurrences.
Rosewater - Trailer
02:21 — ROSEWATER follows the Tehran-born Bahari, a 42-year-old broadcast journalist with Canadian citizenship living in London. In June 2009, Bahari returned (more…)
6 Bullets to Hell
This is a Grindhouse style Spaghetti Western shot and made to look like the classic European Westerns of the 1960s and 1970s - True to the form of how (more…)
Jon Stewart: Oklahoma City Finals
04:02 — Watch Jon Stewart's Oklahoma City Finals run.
Interview with Jon Stewart
01:38 — |Jon Stewart|Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Julie Chen Broke The 2016 Election Results To The 'Big Brother' Cast
10:10 — 'Big Brother' host Julie Chen had some surprising news for the reality show contestants who were sequestered during the 2016 election.
Stephen Isn't Ready To 'Let It Go'
02:48 — Stephen uses the top of his monologue to address the latest controversy out of Trump's administration. No, the other one.
How To Childproof Your Home Before A Visit From Trump
05:50 — With the NATO summit in Brussels coming up soon, world leaders are making sure there aren't any sharp corners or bottles of bleach within reach.
Matt Walsh Compares The Dysfunction Of Washington In 'Veep' To Reality
07:35 — Even though it's a raunchy comedy focused on incompetent politicians, Matt Walsh only sees subtle differences between 'Veep' and the current political (more…)
David Ortiz Spoke From The Heart After The Boston Marathon Bombing
06:16 — 'My Story' author David Ortiz didn't hold back during his emotional speech at Fenway Park following the attacks on the Boston Marathon in 2013.
Kim Jong-Un Launches A Commencement Speech
01:21 — Upon seeing President Trump's Liberty University commencement speech, Kim Jong-Un decided to counter with one of his own.
Stephen Colbert's Midnight Confession, Vol XXVI
04:50 — You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. But sometimes I also stab people for it.
Real Reporters Envied Jon Stewart's Correspondents
03:16 — Journalists started feeling a little jealous they couldn't hold people accountable in the same way Jon and his correspondents could. Featuring Rob Cor (more…)
Bill Nye's Had A Lot Of Jobs
01:20 — Before he was "The Science Guy," Bill Nye tried on some other professions with varying degrees of success.
Jon Stewart Has A New Day Job
01:18 — Relaxing in retirement? Not a chance. Jon's new gig has him waiting hand-and-foot on the heir to the throne.
The Reunion: Jon Stewart And The Correspondents (Part Two)
05:18 — They're back like you've never seen them before... on a sectional couch! Everyone gets their own cushion when Stephen sits down with his former collea (more…)
Stephen's Favorite Piece He Did With Jon Stewart
02:05 — When Al Sharpton didn't show up for an interview, Jon Stewart called upon Stephen to fill in for the Reverend.
'Daily Show' Alumni Visit Colbert to Reminisce About the Past
01:29 — Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Ed Helms and Rob Corddry joined Stephen Colbert Tuesday on "The Late Show" and reminisced about their time on (more…)
The Reunion: Jon Stewart And The Correspondents (Part One)
07:55 — They're back like you've never seen them before... on a sectional couch! Everyone gets their own cushion when Stephen sits down with his former colle (more…)
Jon Stewart Ribs Stephen For His Recent Language
06:46 — Stephen's former boss comes by to catch up on current events, and says he's pretty sure comedians and Presidents shouldn't be held to the same standar (more…)
A Flashback To Stephen's Last Day At The Daily Show
06:57 — Stephen takes a trip down memory lane to his last day as one of Jon Stewart's correspondents in the breakroom circa 2005. Starring Samantha Bee, Rob C (more…)
Crazy Party Stories (Or Lack Thereof)
01:28 — Stephen's old crew reminisces about all the debaucherous, rowdy times they didn't have behind the scenes at their old show. Featuring Rob Corddry, Jon (more…)
Stephen Colbert's Midnight Confessions, Vol XXV
05:03 — Every time I blow out the candles on a birthday cake, my wish is that the person whose birthday it is will forgive me.
Roger Waters Performs 'Deja Vu'
04:38 — The English musician and cofounder of Pink Floyd Roger Waters plays a song from his latest album 'Is This The Life We Really Want?'
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