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Making Foreign Affairs Hip: The Fareed Zakaria Q&A

Fareed Zakaria by Justin Larose/CNN

Watch any TV news roundtable with Newsweek International editor Fareed Zakaria and you can be sure the discussion will have some nutritious calories. Now Zakaria has got his own roundtable. Starting June 1 at 1 p.m. ET on CNN, he'll host Fareed Zakaria - GPS, a weekly hour devoted to international affairs (the initials stand for global public square). Each Sunday, the show will include a 25-minute interview with an important world player (former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is the first guest). Zakaria recently shared his global wisdom with The Biz.
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Jon Stewart Interviews George Dubya (Will Ferrell)

Some of you may have caught Comedy Central's Night of Too Many Stars fundraising event for autism education over the weekend. But for those who didn't, we had to share one of the best bits of the evening (aside from Sarah Silverman's singing vagina, of course). The Daily Show's Jon Stewart was lucky enough to score an interview with George W. Bush (played by Will Ferrell)—but let's just say our fine president isn't holding back at all now that he's on the last leg of his term. Your take: Are you going to miss all the Dubya jokes come November? Or do you think all our comedic personalities will come up with the same caliber of spoofs for the next guy or gal? read more

Jeers: Hillary's Daily Delay

Hillary Clinton by Jemal Countess/

Jeers to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart's satellite interview with Hillary Clinton. Comedy is all about timing, and almost any attempt at humor was squelched by the awkward pauses and overlaps caused by having Stewart chat from his Manhattan studio with Clinton, who was in front of a roomful of catatonic supporters in Austin, Texas. Did Clinton's handlers (and Stewart's producers) learn nothing from George W. Bush's disastrous satellite interview with David Letterman in 2000? It's telling that Clinton got her biggest laugh when she agreed with Stewart that talking to him on the eve of the Texas and Ohio primaries was "pretty pathetic." She said it — not me.• Read and react to Bruce's opinions on FX's Dirt, American Idol versus Project Runway , and more!• Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on or in TV Guide magazine! read more

The TV Weekend: Oscars and SNL

It was Oscar's 80th birthday, but it only felt like Sunday night's show went on for 70 years. (Official count: three hours, 20 minutes.) It’s an annual ritual, beating up on the annual Academy Awards broadcast for being too long, bloated, boring. That can especially be a problem when the show is as free of surprise as this year's was — true, Marion Cotillard's victory over Julie Christie for best actress was unexpected (though well earned), and I loved her gracious and giddy speech (one of the night's few truly memorable and spontaneous moments), but seriously, how many people saw either of their movies?In a year when most of the major film contenders fell something short of cultural phenomena, it's up to the host to make the show relevant and dynamic. Jon Stewart had his work cut out for him, with precious little prep time thanks to the writers’ strike, not to mention the preoccupation of an ongoing, historic presidential campaign that inspired some of his best jokes... read more

Cheers: Jon Stewart Wins Big at the Oscars

Jon Stewart by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Cheers to Jon Stewart for rallying with a stellar performance at the Oscars. Despite his abbreviated post-strike prep time, the Daily Show wiseguy struck the perfect balance between political barbs ("Oscar is 80 this year, which automatically makes him the front-runner for the Republican nomination") and pop-cultural zingers (No Country for Old Men winner Javier Bardem "brilliantly combined Hannibal Lecter's murderousness with Dorothy Hamill's wedge cut"). Stewart's masterful work marked a sharp improvement over his hesitant hosting debut two years ago. The Academy was wise to reelect him.Inside's Oscars special:• A complete list of winners and nominees• A series of fab photo galleries• Videos of red-carpet interviews• What were the telecast's highs and lows?• VOTE for the best- and worst-dressed stars!• We sum up backstage's best happenings.• Our live Oscars blog recapped every memorable moment! read more

Oscars Will Move Forward with "Plan A"

Oscar statuette by Bob D'Amico/ABC

The show will go on! With the writers’ strike officially in the can, producers of the 80th Academy Awards have scrapped their contingency plan.Although the show’s more than 700 crew members had previously been preparing two completely different shows (the one you will now see on Oscar night and a star-free backup show with produced packages and film clips), everything appears to be moving forward business as usual. For the most part, anyway.The writers returning to work on the Oscars today will have less than two weeks to craft a show they normally begin writing just after nominations are announced. Even so, associate producer Michael Seligman isn’t worried."Now everyone can focus on what they have to do," he told the AP. "It's a major relief because we can really push ahead with the show we always wanted to do."The writers should get some help from the team of host Jon Stewart, who is expected to arrive in Los Angeles Saturday. Presenters and performers will be annou... read more

Conan-Colbert Brawl

Uh-oh! Looks like Conan O’Brien and Stephen Colbert’s tiff over who’s really responsible for Huckabee’s fame has reached a new level—we’re talking the ass-kicking kind! Last night, both Colbert and John Stewart appeared on Conan’s show to duke it out like men. Oh, and it was ugly too—bats were swinging, trash cans were flying and they even busted out a blow torch. It was no holds barred, we tell you! read more

Playing Favorites: Ellen Bumps Oprah from No. 1 Spot

Ellen DeGeneres by John Shearer/

Leaping seven spots from a year ago, Ellen DeGeneres has claimed the top spot on a Harris Poll of favorite television personalities. In doing so, Ellen unseated Oprah Winfrey from the No. 1 position the queen of talk has held for five consecutive years.With the big O playing runner-up, the Harris Poll's top five (as voted on by 1,171 U.S. adults) was rounded out by Tonight Show host Jay Leno, House's Hugh Laurie (the only scripted series star to make the top 10) and Daily Show anchor Jon Stewart.Who's your favorite of the final five? Vote here. read more

Day by Daily Show: Back on Track

Jon Stewart by Frank Ockenfels/Comedy Central

His first night back on Monday was a disappointment — too much griping about the strike, not enough political satire — but since then, Jon Stewart and his strike-era "A Daily Show" (it won’t merit the definitive "the" until his writers return) have returned to form. Skewering pundits and pollsters with relish, Stewart is back on his game, cracking himself up with the absurdity of carrying on without the safety net of a writing staff. On Wednesday's show, after taking a swipe at Larry King ("Was that a magical talking gnome?"), Stewart admitted, "Basically, we're now doing the show like Mystery Science Theater," harking back to one of Comedy Central's earlier breakthroughs.And yes, I loved that show, too.But my favorite Daily Show moment so far this week came on Tuesday, when he had conservative author and Guiliani advisor David Frum in his sights. While Frum trashed GOP underdog Ron Paul as "one of those people that the more you learn about him, the more disturbing a ... read more

Strike Watch: Another Day in Late Night

Jon Stewart by Kevin Fitzsimons/Comedy Central

The only true “moment of Zen” I experienced while watching the awkward writer-free return of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show Monday night — or, as Jon Stewart is now calling it, “A Daily Show” — was when his sole guest, a professorial labor expert, said of bitter strikes like the one the Writers’ Guild is currently engaged in: “It’s never intractable.... Eventually, they all get solved.”From his lips to....What a day it was in Strike World. The shoe finally dropped regarding NBC’s telecast of this Sunday’s Golden Globes Awards. The ceremony is canceled, and the awards will be presented in a news-conference style, covered exclusively by NBC News. Talk about your lose-lose propositions. Conferring “news” status on the Globes is an absurd exercise in hollow self-importance. The only reason the Globes is worth a toss isn’t because of who wins — just try to remember who won any of last year’s awards... read more

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