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Carmine Giovinazzo, Jon Sklaroff Join USA's Graceland

Jon Sklaroff, Carmine Giovinazzo

CSI: NY's Carmine Giovinazzo and 24's Jon Sklaroff are heading to Graceland.

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Nip/Tuck Bye-bye, Anne Heche....

Nip/TuckBye-bye, Anne Heche. Nice to see Nikki safely left town with her son, leaving behind a note for Sean. That came right after a dream sequence (can we please stop it with the dream sequences?) where that creepy guy pointed a gun at Nikki after already killing Austin. Thankfully, it was just Sean daydreaming. Speaking of the creepy guy, the actor who played him — Jon Sklaroff — played creepy "Sean the Sound Guy" on The Comeback (he was the one who always freaked out Valerie when he put her mike on) and he just last week played the guy who raped and killed a 13-year-old girl on Boston Legal. If you want someone to play a creepy guy, go to Jon Sklaroff. His first scene in tonight's episode reminded me of the infamous George Michael public-restroom arrest ( read more

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