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Historian Jon Meacham: Trump's a Promoter, Not a Consoler
04:51 — Reacting to Trump's puzzling visit to Puerto Rico, Pulitzer Prize winning author and historian Jon Meacham says it shows Trump is more showman than pr (more…)
Trump Calls North Korean's Kim Jong Un 'Little Rocket Man'
08:44 — After a week of trading shots with North Korea from the United Nations, Donald Trump takes to a campaign-style rally stage and blasts North Korea's le (more…)
Trump Flouts Pardon's Intended Purpose
04:10 — Jon Meacham, presidential historian, talks with Ari Melber about the intended purpose of a presidential pardon and its responsible use by past preside (more…)
Meacham: 'Trump Has Moved the Goal Post of a Civilized Society'
03:54 — Pulitzer prize winning historian Jon Meacham on Trump’s apparent “disdain for history”
Has Trump done permanent damage to the presidency?
10:03 — In the wake of Donald Trump’s comments about Charlottesville, Joy Reid asks historian Jon Meacham: has he done permanent damage to the office of the p (more…)
Charlottesville Response Was a Test of Leadership for Trump
08:59 — Critics say Pres. Trump's response to Charlottesville was too little, too late. Presidential historian & author Jon Meacham and Chicago Tribune column (more…)
Historians Discuss White House Statue of Liberty Comments
06:39 — Jon Meacham and Michael Beschloss talk about the White House comments on the Statue of Liberty. Beschloss compares it to separating the Constitution a (more…)
Despite Russia Scandals, Trump's GOP Base Is Sticking by Him
06:41 — Despite scandals and a lack of progress on his agenda, a new poll shows Pres. Trump still has really strong support among Republican voters. Connie Sc (more…)
Presidential Biographer On Trump: We're in 'uncharted Waters'
01:19 — Pulitzer Prize winning presidential biographer Jon Meacham reacts to the dark rhetoric of Pres. Trump saying he hopes it's not a sign things will cont (more…)
Andrew Jackson Biographer Fact Checks Trump's Civil War Remarks
09:27 — The president suggested that if he'd lived longer, Andrew Jackson would have somehow helped the U.S. avoid the Civil War. Pulitzer Prize winners Jon M (more…)
Jackson Biographer: Trump's Living in a Snowstorm of Information
02:11 — Pulitzer Prize winner Jon Meacham tries to make sense of Trump's remarks on Andrew Jackson and the Civil War.
Joe to Democratic Party: Do You Want to Win or Not?
09:57 — What will it take for the Democrats to regain their footing? Jon Meacham, Kasie Hunt, Willie Geist and Eugene Robinson join to discuss the toll of ide (more…)
Frum: Trump’s ‘Enemy’ Press Tweet ‘Incitement to Vigilante Violence’
08:06 — The Atlantic’s David Frum and presidential historian Jon Meacham reflect on the fourth week of Donald Trump’s presidency.
The Importance of Bush 41 at the Super Bowl
01:44 — Historian Jon Meacham discusses the importance of President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush's appearance at Sunday's Super Bowl.
Obama's Roadblocks for Obama Administration
07:14 — The New York Times' Michael Shear and Random House's Jon Meacham join the Morning Joe panel to discuss the transfer of power and the roadblocks that t (more…)
Remembering Pearl Harbor at 75
11:51 — Tom Brokaw and Jon Meacham discuss the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.
Will Romney Become Trump's Secretary of State?
09:45 — Jon Meacham joins the Morning Joe to discuss whether Mitt Romney is being considered to serve in Donald Trump's cabinet. He says Romney would serve as (more…)
In Trump Era, a Nostalgia for George H.W. Bush
09:12 — Historian Jon Meacham discusses his latest NYT op-ed on George H.W. Bush's 'empathy and dignity', contrasting it with Trump's 'ambition - for attentio (more…)
Author Discusses Bush's Private Recording
02:32 — Author Jon Meacham discusses George H.W. Bush’s private recording from 1990 when he declared to the nation that Saddam’s aggression “would not stand.”
What Doubts About Reagan Say About '16 Race
08:23 — Historian Jon Meacham joins Morning Joe to discuss how candidate Ronald Reagan was underestimated by the general public before his presidency. How can (more…)
GOP Senator: ISIS Is at War With Us
05:33 — Sen. Jim Lankford, R-Okla., and Jon Meacham join Morning Joe to discuss the latest details in the Paris attacks and how the current administration sho (more…)
Sen. McCain: ‘I Agree With Bush 41’
05:47 — Sen. John McCain comments on the announcement that the Russian Metrojet crash could have been caused by an ISIS bomb. He also responds to new criticis (more…)
Meacham: Bush Knew Exactly What He Was Saying
05:45 — In a new biography, George H.W. Bush criticizes both Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. The book's author, Jon Meacham, joins Morning Joe to discuss his (more…)
How 'Bush 41' Bio Impacts 2016 Campaign
05:46 — What can Jeb Bush learn from the presidencies of his father and brother? "Bush 41" biography Jon Meacham joins MTP Daily’s Chuck Todd with his take.
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