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Nicolle Wallace: Barbara Bush Was a Woman of True ‘grit’
07:07 — With the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace – who was White House Communications Director for George W. Bush – and Bush (more…)
Meacham: Mueller ‘wanted to follow his conscience as opposed to his king’
07:44 — NBC News Justice Correspondent Pete Williams and NBC Presidential Historian Jon Meacham join Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle to react to parts of forme (more…)
Meacham: Graham was an Evangelical, not a fundamentalist
12:30 — Presidential Historian Jon Meacham discusses the life of Christian Evangelist Billy Graham, and why he says Graham was 'one of the most Christian Evan (more…)
Meacham: What 1968 can teach us about right now
08:16 — The past can give us a framework for our current discontent, Jon Meacham argues in a new article in Time Magazine. Meacham joins Morning Joe to discus (more…)
Meacham: Trump Breaking Norms Will Have Lasting Impact
01:50 — Pulitzer-prize winning historian & author Jon Meacham reacts to reports alleging Trump referred to African nations and Haiti as 'shithole countries.'
History tells us hours of fear will fade: Meacham
08:52 — President Trump stated on Twitter his plans to announce awards for 'dishonest' and 'corrupt' media. The Morning Joe panel discusses the implications a (more…)
Looking back at Trump's rocky 2017
05:29 — Pulitzer Prize winners Peggy Noonan and Jon Meacham join Brian to talk about Trump's first year in office and how it compares to past presidents.
Reflecting on Trump's rocky 2017
02:24 — Pulitzer Prize winners Peggy Noonan and Jon Meacham join Brian to talk about Trump's first year in office and how it compares to past presidents.
Colbert Report
Colbert Report
It's been 45 years since humans walked on the moon
01:31 — Pulitzer Prize-winning author & historian Jon Meacham discusses the final NASA mission to the moon, Apollo 17, which took place 45 years ago.
Jon Meacham on Trump, Moore & Alabama's complex history
02:46 — Pulitzer Prize-winning author & historian Jon Meacham discusses Alabama's complicated political history tying it to recent comments & actions by Pres. (more…)
Author Discusses Bush's Private Recording
02:32 — Author Jon Meacham discusses George H.W. Bush’s private recording from 1990 when he declared to the nation that Saddam’s aggression “would not stand.”
The Importance of Bush 41 at the Super Bowl
01:44 — Historian Jon Meacham discusses the importance of President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush's appearance at Sunday's Super Bowl.
Will Romney Become Trump's Secretary of State?
09:45 — Jon Meacham joins the Morning Joe to discuss whether Mitt Romney is being considered to serve in Donald Trump's cabinet. He says Romney would serve as (more…)
Remembering Pearl Harbor at 75
11:51 — Tom Brokaw and Jon Meacham discuss the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.
What Doubts About Reagan Say About '16 Race
08:23 — Historian Jon Meacham joins Morning Joe to discuss how candidate Ronald Reagan was underestimated by the general public before his presidency. How can (more…)
GOP Senator: ISIS Is at War With Us
05:33 — Sen. Jim Lankford, R-Okla., and Jon Meacham join Morning Joe to discuss the latest details in the Paris attacks and how the current administration sho (more…)
Sen. McCain: ‘I Agree With Bush 41’
05:47 — Sen. John McCain comments on the announcement that the Russian Metrojet crash could have been caused by an ISIS bomb. He also responds to new criticis (more…)
Meacham: Bush Knew Exactly What He Was Saying
05:45 — In a new biography, George H.W. Bush criticizes both Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. The book's author, Jon Meacham, joins Morning Joe to discuss his (more…)
Obama's Roadblocks for Obama Administration
07:14 — The New York Times' Michael Shear and Random House's Jon Meacham join the Morning Joe panel to discuss the transfer of power and the roadblocks that t (more…)
How 'Bush 41' Bio Impacts 2016 Campaign
05:46 — What can Jeb Bush learn from the presidencies of his father and brother? "Bush 41" biography Jon Meacham joins MTP Daily’s Chuck Todd with his take.
The Political Will to Defeat ISIS
05:36 — A new poll shows a large majority of Americans do not want to send U.S. troops to battle ISIS but some GOP Presidential candidates disagree. Lawrence (more…)
In Trump Era, a Nostalgia for George H.W. Bush
09:12 — Historian Jon Meacham discusses his latest NYT op-ed on George H.W. Bush's 'empathy and dignity', contrasting it with Trump's 'ambition - for attentio (more…)
The 'Destiny and Power' of Bush’s Presidency
07:05 — Former President George Herbert Walker Bush finally spoke out about Cheney and Rumsfeld and how they badly served his son while he was in office. The (more…)
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