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Adam and Pops Face the Wrath of Barry
01:13 — "I love shrinking dinks!"
Barry Goldberg Joins the School Musical
02:09 — Big Tasty is there to put butts in seats!
Adam Gets Barry Back Into the JTP
01:01 — I thought we were stealing a costume not a real falcon.
Beverly Becomes a "Power Stalker"
01:09 — Working out never looked so good.
Beverly Ditches Erica
01:10 — I'm the ditcher here. Not you.
The Rules of the Goldberg Household
01:06 — Rule 4: No coming in after 10 o'clock
Beverly Strkies Back With Cheese
01:08 — I once cheesed a slice of watermelon.
Starlight Express, Starlight Express
01:32 — It's like I want to scream and run but I want to see what happens next. Beverly hosts the first practice of Starlight Express. Adam is excited but Er (more…)
Barry Gets Thrown Out of His Own Band
01:47 — Shortly after Adam (Sean Giambrone) quits the band, Barry (Troy Gentile) is pushed out of the group for smelling another band member. From The Goldbe (more…)
Barry's Pity Date With Lainey
00:24 — This is my first date in a hospital
Barry Can't Choose a Fake Name
00:44 — Zeus Alexander Washington always wears a hat.
Beverly Has Gifts for the Family
00:54 — Beverly returns from the mall with gifts for the family.
Barry HAD a Fake ID
01:11 — I've been trying to ignore you all day.
Marvin Gives Adam an Early or Late Birthday Present
01:37 — How about I don't encourage him to be better at anything.
Adam Is Not Happy With His Role
01:34 — You made this putz Jesus?
Murray Finds His Vows
01:45 — Murray Goldberg (Jeff Garlin) finds himself in a bind when he doesn’t have his vows ready. He decides to use the theme song of a popular show instead (more…)
Murray Hires Mr. Meller
01:23 — So before that was him without energy?
Barry Goldberg, Supermodel
01:49 — Barry (Troy Gentile) is told he should be a supermodel at the mall by a questionable "talent scout."
I Can Make You a Model Too, Mom
01:03 — At Barry's modeling session, Beverly is told she can be a model too.
Barry Goldberg Is a Fashion Boy
01:13 — Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Bare!
Barry Goldberg's New Posse
00:48 — From JTP to JAG?
Adam Goldberg Karate Kid Fight
01:24 — Who is the best around?
Murray Inspires Barry to Learn Science
01:08 — After Beverly Goldberg's love and support approach to inspiring Barry to learn science falls on deaf ears, Murray secretly steps in with some mom-base (more…)
Grandpa the Ghostbuster
01:00 — s (George Segal) dresses up as a Ghostbuster and brings a matching costume for Adam (Sean Giambrone), but he's disappointed when Adam has his own plan (more…)
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