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Birth Name: Jonathan Lajoie

Birth Place: Saint-Hubert, Quebec, Canada

Birthday: August 21, 1980, Leo

Profession: Actor, Comedian

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Wed Feb 4 12:00am
The LeagueThe Freeze Out(Season 4, Episode 3) FXX

A kid's birthday party interferes with Pete's planned paintball outing. Meanwhile, Ruxin has a run-in with a sushi chef (Timothy Olyphant).

Wed Feb 4 12:30am
The LeagueThe Breastalyzer(Season 4, Episode 4) FXX

Kevin and Jenny realize that Kristin Cavallari is in their baby group. Meanwhile, Rafi is entrusted to take Ruxin's son to his swim class.

Wed Feb 4 1:00am
The LeagueJudge MacArthur(Season 4, Episode 5) FXX

Kevin runs into NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick at a charity event. Meanwhile, the guys attempt to determine who among them is the smartest.

Wed Feb 4 1:30am
The LeagueThe Tailgate(Season 4, Episode 6) FXX

Andre's high-school nemesis interferes with his tailgating plans. Later, Taco has a run-in with former NFL quarterback Jim McMahon.

Wed Feb 11 12:00am
The LeagueThe Vapora Sport(Season 4, Episode 7) FXX

Pete battles a man in a wheelchair (JB Smoove) for a pair of shoes. Meanwhile, Taco tries to train a dog to detect sex; and Jenny and Kevin get a piano for Ellie.

Wed Feb 11 12:30am
The LeagueThe Anchor Baby(Season 4, Episode 8) FXX

Ruxin fears that Sofia has lost interest in their marriage. Meanwhile, Jenny makes a dirty trade.

Wed Feb 11 1:00am
The LeagueBro-lo El Cordero(Season 4, Episode 9) FXX

Kevin has a colonoscopy. Later, Pete suspects that his grandpa (Robert Wagner) is adulterous; and the guys ask Rafi to settle a dispute for them.

Wed Feb 11 1:30am
The LeagueOur Dinner With Andre(Season 4, Episode 10) FXX

Kevin is blackmailed by Ellie's boyfriend. Meanwhile, Pete reconnects with his high-school crush (Brooklyn Decker).