Jon Heder

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Jonathan Joseph Heder
  • Birth Place: Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Sun May 7 11:30am
Pickle and PeanutGreg; Gramma Jail DISXD

Two teens try to have as much fun as possible during their final year of high school. In the opener, Pickle lends his new pimple friend, Greg, to a frenemy in hopes of getting invited to a cool party; and the guys accidentally get their gramma arrested.

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Sun May 7 12:00pm
Pickle and PeanutPickle the Falcon Master; Pickle Adopts a Family DISXD

Pickle wants to get a falcon so he can join a falconry club, but Peanut acquires a parakeet instead; Pickle wins a family of creatures as a cereal box prize.

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Sun May 7 12:30pm
Pickle and PeanutCookie Racket; Busted Arm DISXD

Pickle bakes cookies for the neighbors but a troupe of girls called the Sugar Bees think he's trying to take over their turf; Peanut fakes a broken limb when he sees how much attention Pickle is getting with his cast.

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Sun May 7 1:00pm
Pickle and PeanutWiz Fest; Gym Rats DISXD

Peanut meets a pretty girl at a Renaissance Faire and pretends to share her interests in elves and magic to impress her; the guys try to get buff after getting picked on at a gym but Peanut takes a shortcut and buys a muscle-zapping belt.

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Sun May 7 1:30pm
Pickle and PeanutSneaky Patty Sleepover; Baby Tooth DISXD

Sneaky Patty hides out at Peanut's house; Pickle loses his last baby tooth and instantly starts acting like an adult.

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Sun May 7 2:00pm
Pickle and PeanutWhat Lies Beneath; The Rat King Moves In DISXD

Pickle and Peanut dig up the carpet at Pickle's house and find something that is fun and destructive; Peanut and the Rat King trade places.

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Tue May 9 8:35am
Monster House STZEN

This animated tale follows the misadventures of three teens who believe that an old ramshackle dwelling in their neighborhood houses a man-eating entity that is feasting on the locals.

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Tue May 9 4:30pm
Star vs. the Forces of EvilCheer Up Star; Quest Buy DISXD

Marco tries to cheer Star up but accidentally summons Ludo and his army of new monsters; Star and Marco navigate a maze-like store to find a wand charger before Star's wand dies forever.

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  • Birth Name: Jonathan Joseph Heder
  • Birth Place: Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
  • Profession: Actor

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