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April 16, 2007: A Meaningless Fling

Tonight's episode truly marked a milestone for our favorite Harper men. Not only did it bring an end to Alan's days of alimony, but it also gave Charlie a taste of what it's like to be on the receiving end of "a meaningless fling." As for Jake, well, it proved to be a messy night for him, too. First, let's talk about Myra (Judy Greer). I really hope this isn't the last we see of her. She and Charlie had a good, albeit brief relationship, and it was rather enjoyable to watch Charlie fall into a more vulnerable role for once. Part of me wonders if that wasn't a case of Charlie wanting something he couldn't have, or if he really did think he'd found his match. Regardless of the reason, their time together did make for some great dialogue. In one of their funnier exchanges, Charlie revealed his secrets on how he manages to get a woman out of his bed. According to him, if he's only interested in seeing the woman leave for the day, he'll tell her, "I have to see a dermatologist about a... read more

News Men: Sheen Settles Suit, Cryer Eyes June Vows

Charlie Sheen has settled a lawsuit filed against him in April 2006 by Ursula Auburn, who claimed that Two and a Half Men's Rose was based on her without her permission. Details of the settlement were not disclosed, says the AP. Meanwhile, Men cast mate Jon Cryer plans to wed the TV Guide Channel's Lisa Joyner (hey, she blogs for us!) in June and in Mexico, his rep tells People. read more

April 2, 2007: He's Not Cheap, He's My Brother

Tonight's episode was definitely one of my favorites. I loved being able to see what Charlie, Alan and Jake might look like in 2036. I also found it funny that a box of Milk Duds at the movie theater will cost us $25 in the future. Somehow, I think that estimate may not be far off, but let's meet back here in 29 years and see, shall we? Getting back to the present day, we find Alan is still being as frugal as ever. His ability to dodge a bill is almost an art form. In the first scene alone, Alan managed to score a free night at the movies for him and Jake. That night ended up costing Charlie over 80 bucks, but as we soon learned, that's the last time Charlie was going to let Alan use his excuses to bail on a bill. Fast-forward to the night of Charlie and Alan's double date. Things seemed to be going really well, and Alan's date even suggested that after dinner they should "go absolutely crazy tonight." Yes, it seemed as though the night contained a lot of promise, until the check ca... read more

Holland Taylor: From Bosom Buddies to Her Naughty Men

Holland Taylor, Two and a Half Men

If you were ever a fan of Bosom Buddies, and you now watch CBS' Two and a Half Men (Mondays at 9 pm/ET), not many a week goes by where a line delivery or physical flourish from Holland Taylor doesn’t harken back to the days of Kip, Henry, and the Livingston, Gentry and Mishkin ad agency. Taylor's Ruth Dunbar was a role that would pave the way for many more women to be reckoned with. welcomed the chance to take a walk down memory lane with Taylor, dropping such names along the way as Hanks, Clooney, Pfeiffer and Sheen. Do you know what I have on my desk right here?Holland Taylor: What? The just-released Season 1 DVD set for Bosom Buddies.Taylor: [S read more

February 12, 2007: Goodbye, England's Rose

OK, I know it’s cliché, but sometimes you really don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. However, since this is the week of Valentine’s Day, I guess it’s only appropriate that we got a lesson in love. How strange, though, that this lesson came to us courtesy of Charlie and Rose? First, major props to Berta for some priceless moments tonight. Especially during her exchange with Charlie on why he never gave Rose more of a chance. His reasoning: “This is a woman who stalked me, who spied on me, who snuck into my house to write her name and address in my underwear.” Funny how Charlie would later use said underwear to track Rose down and beg her to stay, but we’ll get to that later. Now, I have to recount Berta’s priceless response: “Oh, boo-hoo. Somebody cares about Charlie. Nobody ever wrote their name in my underwear. Wait, one time. The Department of Corrections.” Too funny. I wish Berta was my wisecracking maid. ... read more

Will Charlie Sheen's Cad Get Hitched?

Emannuelle Vaugier, Two and a Half Men

Someone's getting married tonight on the season finale of CBS' Two and a Half Men, and it may or may not be Charlie Sheen's man who loves women. (The first clue should have been when Charlie Harper registered himself at Scores.) Emmanuelle Vaugier, who plays fiancée Mia, brings up to speed on the nuptials that may be nope-tials. The good news is that since the last time we spoke, I have seen read more

Two and a Half Men's Cryer Is a Laugher

Jon Cryer

When does two and a half equal more than 16 million? When you're talking about CBS' top-rated Monday-night sitcom and the massive audience that tunes in to watch Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen play dad and uncle to a wisecracking kid. As if you aren't already tuning in to Two and a Half Men, note that tonight's episode promises to be, well, special, thanks to a certain guest star who only has eyes for Cryer's lovelorn Alan. spoke to the film and TV vet about that, Duckie and more. First off, I want to say that I loved your series The Famous Teddy Z, which offered an inside look at the talent-agency biz. Do you agree that i read more

Press Tour Day 2 (CBS): Food, Folks and Flatulence

Criminal Minds

Two and a Half Men

9:10 am The session begins, and with Charlie Sheen up there like a sitting duck, I'm bummed that the first question isn't, "So, why did Denise dump you?" Does that make me a bad person? I think it does.

9:19 "We have to have fart jokes [on the show]," reasons Sheen's TV mom, the regal Holland Taylor, "because everyone in the cast farts constantly." Tee-hee. Holland Taylor said "farts."

9:25 A reporter asks another question that isn't, "I have to ask: You. Denise. What's the deal there, huh?" Bummer.

9:40 Scoop! Charlie confirms that his real-life pa, Martin Sheen, will guest-star this season.

9:45 Speaking on behalf of chiropractors everywhere, a reporter informs Jon Cryer — who plays a back-cracker on Men — that "they love the fact that you're giving them a face."

9:50 Scoo read more

No More Tears for Jon Cryer

An old adage has it that if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. That's true, unless you're Jon Cryer. In his case, it's try, try, try, try, try and try again. The actor did five failed TV series before he landed a successful sitcom, CBS's Two and a Half Men. Which reminds him of another wise saying: Better late than never. TV Guide Online: After a couple of false starts, like The Famous Teddy Z and Partners, you've finally got a hit. Can you relax and enjoy the adulation?Jon Cryer: There's a part of me that holds back. At our 10th-season finale, then I might say, "I get that the show is a hit." TVGO: What do you hear most from the show's fans?Cryer: "You are just the most sexless character on television!" I imagine that [latter problem] will be corrected this year because my character is bound to date. I'm hoping for a fling a week. Apparently, when they had auditions [for girlfriends], it was like the audit read more

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