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Do you guys have some Calleigh/Eric CSI: Miami spoilers? — Janice
ADAM: Remember how we told you that Calleigh and Eric would make a decision about their future once and for all before the season ends? Standing in the way of them choosing eternal bliss is Calleigh's Season 6 love interest, Jake Berkeley (Johnny Whitworth), who will reappear later this season. More intriguing, Berkeley will be connected to Horatio's big betrayal, which Delko uncovers. "It's explosive emotionally and it's explosive literally," co-executive producer Barry O'Brien tells us. "It's very dramatic and it's something you've never seen before on CSI: Miami."

When will Angie's terrible storyline end on Desperate Housewives? — Teresa
MICKEY: Angie will be around through the season finale. The same can't be said for Bree, who'll be... read more

Pilot News: Elisha Cuthbert Tries Long-distance Love

Elisha Cuthbert by Kevin Parry/

Elisha Cuthbert (24) has landed the female lead in NY-LON, a CBS drama pilot based on a British series that starred Rashida Jones and Stephen Moyer. The premise: A New York City teacher/record-store clerk embarks on a cross-continental romance with a London stockbroker. (Get it — NY-LON? Took me a minute, too.)Also cast in the pilot, says the Reporter, are Caterina Scorsone (1-800-MISSING) and Johnny Whitworth (CSI: Miami), playing Cuthbert's roommate and ex-boyfriend, respectively. — MWM read more

May 14, 2007: Y?

Well, it was no, “We’re going to Brazil.” In fact, it didn’t even feel like a season finale. Where was the cliff-hanger? Where was the oh-my-god moment? It’s a sad indicator of the state of CSI: Miami when the scariest aspects of an episode are the fashions. Was there ever a more disturbing haircut than that sported by Mama Wade? And was Ryan wearing a pseudo-Members Only jacket? It’s depressing, really, because this one had potential. In the end, both Lucas and Lindsay Wade were murderers. She killed their other sister by pushing her down the stairs when they were all children, and everyone blamed little Lucas because he was supposedly genetically predisposed to violence. He took this to heart, and as an adult just started murdering women. Because it was her fault that Lucas did this, Lindsay decided to kill another woman to get her brother off the hook. Oh, and back in his corrupt traffic-cop days, Ryan pulled Lucas over, but had no reason to suspect... read more

November 20, 2006: I Cannot Believe I Took a Bullet for You

"Going, Going, Gone," was certainly comprehensive, and, for the most part, it was actually pretty good. Before I get to the last 10 minutes, I’d like to say that the first plotline that was introduced was a nice change of pace from what we’ve had lately. It was a straight-up boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-kills-girl story that make up the better episodes of this show. Rebecca had simply outgrown her fiancé, and so he stabbed her with a letter opener. However, we did finally get to see Alexx talk to a dead body again, after weeks of her not having much to do. Speaking of that scene, it was very cute when she pulled the camera up to her face to ask Ryan if he wanted to come do her job. I especially loved the exchange between her and Calleigh after Calleigh told Ryan he was doing a great job: “Hey, hey, hey, what about me?” “You’re fabulous!”Johnny Whitworth was back as Jake Berkeley — the undercover cop who can’t do anything righ... read more

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