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Will there be a TOP CHEF / JUST DESSERTS crossover?
02:24 — Gail Simmons and Johnny Iuzzini discuss the possibilities |Top Chef: Just Desserts||Gail Simmons||Johnny Iuzzini|
JUST DESSERTS' Judges Ate Sweets All Day
02:19 — Top Chef: Just Desserts judges Gail Simmons and Johnny Iuzzini talk about how they handled eating desserts all day during production and how they firs (more…)
Technical Bake: Johnny Iuzzini's French Crullers
04:59 — The bakers must make a dozen French Crullers which are donuts.
Technical Challenge: Johnny Iuzzini's Chocolate Truffles
04:19 — Johnny Iuzzini challenges the bakers to use his chocolate to create the perfect holiday gifts – boxes of chocolate truffles.
Bread Week Technical Bake: Johnny Iuzzini's Christmas Stollen
04:40 — The "Bread Week" technical bake challenge comes from Johnny Iuzzini.
Cookie Week Technical Bake: Johnny Iuzzini's Biscotti Recipe
05:00 — The bakers are charged with making Johnny Iuzzini's Biscotti recipe for their Cookie Week technical bake on Season Two Episode 2 of The Great American (more…)
Just Desserts
00:56 — Padma Lakshmi introduces Johnny Iuzzini and Gail Simmons, the host and head judge of Top Chef: Just Desserts!
03:35 — This funny challenge wasn't so fun for one of the chefs.
Seeing Ad-Rock is Bananas Awesome!
Season 2 Episode 6 Preview:
Kitchen Madness
Season 1 Episode 9 Preview:
Sous Chef Pairings
Season 1 Episode 10 Lost Footage:
Thrown under the Bus
Season 2 Episode 1:
Glee Club
The 10 remaining pastry cheftestants are divided into teams and go head to head in a bake sale to raise money for a local high school pep squad and gl (more…)
Architectural Structures in the Kitchen
Season 1 Episode 3 Preview:
Bigger, Sweeter, and More Spectacular
Season 2 Episode 1 Exclusive:
Season 4 Episode 7: This funny challenge wasn't so fun for one of the chefs.
Two Distinct Reactions
Season 1 Episode 8 Preview:
Sweet Digs
Season 2 Episode 2 Exclusive:
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