00:51 — Lois wants to take Stewie out of his preschool.
00:57 — Lois gets worried when she finds a letter Peter was going to send to his ex the day before their wedding.
00:34 — Peter wins at Bingo.
00:35 — Meg meets the old lady she will be volunteering for.
Different Worlds
00:50 — Brian falls in love with a woman from India.
00:52 — Peter and Lois get woken up by Stewie.
Cartoon Sheriff
00:48 — Peter is displaced from this bed by Stewie.
Bad Decision
00:56 — Brian kisses Joe's Wife.
The Memories
00:54 — Joe shows everyone at the party his honeymoon video.
The Elephant in the Room
00:40 — Peter and the guys try an get Cleveland to hang out with them again.
00:35 — Stewie and Brian arrive in India.
00:52 — Brian decides to help Stewie get rid of his nightmares.
Putting Stuff Online
00:38 — Joe gets revenge on Brian.
00:40 — Stewie gets worried when his new friend Chadly wants to have a play date at his house.
00:57 — Stewie falls in love with his new preschool.
A Special Treat
01:14 — The principal delivers the school's announcements in the style of rap.
The Deets
00:57 — Brian and Stewie attempt to get information on who is planing on pranking Chris.
Comic Con 2013: Family Guy Panel, Part 3
02:20 — Alex Borstein talks about the challenge of bouncing between several of her characters at table reads.
Comic-Con 2014: Family Guy Panel, Part 3
03:35 — THE SIMPSONS creator Matt Groening surprises the FAMILY GUY panel with a question from the audience.
Comic-Con 2014: Family Guy Panel, Part 2
02:55 — The voice cast answers how they got into acting and what advice they'd give to someone wanting to get into the field.
The Griffins Go to Springfield
02:05 — Executive Producer Rich Appel and Alex Borstein discuss the premise of the FAMILY GUY/SIMPSONS crossover episode.
Comic Con 2013: Family Guy Panel, Part 2
02:15 — The panel discusses the return of Cleveland, a Little Red Riding Hood spoof, and the big Family Guy/Simpsons crossover.
Comic Con 2013: Family Guy Panel, Part 1
01:55 — A bombshell revelation is dropped: one of the Griffins will be killed off and replaced with a new character.
Family Guy Faves: Kevin Biggins On Adam West
01:01 — Producer Kevin Biggins with an animated retelling of the time he met Adam West.
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