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Friday (1995)
Based in South Central, Los Angeles, this comedy with a strong hip-hop soundtrack features Craig (Ice Cube - "Boyz in the Hood," "Are We There Yet?"), (more…)
Hunters in Maine Are Using Pizza As Bait!
01:02 — We talk to John Witherspoon about hunters in Maine using pizza as bait to hunt bears!
Dre Records Life Lessons for the Kids
01:55 — Dre wants to leave the kids his most important "Dways."
Jack & Diane Crush Junior's Hope
01:09 — The President wasn't really calling Junior on his birthday.
Dre Might Be Mismanaging His Money
01:39 — Do you need a giant wad of cash in your pocket? When it's lunch time at Stevens & Lido, Dre pulls out a giant wad of cash to pay for the food. His cow (more…)
Spending Diet, Initialized; Hurtful Meeting, Adjourned
01:55 — Dre and Bow set a (very personal) spending diet.
Dre and Bow Agree to Share Financial Duties
01:54 — Or, why Bow is sweating so much.
Zoey Can Take Care of the Kids
01:56 — Zoey explains why she's the best choice to be her siblings' guardian.
John Witherspoon: Who’s in Better Shape Obama or Putin?
00:58 — Our camera guy asked John Witherspoon when it comes to Obama and Putin, who’s in better shape? John thinks Putin is in better shape but who has more g (more…)
John Witherspoon: You Know You’ve Made It When You Have a Bidet?!
01:15 — Our camera guy tells John Witherspoon that you know you’ve made it once you have a bidet? John actually has one, so according to our camera guy John’s (more…)
Slow Down, Joe Brown
00:50 — The sauce is the secret.
Time to Pray
01:22 — The community garden is going well with one critical exception.
What's Jesus Like?
00:44 — Trayvon asks for testimonials on Jesus.
With All My Heart
01:29 — Vic and Jesus stand eye to eye and make heartfelt promises to each other.
Missing Package
00:50 — Boonie gives Vic a lesson in footwear vocabulary.
Good News, Bad News
01:16 — The gang needs to raise a little money to buy the garden lot.
Breaking News
01:08 — Jesus tries to keep a low profile.
John Witherspoon Is a Baller On a Budget!
00:51 — John Witherspoon shares some tips on how to be a baller on a budget even when being at a strip club! John says that when he puts money in a stripper s (more…)
Love for All Mankind
01:15 — You better get up on some of that.
Vic's Car
00:51 — Lloyd beds down for the night.
Does Wine Help With Regularity?
00:54 — All John Witherspoon wants after leaving the airport is a glass of wine. All our cameraman wants to know is if the wine helps him stay … regular?
Hangover Advice
01:11 — Lloyd helps Vic recover from the night before.
Ride - Trailer 1
02:19 — In this comedy starring, written & directed by Helen Hunt, a magazine editor (Hunt) follows her son (Brenton Thwaites) to LA after he drops out of col (more…)
Ride - Exclusive Clip - Jackie Vs. Waves
01:20 — In this comedy written and directed by Helen Hunt, a NY magazine editor (Hunt) follows her son (Brenton Thwaites) to LA after he drops out of college (more…)
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