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Margot Kills General Halabi
00:58 — Margot arrives just in time to save Ben from General Halabi
Ben Opens New Credit Card Accounts
00:45 — Ben takes on the new identity that Alice set up as a trap.
The Naked Cage - Official Trailer
15:18 — A woman framed for robbery must contend with the most disgusting elements of prison life. Bad-movie-lover alert!
Chopping Mall - Official Trailer
00:53 — Eight teens are trapped in a shopping mall where they are pursued by three murderous security robots.
Valerie Helps Her Friend
01:08 — Valerie's friend needs help investigating a pharmaceutical company.
Criminal Minds: The Witness Trailer
01:03 — When a Los Angeles bus is attacked with sarin gas, the BAU must act quickly to find the suspect before a larger-scale incident occurs, on CRIMINAL MIN (more…)
Castle Meets a Hollywood Head Honcho
01:29 — Castle visits with an enthusiastic movie studio executive.
Castle Lands in Hollywood
01:28 — Castle hears from the mysterious Greatest Detectives Society.
Castle Presents: The Rickies!
00:54 — Which film will win the coveted prize at The Rickies?
Tour of the set of the ABC comedy/drama series
On set with the stars of hit ABC crime comedy/drama
Castle Breaks Out the Jazz Hands
02:13 — Preview Episode 8: Castle poses as a guy with dance experience.
Castle's "Titanic" Moment
00:40 — Preview Episode 8: "I'm the king of the world!"
Castle & Beckett's One-Year Anniversary
03:19 — Their celebration is bittersweet.
Scandal Pops: Watch the Season 5 Episode 8 Recap
02:45 — The hottest moments from the "Rasputin" episode of Scandal!
Olivia Tells Fitz the Truth
03:19 — Nothing like a interrogation room to confess your sins.
The White House Gets a New Resident & Huck Has Rowan!
02:41 — Both Popes seem a little...trapped.
Beckett & Hayley Go Undercover
01:46 — Preview Episode 7: They're looking for a tattooed woman in a steam room.
Scandal Sneak Peek: Was Olivia Supposed to Choose Jake?
01:07 — Preview Episode 8: Jake confronts Olivia.
Sneak Peek: Det. Slaughter (Adam Baldwin) Is Back!
01:27 — Preview Episode 6: Slaughter is looking for Castle.
Flash Forward: the Getaway
00:44 — Find out how they got away from the mansion.
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