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Preview: "Chanel Pour Homme-icide"
00:20 — The next episode of SCREAM QUEENS is the deadliest and dirtiest episode yet. Don't miss the all-new episode after the World Series.
Dakota Fanning Gets Mistaken for an Olsen Twin
02:36 — After learning Dakota Fanning is often mistaken for one of the Olsen twins, John Stamos shares which cable news broadcaster he's most compared with an (more…)
Locker Room Talk with Shaquille O'Neal & John Stamos
02:26 — After asking John Stamos about his frequent show scenes in "Scream Queens" James gets a feel for John and Shaq's locker room decorum, and Shaq puts so (more…)
The Talk - Tuesday Preview, Oct. 18th
00:20 — Tuesday's special guest is John Stamos.
Shaq'd: Shaquille O'Neal's Unaired Prank Show
03:45 — James shows a clip of he and Shaquille O'Neal's prank show "Shaq'd" that had a large fundamental flaw in its design.
John Stamos Wanted to Leave a Dodger Game at 'Halftime'
01:32 — James asks John Stamos about a trip to Dodger Stadium with Bob Saget that turned into a comedy of errors and John getting sworn at in a very special w (more…)
The Talk - John Stamos Says He Paid $65,000 For Bob Saget's Birthday Party!
01:21 — Earlier this year, "Scream Queens" star John Stamos threw his friend Bob Saget a 60th birthday party. Stamos went big, inviting 250 people including m (more…)
Emoji News
08:24 — James tests the audience on the latest headlines by presenting them in emoji form.
Pre-Debate Drug Tests - for the Candidates or Us?
04:42 — James catches up on some of the latest headlines involving the 2016 election, including Donald Trump's suggestion for pre-debate drug testing.
The Talk - John Stamos to Sharon Osbourne on Reuniting with Ozzy: 'You're very inspirational'
00:56 — "Scream Queens" star John Stamos visits "The Talk" and asks host Sharon Osbourne about reuniting with husband, Ozzy. Stamos says, "How's it going with (more…)
Dean Munsch and Denise Question Hester
01:04 — Hester tells Dean Munsch and Denise that massacres happen on Halloween night at the hospital.
Chanel Attacks Chad's Lawyer
00:47 — Chanel attacks Chad's lawyer after the reading of his will.
Dr. Brock Holt Excites Chanel
01:10 — Dr. Brock Holt asks Chanel who she thinks the killer is.
Scream Queens: Scream Again Trailer
01:08 — Dean Munsch buys an abandoned hospital, recruiting two doctors, Zayday and the disgraced Chanels Secrets from the hospital's past are revealed A new k (more…)
Chad Brings Dr. Brock Holt A List Of Hand Donors from "Handidates"
01:19 — Chad informs Dr. Brock Holt that he will be doing his surgery.
CRX Performs "Ways to Fake It"
03:06 — CRX Performs "Ways to Fake It" on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Wikileaks Hacks Jimmy Kimmel
03:34 — Wikileaks gets revenge on Jimmy for all of the jokes he’s told about them.
Stephen a. Smith On Being the Spoiled Baby of the Family
03:40 — Stephen recalls growing up as the youngest of six and explains why his mom gives him special treatment.
Commercial for Paqui With Cousin Sal & Guillermo
01:26 — Jimmy’s Cousin Sal invites people on Hollywood Blvd. to try a VERY spicy chip.
Jennifer Connelly Needed a Merkin
05:41 — Jennifer explains why she needed a pubic wig for her role in her new film American Pastoral.
Jennifer Connelly Was a Teen Novel Cover Model
01:32 — Jennifer reviews some of the teen novels that she appeared on the cover of when she was 13-14 years old.
Coked up Trump: Wikileaks
00:25 — This might help to explain all the sniffling Donald Trump did at the last debate. From Ambridge, Pennsylvania this is #CokedUpTrump.
Drunk Donald Trump: Little Boy
00:50 — Donald Trump grabbed a young boy from a Pennsylvania audience and helped to graciously provide us with this kid-friendly edition of #DrunkDonaldTrump.
Jack and Becky Want Nascar Speed Limits
04:59 — Our friends Jack and Becky are very passionate objectors to everything. They tried to get UFC fans to sign a petition banning punching and kicking and (more…)
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  • Birth Name: John Phillip Stamos
  • Birth Place: Cypress, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Musician, Producer

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