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ER Boss Diagnoses Stamos Spin-off Talk as Bogus

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Your dream of Dr. Tony Gates being spun off into a three-camera sitcom in which he plays pediatrician to a motley group of incorrigible misfits has been thusly shattered. Dismissing a Rush & Malloy item saying that John Stamos' had been wooed to front an ER spin-off (but "wasn't having it"), series creator John Wells tells TV Guide, "It may have been a spin-off from Full House, but it wasn't from ER." Now that's gonna hurt in the morning.Wells, however, won't discount the possibility of there one day being an ER offshoot. "[Cocreator] Michael Crichton and I have never really wanted to dilute the series itself," he says. "We've always resisted it. It doesn't apply now that we’re heading into Season 15 [this fall], but I always thought that spinning something off somehow diminished the original show." — With reporting by Ileane Rudolph read more

Diddy Stars in ABC’s A Raisin in the Sun

A Rasin In The Sun by Peter Stranks/ABC

You're really not going to find a cast much better than this for a TV movie. Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Phylicia Rashad (the former Mrs. Huxtable), Audra McDonald (Private Practice) and John Stamos all star in tonight’s ABC TV-movie version of Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun. It may seem as though Diddy is out of his league acting in this classic alongside some of the other seasoned cast members (as well as serving as the executive producer), but the critics are raving that this is a must-see performance. Watch it now! | More online videos read more

"Coming Home"

I dont know about all of you but as tonights episode started I was still reeling from last weeks gut-wrenching exploration of Abbys dark night of the soul So when I saw Luka come around that corner I practically cried tears of joy But my happiness like Abbys was short-lived as it became obvious that the repercussions of her drunken mistake have yet to fully play out I agree with those of you who continue to post about Maura Tierneys amazing consistently compelling performance After watching her give another bravura turn tonight under the direction of ER vet Laura Innes I have to say that it would be criminal for her to be overlooked again come awards time Unfortunately it seems that the shows buzz-worthiness has long since worn off a fact that keeps it off the radar of most Emmy voters Though it should be noted guest stars are regularly rewarded for their ER efforts so it appears someone is taking notice Back to the ac read more

Stamos Flies Unfriendly Skies, FBI Gets Involved

John Stamos by Michael Caulfield/

John Stamos on Monday had a run-in with a belligerent passenger as he flew from Chicago (where he was lensing ER) to Los Angeles. According to Access Hollywood, Stamos was asleep in first class when a woman shook him awake. When the female ignored Stamos' demand that she stop, he got up to use the loo, only to find her steadfastly deposited in his seat when he got back. The woman then allegedly made quite a scene, necessitating an FBI welcoming committee when the plane touched down at LAX.Stamos did not press charges. read more


I still remember when Mark Greene and Doug Ross were running the place Me too Chuny Me too What a nice shout-out to the long and storied history of our beloved ER I do love the episodes that allow the cast to interact outside the workplace Not only did we learn that Chunys real name is Ethyl who would have guessed but we also got to see the chemistry between Dubenko and Neela on full display Pratt exercising his newly legit attending muscles and sadly Abby falling even further into the abyss of her alcoholism while still proving what excellent instincts she has as a doctor Witnessing Abbys disintegration was really painful especially for those of us who have seen this character turn her life around over the past few years I know that the writers had to work around the absence of Goran Visnjic in some way but I really wish Abbys character hadnt taken such a hit It is most certainly a credit to Maura Tierney that my reaction to toni read more

ER Doc's Own Delivery

Mekhi Phifer by Dimitrios Kambouris/

There's no rest for an ER doc. On Tuesday, Oct. 30, Mekhi Phifer went directly from the birth of his new baby boy, Mekhi Thira Phifer, at 6:47 am to an on-set press conference (anticipating the long-running show's 300th episode), in the early afternoon.The proud papa announced, "Mekhi Jr. was born this morning at 6:47 am, a beautiful little boy, 5 pounds 4 ounces, and I'm just really excited." When asked the inevitable question of how hard it was to leave his newborn and his fiancé, Oni Souratha, the baby's mother, Phifer said, "It is, but we gotta keep them bills flowing. Gotta get the bills paid. It's OK, I've just come to knock this out and head on back to the hospital, to relax. Actually I'm off tomorrow, everything's fallen into place like that, so we'll be just fine. And my lady is very excited."Many congratulated Phifer, including costar John Stamos, who asked what Mekhi Jr. will be called at home, to which Phifer replied, "I don't know… Little Man?"Mekhi Jr. is Phi... read more

"The War Comes Home"

Has it really been almost four months since last we spoke I dont know about you guys but as summer fades into fall I am so ready to slip into my scrubs and welcome the start of season 14 As rumors swirl about whether or not this will be the last shift for our beloved staff at Chicagos County General I am ready to settle in and enjoy the gurney ride Indeed the action picked up tonight right where we left off in May when we learned about Rays horrific injuries and watched as Neela was trampled in the chaotic aftermath of an anti-war demonstration gone horribly wrong Actually I suspect that this particular episode was actually filmed at the end of last season Dr Moretti Stanley Tucci kicked off his official reign as ER chief with the resulting mass casualty and Neelas life hung in the balance as a battalion of her friends and colleagues worked tirelessly to save her life My only disappointment was that any suspense around Neelas fat read more

Will Catalina and Earl Compete for Girls?

Nadine Velazquez by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Despite the hot night, there was a chill vibe in the air at the NBC upfront party on the Beverly Hilton rooftop. Celebs like Heroes’ Greg Grunberg and ER's John Stamos kept cool with electronic mini-fans the network handed out to guests. As they noshed on roast beef, pasta and loads of pastries, partygoers could unwind in cabanas, mingle with the masses, or, in the case of NBC’s biggest stars, dish to TV Guide about the upcoming season of their hit show. My Name Is Earl’s Nadine Velasquez says, “The last I heard, I might explore being a lesbian and compete with Earl for girls. It’s not confirmed yet because the network has to approve it, but I love it.” Still, despite the reporters trying to get some scoop, it was a party. ER’s Mekhi Phifer, who doesn’t return to work until August, didn’t know much about the upcoming season. After a few minutes, Phifer looked at the crowd and said, “C’mon, guys, I just want to drink and relax.&#... read more

John Stamos Speaks Out: "I Am Not David Hasselhoff"

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June 25 and 26 were definitely not g’days for John Stamos. The ER star exhibited bizarre behavior during an Australian publicity tour late last month. Stamos spoke to TV Guide to set the record straight on what happened. On June 25 he appeared to slur his way through an interview with an Australian newspaper. The next day, while appearing on the popular Aussie talk show Mornings with KerriAnne, he rambled through the interview and made a series of obscene remarks and gestures.Stamos arrived in Australia on June 21, at the end of a whirlwind trip that included stops in New York and New Orleans, a vacation in Greece with his former Full House costar Bob Saget, a publicity stop in Japan, and a layover in Cairo before finally landing Down Under. “By the time I got to Australia my body was so out of whack,” Stamos tells TV Guide. He went to a Sydney strip club his first night there. “I couldn't sleep, so I went by,” he says. “I stopped to sign autographs and... read more

John Stamos Apologizes for Crazy TV Appearance

John Stamos by Greg Gayne/NBC Photo

John Stamos blames jet lag for his bad behavior Down Under. The ER star created a stir on an Australian publicity tour for the medical drama after his outlandish behavior on a popular television chat show. During an appearance on Mornings With Kerri-Anne, Stamos made obscene remarks and gestures, insulted the host’s outfit, and likened himself to Elvis and the late Princess Diana. “John has been traveling extensively for the past few weeks in Greece, Egypt and Tokyo and had a difficult time adjusting to the time difference in Australia, which in turn led to many sleepless nights since his arrival,” the actor’s rep Lewis Kay said in a statement.Although he was spotted in high spirits at the Sydney strip club Pure Platinum the night of his arrival on June 21, Stamos was later described as bleary-eyed and shabbily dressed during a June 25 interview with TV writer Stephen Downie. All press commitments following the morning-show debacle were canceled and the star was ... read more

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