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John Stamos' Jake Makes Some Progress

John Stamos of Jake in Progress

Seemingly since the day ABC and John Stamos agreed to put on a show together, Jake in Progress has been a work in progress. Originally envisioned as a real-time (i.e., 24-style, probably minus the gunplay) chronicle of a couple's first date, it dropped the gimmick in favor of a traditional single-camera take on hotshot publicist Jake Phillips' wild and woman-filled life. Now entering its second season (premiering Jan. 9 at 9:30 pm/ET), Jake has a new look (sharkskin suits out!), a new pal (Hidden Hills' Dondre Whitfield) and a "new" ex to pine for (NYPD Blue's Charlotte Ross). With those tweaks and others, everything's "jake" more than ever for the series' star, who just yesterday phoned from Miami. I read on Page Six or somewhere that you'd be among the bold-faced names New Year's Eve-ing in Miami. Is it strange to have your whereabouts monitored so?J read more

Now that the dust has settled...

Now that the dust has settled a bit on all the 2006 mid-season changes that will be kicking in as soon as the holidays are over, here's my night-by-night scorecard of the imminent battles we'll be covering a month or so from now. Monday The big news is the return of 24 on Fox, with a four-hour blast January 15-16, followed by all-new episodes through the rest of the season. For the first two months, Skating with Celebrities (a rip-off of Dancing with the Stars) will be 24's lead-in. But come mid-March, Prison Break will return. What a one-two punch that promises to be! CBS will coast along by capping off its popular comedies with read more

ER First things first. Why all...

ERFirst things first. Why all the hype about John Stamos? He was hardly featured this week or last and that's it — it was a two-week appearance. All those "Very Special Episode"-type promos that said "John Stamos joins ER…. " for what? Like Bette Midler brilliantly sings in her new Peggy Lee tribute CD: "Is That All There Is?" OK, I said it. Besides that let down (cue Debbie Downer noise), I quite enjoyed tonight's overly hyped "crash episode." This week certainly was a busy one for plane crashes, what with Wednesday night's Lost tailies flashback episode and now this. I knew from the promos that one of tonight's victims would be tennis star Serena Williams (she was pretty darned good), but who knew Uncle Leo from Seinfeld would be another crash victim read more

ER OK — how many of you felt very...

EROK — how many of you felt very old during that opening scene? C. Thomas Howell has not aged well. Ponyboy has grey hair! After I got over that initial shock, I quickly became disturbed because Ponyboy was playing a psychopath rapist. And not just any old rapist — this one kidnapped and raped a 10-year-old girl. Oh, Ponyboy. Then who comes to the rescue as a paramedic? None other than John Stamos. Now there's someone who has aged extremely well and John is three years older than Thomas. I'm assuming John will be doing more next week since this is only a two-week guest appearance because he gave us next to nothing tonight. I mean, anybody could've played that paramedic who ended up trying to get a date out of Neela. Speaking of Neela, I love how they are making Parminder read more


Dondre Whitfield (Hidden Hills) has joined the cast of ABC's mid-season returnee Jake in Progress, playing a divorced college pal of John Stamos' character.... Norbert Leo Butz, a Tony winner for his take on the Steve Martin role in Broadway's Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, has been signed to star in a CBS comedy series that most likely will not be titled "Everybody Loves Norbert." read more


NBC has tapped comedian Howie Mandel to host Deal or No Deal, an "exciting game show that contains nail-biting drama and hefty cash prizes," says the Peacock.... Actress Polly Bergen has signed on to play first mom to Geena Davis on Commander in Chief. She first airs Nov. 29.... The incomparable Charlotte Ross has been cast as John Stamos' ex-fiancée on ABC's Jake in Progress, which kicks off its second season in January. Oh, great. Now I have to start watching Jake in Progress. — Additional reporting by Ali Gazan read more

The Bold and the Beautiful has...

The Bold and the Beautiful has fired soap starlet Shanelle Workman, whose real-life romances with John Stamos and American Idol's Constantine Maroulis were previously reported on by She last airs as Gaby, the tragic daughter of Stephanie's dead housekeeper, on Oct. 27. Word is Shanelle's dismissal came as a shock to her, though it's not all that surprising to viewers, since the saga of Gaby's green-card marriage to Thomas Forrester (Drew Tyler Bell) wasn't really going anywhere. In a diplomatic statement, B&B chief Brad Bell confirmed: "Shanelle Workman has been released from her contract. The decision was purely story line-dictated. Shanelle is a wonderful young actress and made a great contribution to The Bold and the Beautiful. We wish her every success in all of her future endeavors." (Keep read read more

OK, I know ER has been on a ...

Question: OK, I know ER has been on a long time, but I still want spoilers.

Answer: Exec producer David Zabel gave my colleague, Matt Webb Mitovich, the lowdown on John Stamos' two-episode arc this November. "You'll actually meet him in Episode 7," he says, "and then he's a major player in [Episode] 8, when a commuter plane crashes in a Chicago neighborhood." Stamos plays one of the paramedics on the scene, and Zabel likens the November sweeps episode to "a big action movie." The other central figures in the episode are Neela and Pratt.

read more

Remember when there was a new...

Remember when there was a new Darren on Bewitched? How about when Chris on The Partridge Family changed? Then there was a new Steven on Dynasty and, of course, a new Becky on Roseanne (and then back to the old). Now we have a new Alex on ER. Alex, just to remind you, is Samantha's diabetic son, and he's now being played by Dominic Janes. Maybe Oliver Davis had to do full-time work on Rodney? Anyway, I noticed it right away, even though at first they were using clever camera work so he was only seen from far away. I laughed when the detective told Sam (after Alex's photo was distributed): "Nobody recognized your son." Of course they didn't; he's being played by someone else. Glad for Sam's sake that she finally found him and that he's OK. But her journey getting to the missing Alex included a scene that brought back nasty memories for me. I must admit that I once fell asleep at the wheel — not a pretty time in my history. read more

ER Counts On New Faces, Old Tricks


For NBC's ER, it has been a long time since the days when George Clooney, Anthony Edwards, Eriq La Salle and, hell, even Abraham Benrubi wandered the halls of County. But just as in the real world, transition happens. Case in point: As the medical drama gets under way with its 12th season (premiering tonight at 10 pm/ET), a flurry of new faces will scrub in, at least one will bid farewell and there may even be a return or two. Helping sift through who's who and new are coexecutive producer Janine Sherman Berrois and, arriving later during the interview, executive producer David Zabel. Is there any special st read more

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