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September 28, 2006: Graduation Day

As if Abby and Luka didnt have enough to contend with tonight manic-depressive Maggie breezed in to meet her ailing grandson and offer her support in a flurry of note taking and NICU staff badgering However she also brought an unexpected mix of motherly wisdom and perspective that Abby sorely needed Sally Field has done an excellent job with this role in each of her appearances taking a strident character and making her sympathetic and relatable never sugarcoating the challenges of living with mental illness Despite her doubts Maggie actually persuaded Abby to include the baby in a trial that was both risky and promising The scene where she insisted something was wrong with the baby reminded me of the scene from Terms of Endearment when Shirley MacLaine loses it on the nurses for not administering her daughters pain medication on time While I thought it was downright mean to lead all of us to believe the baby had died the last scene of Abby with her mom offe read more

September 21, 2006: Bloodline

Hey ER fans better late than never right Thanks for your patience while we got the blog up and running Thankfully the 13th season of our venerable Thursday-night must-see kicked off right where the finale left off with Jerry Luka Abby and Sam all in various states of peril When we last saw Sam she was being tossed into a van by Steve and his fellow prison escapee Rafe For you Six Feet Under fans Rafe was played by Michael Weston the guy who brutalized David in a similarly creepy role a few years back And Mary the ER trainee turned gun-toting accomplice was played by Natasha Gregson Wagner daughter of the late Natalie Wood Their escape resulted in Jerry being shot and Luka being paralyzed and intubated helpless to assist a bleeding unconscious Abby As a devoted fan the sloppiness of some of the writing and character development in recent seasons has been frustrating This show is at its absolute best and always has been when we are watching the day-to-day read more

A Gay Old Office Time

OK, how overwhelming is Thursday-night TV? (It's only going to get worse next week when ABC's delightful Ugly Betty enters the mix.)Thanks to some preview screeners, I managed to see nearly everything that aired last night (except on Fox, which is oh-so-easy to ignore right now). And while Survivor was a snooze and ER so glum and ludicrously melodramatic that I'm once again considering throwing in the surgical towel for good (though I will check out John Stamos' arrival to see if the show will neuter his charisma as well), the rest of the night was quite interesting.Commenting on the early news from last night's ratings: Woo-hoo to ABC and Grey's Anatomy for exploding out of the gate, clobbering (though hardly burying) CBS' still-sturdy but slipping CSI, which had a solid opener (and dazzling glimpses of Cirque du Soleil) and a disturbing finish that revealed Catherine had been drugged and taken to a strange hotel/motel room overnight. In an extended scene of wordless anxiety, Cathe... read more

Now that Neela's husband has ...

Question: Now that Neela's husband has been killed, will Neela and Ray get together on ER?

Answer: Not if John Stamos has anything to say about it. In a related scoopbit, I hear one of Deadwood's most notable whores will be joining the cast as a lady friend of Stamos' medic. Any guesses?

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I admit to being one of those ...

John Stamos, ER

Question: I admit to being one of those who, for the last season or two, watched ER solely out of habit. However, I am psyched at the prospect of John Stamos being a regular cast member next season, and I am eagerly awaiting next season. Do you expect that the casting of John will pull the show out of its "funk" and re-entice some of the viewers who think it's jumped the shark? Answer: It can't hurt. I know I was sorely disappointed when ABC's inexplicable renewal (to little effect) of Jake in Progress kept him off the show during a season that could have really used him. I just hope he doesn't succumb to the same ailment that has befallen so many promising actors (Linda Cardellini, Parminder Nagra, Shane West, Kristen Johnston) who join the cast and are almost immediately sapped of appealing personality traits. Coming to ER's defense is Phil S., who writes: "I'm tired of people bashing shows just because they've been on the air for a while. If anybody actually sat down and watched ER ... read more

Rebecca Romijn Gives Us the Scoop!

Rebecca Romijn, Pepper Dennis

With a brand new series, another X-Men movie and impending nuptials to Crossing Jordan's No. 1 hottie all on tap, Rebecca Romijn is walking on air. TV Guide invited the star of WB's Pepper Dennis (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET) to comment on all the top stories going on in her life.

TV Guide: On your comedy series Pepper Dennis, you play a TV news reporter who'll humiliate herself if it means getting her story. Share some memorable real-life press encounters.
Rebecca Romijn:
Once I went to Rome to do press for X-Men 2. I was sitting on a dais, answering questions, and this guy starts throwing roses at me from the sideline and shouting things in Italian. I don't speak Italian. read more

I'm so excited! John Stamos ...

Question: I'm so excited! John Stamos is returning to ER next season as a series regular!

Answer: Now are you ready for the bad news?! There are rumblings that a (SPOILER ALERT) major character will be leaving early next season to make room in the budget for Stamos' sizable paycheck. The leading candidates are Kovac or Weaver, one of whom may end up taking the fall for hiring Clemente. But at this point, that's pure speculation. The only thing I'm (90 percent) sure of is that John Leguizamo is history. (And no, his is not the big death I've been referring to.)

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John Stamos, ER

John Stamos, who guested on ER during November sweeps — prior, that is, to the blink-and-you-missed-it mid-season return of ABC's Jake in Progress — is set to join NBC's long-running medical drama as a series regular this fall, says the Hollywood Reporter. Stamos will reprise his role of Tony Gates, a flirty paramedic who also is a med student and a Gulf War veteran. read more

Has In Justice been canceled? ...

Question: Has In Justice been canceled? I just read on the entertainment news page that Jason O'Mara has been cast in a new show. I quite like In Justice. It's perfect for Friday night, and it would be a shame if ABC didn't give it more of a chance. Answer: When stars of "on the bubble" shows like In Justice take roles in pilots for the following season, these new roles are in what's called "second position." In other words, if In Justice gets renewed (which seems unlikely, though it's not dead quite yet), he'd have to stay with his previous show and they'd have to recast his new role or otherwise rework that pilot. Kind of like what happened to John Stamos when Jake in Progress got a pickup (what a mistake) and ER's producers had to rethink the cast-regular role they had planned for him ... read more

So is Jake in Progress ...

Question: So is Jake in Progress canceled or not? Charlotte Ross fans need to know.

Answer: At press tour Saturday, ABC prez Steve McPherson said he still believes in the show. "We would really like to find a place for it, to give it one more shot." And should it strike out for a third time, ER boss man John Wells is poised to step in and snag John Stamos for a long-term stint. "I would love to have John Stamos come onto ER," Wells tells me. "We had created that [paramedic] character on the assumption that Jake in Progress wasn't coming back this year. But it hasn't been officially canceled, so they haven't released him."

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