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May 10, 2007: Sea Change

Man there was a lot of action to keep up with tonight challenging cases of couples in turmoil pseudo-stalkers and missing doctors And lets not forget Luka in a robe As if we could But first things first let me say for the record that I have renewed hope for next season and it arrived tonight in the guise of Stanley Tucci I am intrigued by Dr Kevin Moretti and what he promises to bring to the table as ER chief Yes I am a little prejudiced because I think Stanley Tucci is an amazing actor Ive loved him in more movies that I can count most recently in The Devil Wears Prada But as he emerges from the long gorgeous shadow cast by Goran Visnjic I can still see this formidable actor bringing a grace maturity and gravity reminiscent of Anthony Edwards Remember longtime fans that Dr Mark Greene was not beloved because of his dashing good looks or romantic plotlines but rather because he was utterly believable as a beleaguered jaded doctor wh read more

April 19, 2007: Family Business

For my money tonights episode provided some of the most heartfelt emotion weve seen this season emotion that was no doubt underscored by the devastating events of the past week Rarely have the themes of loss and family been more resonant as we all witnessed how in an instant lives can be irrevocably altered by tragic circumstancesRobert Prosky touchingly portrayed the elderly Alzheimers-stricken man facing the unexpected death of his caregiver son played by his real-life son Andy Prosky His reaction in the moments following his sons death was gut-wrenching and the situation became even more heartbreaking as the man had to be reminded of his loss moments later Robert Prosky is one of those actors who has made a career out of small but memorable roles and his turn tonight was no exception The actor has definitely aged in recent years it was hard to believe that this was the same guy who played boss and mentor to Holly Hunters ma read more

Stacy Keach Returns to ER for a Bloody Brawl

Stacy Keach, ER

Stacy Keach has had a long and idiosyncratic career. How many actors have starred in both a John Huston masterpiece (Fat City) and Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke? His TV résumé alone stretches from long-ago iconic Westerns like Sugarfoot and Cheyenne through The New Mike Hammer to Prison Break. Now Keach is adding to his credits with an arc on ER, a show known for gaining its guest sta read more

Is the answer to your "gray" ...

Question: Is the answer to your "gray" blind item John Stamos or Goran Visnjic?

Answer: No and no.

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Bob Saget's Penguins Are Black and White and Very Blue

Bob Saget, Farce of the Penguins

Come on, admit it, we've all done it. While watching the hoity-toity March of the Penguins (a French documentary that was actually Americanized with Morgan Freeman as narrator), you have to wonder what's actually going on in the flightless fellas' heads. What must they be thinking making this endless, beyond-frigid trek, all in the name of mating, making and then guarding an egg, and then, after much waiting, getting some lousy fish for their effort? God bless Bob Saget, he of the seemingly bipolar "family friendly/potty-mouthed" on-stage persona, for addressing such questions with the R-rated, made-for-DVD Farce of the Penguins, featuring the voices of himself, Lewis Black, read more

Emergency! ER spoilers ...

Question: Emergency! ER spoilers needed, STAT!

Answer: I already told you about the big engagement and the even bigger kiss coming up. Let's see.... Oh, here's something: Prison Break's Stacy Keach has been cast as the alcoholic dad of Gates (John Stamos) for a multi-episode arc beginning Feb. 22.

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Do you know anything about ...

Question: Do you know anything about the recent speculation that ER will leave on a cliff-hanger while NBC promotes a new show in its place, only to return a couple of months later to finish the season? The show has done great so far this season, and I think there are a number of different routes the writers could take with Kovac and Forest Whitaker's character. On another note, I've also heard that next year might be its final season. Does NBC just feel it's time to put this one to bed? I honestly think that ER has held its own against great shows like Grey's Anatomy, and I don't see what NBC could put in its place! Answer: A clarification: the initial plan was for ER to pull a Lost vanishing act midway through the season, making room for a mid-season tryout. That plan was jettisoned when ER came on strong this season, in part thanks to John Stamos' arrival (and, perhaps, the Forest Whitaker-vs-Luka subplot). I imagine ER will run straight through the season, with minimal repeats, and ... read more

January 4, 2007: Breach of Trust

Happy New Year ER After a wonderful though repeat-filled holiday season it is nice to settle into 2007 with some fresh story lines isnt it And how great to have an episode that shined the spotlight squarely on our dear Dr Kerry Weaver But more on that later Okay Ive been on the fence all season about John Stamos Tony Gates and tonight Ive finally decided I really dont like him In numerous articles and commentaries Ive read about this season people have compared this character to George Clooneys flawed but immensely appealing Doug Ross I dont know if it was the way that character was written or the charisma and soulfulness that Clooney brought to the role but even at his lowest I dont ever remember Doug coming off as so unlikable and I say that with the knowledge that he charmed and bedded many random women before impregnating his long-suffering formerly suicidal girlfriend with twins and leaving her to read more

Lori Loughlin Trades a Full House for a Packed ER

Lori Loughlin, In Case of Emergency

Remember when Lori Loughlin made Uncle Jesse utter "Have mercy!" on the long-running Full House? Well, 12 years later, in the new ABC comedy In Case of Emergency (Wednesdays at 9:30 pm/ET, premiering tonight), she's still making men weak in the knees. Playing sweet-but-serious Dr. Joanna Lupone, Loughlin finds herself with a stethoscope around her neck — much like former TV flame John Stamos, who's tending to patients on ER these days — and David Arquette's disheveled and persistent character on her heels read more

ER's Parminder Nagra Dishes About Her "McStamos" Affair

Parminder Nagra, ER

Who would have imagined that in its 13th season, ER would heat up again? Sure, it has the solid writing and familiar characters, but the recent buzz is mostly thanks to a sexy affair between Dr. Tony Gates (John Stamos) and Dr. Neela Rasgotra (Parminder Nagra). got a chance to speak with the delightfully adorable Bend It Like Beckham star to ask her what it is like kissing "Uncle Jesse" and how she's handling Neela's busy romantic life. The British-born actress gamely answered all our questions and told us the one person Neela will not be hooking up with. Are you excited that ER is getting a lot of buzz again?Parminder Nagra: It is fan read more

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