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Weekend TV: A New Doctor Who, Intruders, Smashing Ray Donovan

Peter Capaldi

"How do we change him back?"

Such impulsive words, which "Impossible Girl" companion Clara will eventually be forced to swallow as she, and we, learn to adjust to yet another fabulous new Doctor, the 12th in his incredible line. As Doctor Who devotees know, change is inevitable in the world of a Time Lord, and each regeneration brings a new personality and energy to the 50-year-old fantasy franchise.

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Ask Matt: Terra Nova vs. Fringe, Awake, USA's Leading Ladies and GCB

Mary McCormack, Frederick Weller

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Question: Just wondering about Terra Nova and the rumors that they'll be shopping it around to another network. It took them pretty much forever to get the first season prepared, I'm assuming because of the special effects. If they wind up on another network, that probably means a smaller budget, faster production, fewer dinosaurs, more focus on the people, character-driven stories, etc. Right? Sounds entertaining to me. (I do confess, though Terra Nova struck me as a bit of a mess in some ways, I was looking forward to seeing how the story played out.)

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The Guide to Wednesday TV: A Middle Christmas, State of Play Returns, and More!

Emily Vancamp

Leave it to oddball Brick Heck (Atticus Shaffer) to stumble across the reason for the season: "Mom, you never told me church was based on a book." The Middle (ABC, 8/7c) leads off a night of holiday-themed sitcom episodes with an instant classic in which Brick's incessant questions about the Good Book lead sister Sue to enlist pied-piper roving Reverend ... read more

Oasis Musician Noel Gallagher Weds, Doesn't Invite Brother Liam

Noel Gallagher

Former Oasis lead guitarist Noel Gallagher married longtime girlfriend Sara MacDonald in England this weekend, but failed to invite his brother Liam to the wedding, E! Online reports.

The "Don't Look Back in Anger" singers' famous feud stretches back to the Oasis days, where their fights were... read more

"The Last of the Time Lords"

“Martha Jones, you saved the world.”— The DoctorRight then! Here we are at the end of the third season of the new Doctor Who series and what a ride it has been to get here. First the Dalek raged war upon the human race, followed by the Cybermen (and Dalek) also raging war upon the human race. Who else could possibly top that duo of evil and wage war upon the human race again? The Master, that’s who! And who exactly is needed to help put an end to the Master’s reign of terror? A potential doctor: one Martha Jones.One year has passed since the events in the previous episode. The Doctor, Martha’s family and Captain Jack are all still prisoners of the Master on the flying aircraft carrier Valiant. During this time, the Master with the help of his "children," the Toclafane, have conquered and enslaved the Earth. Labor camps have been set up with the purpose of building a fleet of ships and devices capable of decimating the universe in the process of setting ... read more

"The Sound of Drums"

"This country has been sick. This country needs healing. This country needs medicine. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that what this country really needs right now is... a doctor." — Prime Minister Harold Saxon (aka the Master)Since this episode is the (almost) culmination of all the clues, hints and cause/effects from many previous episodes of this season and prior (also from Torchwood), I decided to resort to a quick summary of the episode and then launch into my patented stream-of-consciousness observations. So here goes....The Doctor, Martha and Captain Jack all escape the Futurekind from last week’s episode, "Utopia," via Jack’s previously defective Vortex Manipulator (The Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver comes in handy, doesn’t it?) and end up in 21st-century England searching for the Master. The TARDIS was reprogrammed by the Doctor before the Master TARDIS-napped it into only being able to travel between the last two destinations, which were 21st-century ... read more

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