John Saxon



December 1, 2006: Dario Argento's Pelts

My fellow horror fiends, I apologize for the late posting. Between my city’s first-ever-in-history blizzard last week and a trip to the ER (I’m fine now, no worries), I’ve been a bit behind. While recovering over the past weekend and attempting to stay warm, Dario Argento’s fur-fringed Masters of Horror episode, Pelts, seemed a fitting theme.I haven’t held back from admitting that so far, I’ve been underwhelmed and disappointed with Masters of Horror this season. Knowing that Italy’s horror maestro Dario Argento was up next, I still had some hope for the rest of the season, yet I also cringed because I wasn’t too fond of his season 1 episode, Jenifer. One of the main reasons I didn’t like Jenifer was that Argento departed from his trademark style to try a grittier perspective, and I just didn’t feel that it worked. The Showtime website synopsis for Pelts did indicate that Argento would be returning to his legendary vividly colored, o... read more

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