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Jason Ritter Talks Parenthood And Remembers His Famous Dad

Jason Ritter

Jason Ritter knows how to make the most of an opportunity. When the 32-year-old actor was invited to guest star on the first season of the NBC dramedy Parenthood, he was only supposed to appear in a three-episode arc as sexy, mild-mannered high school teacher Mark Cyr. Cut to Season 4: Ritter has an Emmy nomination under his belt, his character is engaged to fortysomething single mom Sarah (Lauren Graham) — age difference be damned — and he's even managed to wangle his way into the official family portrait. But all that could be at risk, thanks to the recent arrival of Sarah's new boss, Hank, played with crotchety magnetism by Ray Romano. Ritter opens up about his status as an almost-Braverman, life lessons from his late dad, John, and what's really beneath the nice-guy façade... read more

VIDEO: Three's Company Alums Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt Reunite After 30 Years

Joyce DeWitt, Suzanne Somers

Former Three's Companys stars Joyce DeWitt and Suzanne Somers reunited for the first time in 30 years.

The two actresses, who hadn't spoken since Somers was fired from the ABC sitcom  in 1981 over a salary dispute, buried the hatchet on Somers' new web series, Breaking Through.

read more

Keck's Exclusives: First Look at a Three's Company Reunion

Joyce DeWitt and Suzanne Somers

Three decades after Suzanne Somers was escorted off the set of Three's Company (she asked for a salary hike producers found unreasonable), the former Chrissy Snow has hugged it out with her long-estranged cast mate Joyce DeWitt (Janet). In the February 2 episode of Suzanne's digital talk show, "Suzanne Somers Breaking Through," the actresses share an emotional reunion. "It had been 31 years since I'd... read more

Is This the End for Two And A Half Men?

Charlie Sheen

Does Two and a Half Men minus Charlie Sheen equal zero?

Executives at CBS and Warner Bros. TV — who on February 24 decided to shut down production for the remainder of the season — are just beginning to sift through the carnage left in the wake of Sheen's tirades, in which the actor trashed his boss, Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre, among other targets. But so far, the prognosis isn't good for TV's most-watched comedy.

Every time Sheen throws another slur at Lorre — whose given name is Charles Michael Levine, even though Sheen insists on calling him "Chaim" — the door to a ninth season ofthe show comes closer to shutting for good.... read more

Keck's Exclusives: Jason Ritter Would Consider Playing Jack Tripper if Recruited by James Franco

Jason Ritter

As I first reported last week, Oscar host and nominee James Franco is in talks with the Three's Company estate holders about developing the 1977-84 sitcom into a feature film and Broadway play — possibly with a dramatic take, after presenting this unusual concept as ... read more

John Ritter's Family Loses Wrongful-death Lawsuit

Amy Yasbeck and daughter by Barry King/

John Ritter's family lost their wrongful-death lawsuit against the late actor's doctors on Friday, and the jury cleared the radiologist and cardiologist of negligence charges. Ritter died unexpectedly in 2003 from a torn aorta. Jurors on the case, which was worth $67 million to the Ritter family, believed that Ritter did not follow the advice of his radiologist, Dr. Matthew Lotysch, to seek the advice of a physician following a 2001 body scan. Dr. Joseph Lee, who treated Ritter the night before his death, was the other defendant in the case.The case was brought by Ritter's widow, Amy Yasbeck, and his four children. The family has collected $14 million in previous settlements regarding Ritter's death. Ritter was starring in ABC's 8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter when he died.What's your view on the ruling? Should the doctors have been found negligent, or were they unfairly accused? — Anna DimondUse our Online Video Guide to see clips of John Ritter.Related:•... read more

John Ritter's Widow Testifies at Wrongful Death Trial

Amy Yasbeck by Gregg DeGuire/

Amy Yasbeck sobbed through much of her testimony as she told jurors about husband John Ritter's last moments before he was wheeled into surgery for what they thought was a heart attack, but what turned out to be a shredded aorta. The AP notes that Yasbeck's words were the final testimony heard for the plaintiff's side in the $67 mil wrongful-death suit Ritter's family filed against Dr. Joseph Lee and radiologist Dr. Matthew Lotysch. Dr. Lee was the physician at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center who told the family that Ritter was in the middle of a heart attack and as such needed an angiogram. Dr. Lotysch had performed a body scan on the actor two years prior to his death and concluded that his aorta was normal. Along with Yasbeck, Ritter's first wife of 19 years, Nancy, also testified. Ritter had told her his body scan had gone well, but she then offered, "Maybe he was trying to protect me."Yasbeck's testimony concluded with her account of the unthinkable moment of having to tel... read more

Henry Winkler Testifies in John Ritter Lawsuit

Henry Winkler by Kevin Terrell/

Henry Winkler, longtime friend and colleague of John Ritter, testified on Wednesday at the late actor's wrongful-death trial. Winkler told the jurors that he had just spoken with Ritter shortly before he was rushed to the hospital. The AP reported Winkler's last encounter with Ritter: "'We were reminiscing,' Winkler said. 'He was sweating [and said], 'I really need to get some water.' I said, 'I really need to memorize my lines.' And he went one way and I went the other. And that was the last time I saw him."It was clear that Winkler's testimony was trying to strike an emotional chord with the jurors, as he explained Ritter's love for his work and his family. When Winkler was asked about what he thought Ritter's kids would miss most about their dad, he said, "His passion for life. His excitement for being on the Earth. Any conversation we had wrapped around his children, the pride and the love."The lawsuit for $67 million is against a radiologist who had given Ritter a body scan ear... read more

John Ritter's Family Takes $67 Mil Lawsuit to Trial

John Ritter by Fred Hayes/

The late John Ritter's relatives on Tuesday are taking to trial a $67 million lawsuit alleging that the actor would have survived his 2003 emergency surgery if two doctors had recognized his heart abnormality and not treated it as a heart attack, thus doing the "exact opposite" of what was needed, say court papers.Defense lawyers counter that Ritter's condition (aortic dissection) mimics a heart attack, and as such the two doctors did nothing wrong.As part of the plaintiffs' case, Hollywood execs will testify as to how much Ritter might have earned if he had survived and continued with his hit TV show, 8 Simple Rules. Thus far, his second wife, Amy Yasbeck, and his four children have received some $14 million in settlements with nine other medical entities. read more


Jason Ritter, aka the late John Ritter's son and Joan of Arcadia's big brother, has joined the cast of the CBS comedy pilot The Class, in which half a dozen friends from the third grade are reunited at a party (thrown by Ritter's Ethan), then see their lives continue to intersect. read more

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