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Inside Night Shift's Emotional GH Reunion

John Reilly, Sharon Wyatt Anthony Geary, and Tristan Rogers

Complications from his latest surgery, coupled with the existing trauma caused by chemotherapy, have sent General Hospital: Night Shift's Robert Scorpio into a coma. As things look dire, the resilient former superspy is visited on the SOAPnet spin-off's Oct. 14 season finale by a bevy of buds, Luke (Anthony Geary), Anna (Finola Hughes) and brother Mac (John J. York) included. welcomed the opportunity to catch up with two of Robbie's visitors, John Reilly and Sharon Wyatt, who back in GH's globe-trotting days played former WSB boss Sean Donnelly and his starlet-turned-newswoman wife, Tiffany.

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Night Shift Finale Prescribes Big GH Reunion

Tristan Rogers by Craig Sjodin/SOAPnet

SOAPnet's General Hospital: Night Shift had an overload of material for its season finale, so the wrap-up is now being presented as a two-parter that ends Oct 21. The plot: Patrick's actions with a patient culminate in an explosion that rocks Port Charles. The finale also boasts a class reunion of GH '80s greats, including Robert (Tristan Rogers), Anna (Finola Hughes), Luke (Tony Geary) and — this is so cool! — Sean (John Reilly) and Tiffany (Sharon Wyatt). — Michael Logan read more

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