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Morning Joe Cold Open
05:07 — Joe Scarborough (Alex Moffat) and Mika Brzezinski (Kate McKinnon) speak with John Miller (Alec Baldwin), a spokesman for President Donald Trump, about (more…)
Sanders’ Saturday sweep: Can the Vermont senator go the distance?
08:20 — Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic, Jamelle Bouie of Slate Magazine, Ben Domenech of The Federalist, and USA Today's Susan Page discuss Sen. Bernie Sand (more…)
NYPD's John Miller on JCC threats, cost of protecting Trump Tower
05:49 — The JCC Association of North America says more than 100 phoned or email threats have been received in more than 30 states since January. NYPD deputy c (more…)
NYPD Official: Police should reject calls to occupy or intimidate Muslim communities
05:26 — Deputy NYPD Commissioner for Counterterrorism John Miller says law enforcement is investigating the Brussels bombings to determine if recent attacks a (more…)
The fight against ISIS: Should the U.S. join forces with the European Union?
09:11 — Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell, Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic, and Farah Pandith of the Council on Foreign Relations discuss the need fo (more…)
NYPD's Miller on why WDBJ shooter was a "classic injustice collector"
03:29 — John Miller, New York City's deputy police commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism, joins “CBS This Morningâ€? to discuss how Vester Lee (more…)
NYPD officials on fighting Brussels-style attack in U.S.
05:45 — The Obama administration is ramping up transportation security after the Belgium attacks. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson says there is no spe (more…)
Full Interview: John Kerry, March 27
09:11 — “Face the Nation” moderator John Dickerson sits down with Secretary of State John Kerry to discuss the latest developments in the aftermath of the Bru (more…)
Reince Priebus on "odd" story of Trump's fake spokesperson
04:22 — Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus dismisses the report that Donald Trump sometimes impersonated his own spokesman, adopting the name (more…)
NYPD on alert after France attack
06:06 — NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton and deputy commissioner of intelligence and counter-terrorism John Miller held a briefing following the attack in Nice, (more…)
Sanitation Trucks Are Being Used To Protect Trump Tower For Thanksgiving Parade
01:45 — With ISIS calling the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade an "excellent target," officials are turning to a new line of defense: sanitation trucks with san (more…)
How could terrorists fly under the radar of security agencies?
02:34 — After Paris attacks, questions are raised about how terrorists could fly under the radar of security agencies. Former CBS news correspondent and now d (more…)
What can the public do to help prevent attacks in U.S.?
02:42 — John Miller, deputy commissioner of intelligence and counter terrorism for the NYPD, shares what can be learned from the response to the Brussels atta (more…)
NYPD Commissioner William Bratton on ISIS threat in U.S.
07:28 — The United States is on alert after the attacks in Brussels. With more on how the nation's largest city is responding to the terror threat, New York C (more…)
FTN: Page 2
23:09 — Missed the second half of the show? The latest on, the developments following the terrorist attack in Brussels, and what the presidential candidates h (more…)
Open: This is Face the Nation, March 27
01:04 — On this Easter Sunday, “Face the Nation” brings you the latest on this week’s terror attacks in Brussels and the 2016 campaign trail. Today’s guests i (more…)
Full political panel, March 27
12:55 — Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic, Jamelle Bouie of Slate Magazine, Ben Domenech of The Federalist, and USA Today's Susan Page discuss the chances of D (more…)
Web Extra: John Kerry on how Americans should feel about Vladimir Putin
01:59 — In this "Face the Nation" Web Extra, Secretary of State John Kerry, discusses America's relationship with Vladimir Putin and Russia. The Secretary s (more…)
Donald Trump denies posing as his own spokesperson
02:08 — Donald Trump denies he pretended to be his own spokesperson during a 1991 phone call with a People magazine journalist. The man on the call identifies (more…)
NYPD's John Miller on "critical stage" in N.J. and N.Y. bombings investigation
07:54 — The FBI became aware of New Jersey and New York bombings suspect Ahmad Rahami in 2014 after a neighbor heard his father call him a terrorist, but fede (more…)
NYPD's John Miller on Berlin attack, threat to U.S.
04:37 — The Berlin Christmas market attack caused a visible increase in security in the U.S. Last month the State Department issued a travel alert on Europe, (more…)
NYPD's John Miller: San Bernardino terror victims are Apple customers too
06:47 — The debate over whether Apple should unlock a terrorist's iPhone for the FBI is intensifying. Major players in tech, including Twitter, Google and Fac (more…)
NYC police perspective on Brussels attacks
03:27 — The terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium, raise concerns about how to police neighborhoods and search for terrorists. NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intel (more…)
In the war to stop Donald Trump, why do delegates matter?
04:35 — Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic, Jamelle Bouie of Slate Magazine, Ben Domenech of The Federalist, and USA Today's Susan Page break down the Ted Cruz (more…)
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