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John McCain & Chris Christie: The DANCE-OFF!!
01:50 — Gotta admit, McCain does a hell of a robot!
Why Changes to US Drone Program Are Unlikely
03:28 — NBC News' Chris Jansing joins Morning Joe to discuss changes to the U.S. drone program made by John McCain following the death of an American in a U.S (more…)
John McCain vs. Donald Trump
10:41 — Sen. John McCain is responding to Donald Trump who said the former prisoner of war is not a war hero. Nationally syndicated radio show host Steve Deac (more…)
Shady 'group' Behind Trump's Battleship Event
08:51 — Rachel Maddow follows the recent history of Joel Arends, chairman of an organization called Veterans for a Strong America, who supported Donald Trump (more…)
McCain On Migrant Crisis: It's 'Heartbreaking'
06:46 — Sen. John McCain talks about the migrant crisis, saying it didn't have to happen but did because of the "failed policies of Barack Obama."
John McCain Tackles 'paid Patriotism'
03:05 — John McCain announces the findings of an investigation on the Department of Defense paying professional sports teams and leagues to honor American sol (more…)
Sen. McCain: ‘Right Now We Have No Strategy’
05:43 — Senator John McCain joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to discuss President Barack Obama’s recent comments saying he does not expect Russian President Vladim (more…)
Seth's Favorite Jokes of the Week: Trump Attacks Cruz, Porn Awards
01:29 — Seth's favorite monologue jokes from the week of January 25.
John McCain Reacts to Brussels Attacks
05:20 — Senator John McCain, R-Az., analyzes the United States’ response to terrorism and conflict in Syria amidst Tuesday morning’s terrorist attacks in Brus (more…)
Trump Doubles Down With New Attacks On Gold Star Family
04:17 — NBC's Kelly O'Donnell talks about Sen. John McCain and other notable Republicans' reactions to Donald Trump's comments about a Gold Star family.
John McCain Calls Code Pink Protesters ‘Low-Life Scum’
01:04 — John McCain lashed out at anti-war Code Pink protesters when they swarmed former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at a Senate hearing.
John McCain Calls Protesters ‘low-life Scum’
00:45 — Protesters interrupted a Capitol Hill hearing Thursday just before former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was to testify. The protesters called Kis (more…)
When Tempers Flare: Memorable Moments of Politicians Fired Up
01:35 — From Rep. Joe Wilson heckling Obama to Sen. John McCain calling protesters "scum," here are some notable moments when things have gotten heated on Cap (more…)
If Trump Should Apologize, Should Al Franken?
05:56 — Donald Trump isn't the only person to make comments about John McCain's time in Vietnam. In 2000, Al Franken made a joke about McCain as well. The Mor (more…)
Tom Cotton: Trump Should 'Apologize and Retract' McCain Comment
00:47 — Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) explains why he disagrees with Donald Trump's comments about John McCain.
A Last Word On Trump and War Heroes
05:29 — After Donald Trump's comments on John McCain's service, Lawrence reflects on his time spent at the War Memorial in Williamstown, Massachusetts recentl (more…)
McCain: Boehner Is a Fine Man, Had a Tough Job
01:20 — Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., discusses House Speaker Boehner's surprise announcement last week he was leaving Congress in October.
Scott Walker On Trump’s McCain Remarks: ‘He Needs to Apologize’
02:46 — In an NBC exclusive interview, the Wisconsin governor and GOP presidential candidate weighed in on Donald Trump’s controversial remarks about John McC (more…)
McCain Hits Campaign Trail for Lindsey Graham in New Hampshire
02:40 — Arizona Senator John McCain is making a nostalgic return to New Hampshire politics with presidential candidate Lindsey Graham at one of his favorite v (more…)
McCain On Syria, John Boehner and 2016
12:14 — Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., joins Morning Joe to discuss a shared intelligence deal not including the U.S., the surprise exit of John Boehner and who h (more…)
Sen. McCain: This Is a Very Sad Day for America
15:19 — Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., speaks from the Senate floor on the news that Russia has launched airstrikes in Syria against ISIS.
Bipartisan Pushback Over Recent Trump Remarks
02:44 — Medal of Honor recipient and Vietnam War veteran Bob Kerrey, former Nebraska senator, joins msnbc to respond to the latest exchange of words between D (more…)
Russian Missiles Crash in Iran
06:20 — U.S. officials say Russian missiles launched from the Caspian Sea fell short of their Syrian targets and landed in rural Iran. MTP Daily's Chuck Todd (more…)
Rand Paul's 'war' Over War
08:49 — Sen. Rand Paul is going after the war hawks in his own party, including John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Paul is making a bet that everyday Republican (more…)
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