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John Littlefield, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: The Kadzis Family

Hello gang, Johnny here from the "Extreme Team," and this week I have the pleasure and privilege of talking about our incredible build week in Leon County, Florida, just outside of Tallahassee.

Now to begin with, I have to tell you a story. Back in my Catholic high school days, I had a Jesuit priest as a philosophy teacher, and when it came to the great Socrates proclaiming that he was "not an Athenian nor a Greek but a citizen of the world," I remember thinking, "What the heck is this cat talking about!?" Little did I know that ... read more

John Littlefield, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: The Augustin Family

Hey guys, Johnny here and this week I'm writing to you from Paris. Not Paris, Texas, mind you, but Paris, France.  Now speaking of Texas, this week we find ourselves in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of the beautiful state, to help the Augustin family.  There's Amber the mom, and our hero this week, Peter the dad, and Cameron, Emily and Lane (the kids).
Now, Amber loved photography her whole life, but it wasn't until her husband Peter gave her ... read more

John Littlefield, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: The Drumm Family

This week, ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Sundays at 8 pm/ET) is in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania to meet the Drumm family. Matt and Blasia are a pretty amazing couple, and they're pretty incredible parents. After the birth of their two children with autism, Mathew and Blasia devoted their lives to the needs of children with disabilities. Today, they help manage a special needs Little League and during the school year, Blasia works as a special needs teacher's aid. To meet the needs of their autistic children, Matt ... read more

John Littlefield, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: The DeVries Family

Hey Gang, Johnny here from the Extreme team!  This week we found ourselves in Minnesota with the DeVries family, now I truly believe this family and their community puts the heart in the heartland!

Now the players in my great story are Dirk the dad, Susan the mom and their three kids, April, Derik and Hanna.

Despite their physical limitations ... read more

The Silvas

Hey Gang! Johnny here and this week we find ourselves in Beautiful Warwick Rhode Island to help Out the Silva family! Now, Rhode Island might be the smallest state in the union but it's giant when it comes to spirit, community, hospitality, and of course food. Where else can you eat Johnny cakes (gotta love that name), stuffies (stuffed clams) and anywhere from Charleston beach to Warwick for the greatest clamcakes and chowder in the world! For a late night snack head on over to Haven Brothers for an incredible burger and wash it all down with an Awful Awful (thick milkshake), coffee, milk or my favorite, and a sure sign of summer - Del's Lemonade. Now I might sound a little partial, for my girl hails from this great state! But enough talk about food, just head to Federal Hill and you'll see what I'm talking about!OK... for the business at hand! The Silva family! There's Mom, Doreen and dad, Ken, two of the most selfless people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. You look up "... read more

The Stockdale Family

This week we were fortunate enough to roll into Middleton, Idaho to meet the Stockdale family. Ryan and Karia were high school sweethearts, and after college they decided to get married and start on their beautiful family! They have four children who all unfortunately suffer from one form or another of an extremely rare condition called Eosinophilic Enteropathy — and extremely difficult to pronounce as well! The condition is better known as EE — a rare white blood disease that attacks protein ingested through the mouth, so all the kids have to be fed through tubes in their tummies, and this process tricks the EE to think that no proteins have been ingested. This is how all these kids survive and how Ryan and Karia have been raising there young family! Ryan Stockdale is my hero this week! Not only does he hold down a full-time job, but he attends night school to become an expert on the disease his children suffer from. Not only does he want to help find a cure for this r... read more

March 11, 2007: Tipton-Smith Family

This week the crew and I find ourselves in Waleska, Georgia, building a home for a wonderful family who taught me a thing or two about remembering and persevering. This week is about hope, love and never giving up.The Tipton-Smith clan is your typical American family. Faith, the mom, and her son Ransom and daughters Melissa and Emily were out of town when they received a phone call that their home had burned to the ground, a total loss. Faith, being the person that she is, just buckled down and persevered. She knew all those material items were replaceable and that as long as she was with her family she would find a way. Faith and the kids had a dream to build a new house together and got busy with the task at hand. Then tragedy struck this family one more time.Exactly three months after the fire, Faith received another devastating phone call, this one much, much worse. Ransom and his sister Melissa were in a terrible car crash less than a mile from their home. Melissa was able to w... read more

February 11, 2007: Semper Fi

I always say that the families we help are metaphors for the larger story of America; this story is no exception. This week we helped a true American hero. A man who selflessly served his country in its time of need, all without seeking any spotlight or reward. The man I'm talking about is Jason Thomas, a former Marine who threw on his uniform and drove towards the danger on that fateful September morning of 2001. On September 11, 2001, a day that no American can ever forget, Jason Thomas was living on Long Island and had seen the reports of those planes hitting the World Trade Center. Donning his Marine Corp. uniform, he sped toward ground zero to lend a hand wherever he could. He and another rescuer found and rescued the two Port Authority Police officers from underneath the rubble of the Trade Center and were eventually immortalized in the Oliver Stone film World Trade Center. The most amazing part of the story is that Jason just went home after the rescue and never came forward... read more

January 21, 2007: The Riggins Family

One of the great things about my job is the travel — touring America, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the real communities that intertwine to create the very fabric of American society. This week we roll the bus into Raleigh, North Carolina, and without exception — from everyone we met — we got such a feeling of giving and community through the altruism of these strangers coming together to help this one amazing family. Maybe it's a Southern thing — you know, that famous Southern hospitality. It sure taught me a thing or two about what it means to truly be selfless, to not have very much but still find it within yourself to give.Our family, the Riggins, will always have a special place in my heart. Linda Riggins is a phenomenal human being. She gives and gives of herself to the family and her neighbors. She is a superhero. I can't say enough about her, through all the troubles in her life that she battles every day. Her husband, William, is legally bl... read more

Jan. 7, 2007, Episode: The Fullerton-Machacek Family

Go Big Red! This week's gig takes us to Lincoln, Nebr., home of the Huskers. It was a little cold, but absolutely beautiful. After getting to know this community, I understand why it's called the heartland of America. We're here for a very special purpose — to unite two families into one and build them their dream home. We have Mom, Teresa Fullerton, and her three children — Tucker, Brianna and Chelsey — and Dad, Kenny Machacek, and his two — Erika and Justin. Kenny and Teresa desperately want to be married and create one big family. But for the last four years, they have been splitting their time between Kenny¹s very cramped house and Teresa's even more cramped apartment. They tried to sell Kenny's house to buy a bigger one; however, there are serious structural and foundation problems with Kenny's home, making that option impossible. It's pretty cool if you think about it; so many families are always going in separate directions with soccer practice, ... read more

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