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The Sirens
12:16 — Two sisters take their younger, terminally-ill sister to die peacefully at a suicide compound on a mysterious lake.
Joe asks Secy. Kerry: 'Is it Kerry 2020?'
00:30 — Former Secretary of State John Kerry answers Joe Scarborough's question about if he may consider a run for president in 2020.
Kerry: Trump's Rhetoric Pushes People Away
14:04 — Former Secretary of State John Kerry discusses President Trump's UN General Assembly speech, what he calls Trump's 'childish rhetoric,' diplomacy firs (more…)
Leaks Beleaguer Trump White House, Reveal PVT Negotiations
04:39 — Pres. Trump flogged his negotiation skills on the campaign trail. Jon Finer, John Kerry's chief of staff, looks at what leaked transcripts reveal of P (more…)
John Kerry: Leaving Paris Accord 'shameful' Moment for U.S.
01:29 — The former Secretary of State reacts to the U.S. withdrawing from the climate deal saying, "The president who talked about putting America first has n (more…)
Kerry: Trump Seeking Climate Deal Like OJ Searching for 'the Killer'
04:21 — Former Secretary of State John Kerry joins Meet the Press for an exclusive interview to argue that the Paris Climate Agreement was the best possible d (more…)
Full Kerry Interview: 'We Presumed Common Sense' On Paris
11:18 — In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Former Secretary of State John Kerry tells Chuck Todd that the president's withdrawal from the Paris Cl (more…)
Will Trump's Speech Sway a Reluctant Ally?
04:29 — Jon Finer, Secretary of State John Kerry's former chief of staff, plays down the importance of Donald Trump's Middle East speech, urging instead that (more…)
Kerry: 'We Have Reached Implementation Day'
01:05 — Secretary of State John Kerry addresses the Iran Nuclear Deal in Vienna.
Kerry: Assad Has Cut His Own Deal With ISIS
02:47 — After talks in Vienna, Austria, Secretary of State John Kerry announced a timetable for a political process to ending the war in Syria and detailed ho (more…)
US Lifts Iran Sanctions
00:47 — MSNBC's Richard Lui reads Secretary of State John Kerry's recent statement on the Iran Nuclear Deal.
Secy. Kerry Calls for Ceasefire in Syria
10:21 — Secretary of State John Kerry addresses the recent terror attacks in Paris and explains what America and the rest of the world will be doing in order (more…)
Kerry: ‘Our Sailors Were Well Taken Care of’
01:46 — Secretary of State, John Kerry, commented on the safe return of the 10 U.S. Marines who were taken into Iranian custody on Tuesday during his remarks (more…)
Kerry: This Is an Attack On Civility Itself
06:44 — Secretary of State John Kerry speaks at the ceremonial lighting of the US Embassy in Paris on the recent terror attacks in Paris. Kerry calls for cont (more…)
Kerry: We Must Step up Our Efforts
02:11 — Secretary of State John Kerry announced that the US is going to enter into an operation with Turkey to close off what remains of the border with Syria (more…)
Kerry Designates ISIS Atrocities As Genocide
02:24 — Secretary of State John Kerry delivers a statement declaring that ISIS’s actions against Christians and other minorities should be designated as genoc (more…)
Obama, Communicator in Chief
Barack Obama used his talents as a writer and storyteller to craft some of the most iconic speeches in presidential history.
AFL-CIO Head On Clinton and Sanders Race
02:28 — New polling shows Hillary Clinton is trailing Bernie Sanders in Iowa. And what's worse - the New York Times reports Democratic officials are looking (more…)
Obama, the Family Man
Michelle, Malia, and Sasha are a source of support and stability in Barack Obama's life. Take a closer look in this web exclusive.
Who Is Barack Obama?
Take a deeper look at the 44th President's disposition in this web exclusive.
Election Night 2008
Revisit the exhilaration and emotion across America after Barack Obama's historic election in 2008 in this web exclusive.
Obama's Legacy
Obama's colleagues and friends reflect on his legacy after eight years in office in this web exclusive.
After the Presidency
Barack Obama outlines his future plans as a citizen in this web exclusive.
John Kerry On Iran Nuclear Deal: ‘This Is Not Based On Trust’
07:20 — Secretary of State John Kerry talks to TODAY’s Matt Lauer about the controversial Iran nuclear deal, calling it “the only viable alternative.”
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