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The Sirens
12:16 — Two sisters take their younger, terminally-ill sister to die peacefully at a suicide compound on a mysterious lake.
Secretary of State John Kerry on Russia cyberattacks
01:15 — The Obama administration claims Russia continues to launch cyberattacks. Charlie Rose asked Secretary of State John Kerry about whether Moscow is stil (more…)
Kerry suggests a way for Syria to avoid U.S. strikes
01:37 — In an exchange with CBS News' Margaret Brennan at a press conference in London, Secretary of State John Kerry suggested Syria could avoid air strikes (more…)
Kim Jong Un says Japan is first in the crosshairs
01:30 — Japan says its armed and ready in case North Korea acts on threats, and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry vows to defend its allies in the event of a (more…)
Leaks Beleaguer Trump White House, Reveal PVT Negotiations
04:39 — Pres. Trump flogged his negotiation skills on the campaign trail. Jon Finer, John Kerry's chief of staff, looks at what leaked transcripts reveal of P (more…)
Kerry says Dems' consciences "clear"
02:57 — After last minute negotiations were abandoned by the "supercommittee," Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) told CBS News' Nancy Cordes, Democrats' consciences a (more…)
Iran nuclear deal deadline extended
01:16 — Talks between the major world powers and Iran over its nuclear program have been extended again. Secretary of State John Kerry has more meetings Satur (more…)
Does ISIS Have Chemical Weapons?
00:32 — Secretary of State John Kerry says reports that ISIS has gained access to chemical weapons are under investigation. Meanwhile, a new ISIS propaganda v (more…)
Kerry: Syria use of chemical weapons "undeniable"
02:44 — The Obama administration is making its most forceful case yet for a military strike against Syria. Secretary of State John Kerry says it's clear the S (more…)
How will Obama sell Iran nuclear deal to the world?
11:43 — CBS News correspondents Major Garrett, and Nancy Cordes, join CBSN to discuss President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry's remarks on the nucle (more…)
Obama taps Kerry for Secretary of State
01:51 — President Obama today said he was "very proud" to nominate John Kerry as his next Secretary of State, adding, "In a sense, John's entire life has prep (more…)
Defending the Deal
07:00 — Bryan Bender, Defense Editor for POLITICO, discusses Secretary of State John Kerry defending the recent Iran nuclear deal before the Senate Foreign Re (more…)
Syrian state news agency: Kerry lying about chemical weapons attack
01:27 — Syria's official news agency is accusing Secretary of State John Kerry of lying about last week's reported chemical weapons attack. Meanwhile, Britain (more…)
U.S. tries to keep "roller coaster" Iran nuclear talks on track as deadline looms
02:28 — President Obama said he is "embarrassed" for the 47 Republican Senators who signed a letter to Iran warning that any nuclear deal could expire the day (more…)
John Kerry's controversial comments on negotiating with Syria's Bashar Assad
03:26 — The State Department is backing away from comments Secretary of State John Kerry made about negotiating with Syrian dictator Bashar Assad. CBS News co (more…)
Kerry: "More diplomacy, less military effort"
04:23 — Erica Hill talks to Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) about President Obama's plan to reduce troop levels in Afghanistan.
Kerry on his way to becoming Secretary of State: "What a privilege"
02:43 — Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., today briefly addressed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee after it unanimously voted to approve him to succeed Secretar (more…)
Sen. Marco Rubio on Iran nuclear deal, Clinton and Trump
06:29 — The nuclear deal with Iran faced tough scrutiny from lawmakers on Capitol Hill Thursday. Secretary of State John Kerry defended the agreement before t (more…)
Iran nuclear talks come down to the wire
02:24 — Time is running out for an agreement on Iran's nuclear program. With a self-imposed Tuesday deadline, negotiations between Secretary of State John Ker (more…)
Breakthrough deal on Iran's nuclear program may be on the way
01:31 — Secretary of State John Kerry is making a last-minute trip to Geneva to meet with European diplomats and Iranian officials to hash out, what may be, a (more…)
Kerry: Syria's chemical weapons "should shock the conscience of the world"
03:49 — Secretary of State John Kerry condemned the use of chemical weapons against civilians in Syria, calling it a "moral obscenity" that could soon bring a (more…)
Lobbyists flood airwaves with TV ads on Iran nuclear deal
02:27 — The Senate is in its 60-day review of the Iran nuclear deal, and Secretary of State John Kerry is already facing heat from senators. Julianna Goldman (more…)
Iran gets tough in last-minute nuclear negotiations
02:40 — Just hours before the deadline, a deal to curb Iran's nuclear program remains elusive. Secretary of State John Kerry is holding last-minute talks with (more…)
Sec. Kerry pressures China on North Korea
01:32 — Secretary of State John Kerry is in Beijing, China as part of a U.S. effort to pressure Chinese officials to cut their support for North Korea. Margar (more…)
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