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Runaway Jury Trailer
Trailer for the movie Runaway Jury. A juror (John Cusack) and a woman (Rachel Weisz) manipulate a courtroom trial, playing cat-and-mouse with attorney (more…)
John Grisham 'Sorry' for Criticizing Child Porn Sentences
Author John Grisham has apologized for comments he made about child pornography in a recent interview. What was behind his argument?
Christmas with the Kranks - Trailer
Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis play a middle-aged couple who decide to do the unthinkable and skip Christmas.
Zac Efron to Star in 'The Associate'
Zac Efron is to star and produce a film adaptation of John Grisham's novel 'The Associate' despite reports that he is back on drugs.
Grisham: 'We Are All Racists'
Author John Grisham talks to the BBC about growing up in the racist southern states of the USA and the attitudes that left him with.
Greatest Moments: Tom Cruise in The Firm
A suspecting lawyer (Tom Cruise) chases a strange man who may have some answers.
John Grisham
19:52 — John Grisham on his new legal thriller “Rogue Lawyer.”
John Grisham
19:52 — John Grisham on his new legal thriller “Rogue Lawyer.”
John Grisham talks new book "Rogue Lawyer"
05:14 — John Grisham never dreamed of being an author until he witnessed a dramatic criminal trial as a young lawyer. In 27 years, Grisham has created 30 nove (more…)
Take charge of your health care and retirement plan
02:54 — Health care costs are rising, with the average family of four spending more than $10,000 on medical expenses. Also, nearly 40 million American familie (more…)
How Biden's shift on bin Laden raid impacts potential 2016 bid
02:41 — Vice President Joe Biden appears to be distancing himself from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and highlighting his closeness to President Obam (more…)
Biden paints different picture of bin Laden raid, diminishing Clinton
02:53 — Vice President Joe Biden has changed his story on the role he played in the 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Biden said Tuesday he advised Presi (more…)
What "Back to the Future Part II" predicted right
06:30 — October 21, 2015 marks a very important day in cinematic history. Exactly 30 years ago, Marty McFly and Doc Brown blasted to this date in their DeLore (more…)
Sesame Street welcomes first autistic character
01:41 — Julia, a new character on Sesame Street, lives with autism. Since nearly six in 10 autistic kids say they have been bullied, the show's producers are (more…)
Controversial new mammogram guidelines set later testing age
02:05 — For the first time in more than a decade, the American Cancer Society is recommending most women wait until age 45 to get a yearly mammogram. At age 5 (more…)
Chris Christie: Hard to imagine Biden not running for president
01:17 — As Washington speculates on whether Vice President Joe Biden will run for president, Republican presidential candidate and New Jersey Gov. Chris Chris (more…)
Florida cop who killed musician says he was confronted with gun
02:30 — The Palm Beach Gardens police say Corey Jones, a black man shot and killed by an officer Sunday, was armed with a handgun. They say it was found at th (more…)
Paul Ryan willing to be House speaker if his demands are met
02:51 — The Republican deadlock over the next speaker of the House could be about to break, as Ways and Means Committee chairman Paul Ryan now says he is will (more…)
Bob Gale discusses impact of hoverboard
01:25 — “Back to the Future” screenwriter Bob Gale discusses young fans’ requests for the hoverboard. Many thought it was real technology.
Missouri churches in mostly-black areas hit by arsonist
02:33 — A reward is being offered for any information leading to the arrest of a suspected arsonist targeting churches in predominately black neighborhoods in (more…)
23andMe CEO on genetic testing relaunch, protecting privacy
05:50 — Two years ago, the company 23andMe was poised to revolutionize personal genetic medicine. With a $99 saliva kit, it offered to analyze your DNA, revea (more…)
Hot Topic: John Grisham's Surprising Remarks
01:50 — John Grisham makes an apology for shocking comments.
Russian suicide bomber kills six, explosion caught-on-tape
02:09 — A female suicide bomber attacked a bus is Volgograd, Russia, and killed six people. The attack is raising concerns about security at the upcoming Soch (more…)
John Grisham talks new baseball book, "Calico Joe"
04:48 — Best-selling author John Grisham speaks to the "CBS This Morning" co-hosts about his latest novel, "Calico Joe," and his departure from legal thriller (more…)
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