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Mon Aug 1 7:00am
Parking Wars(Season 1, Episode 13) A&E

The keys to an impounded car are missing and the owner is furious; a booter finds pleasure in removing boots.

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Mon Aug 1 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 3, Episode 9) A&E

In Philadelphia: A man whose car gets the boot becomes irate; and a man comes to help his son get his car from the impound lot. In Detroit: A worker gets into a shouting match while ticketing handicapped-parking violators.

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Tue Aug 2 7:00am
Parking Wars(Season 1, Episode 3) A&E

Included: a run-in with a double-parker. Also: a tow-truck driver shows his softer side; and a man is encouraged to get tickets paid before a tow truck arrives.

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Tue Aug 2 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 3, Episode 3) A&E

In Philadelphia, a big event creates a parking nightmare; a visitor from Detroit tries to remove a boot; and two New Jersey men attempt to retrieve their impounded car.

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Wed Aug 3 7:00am
Parking Wars(Season 1, Episode 14) A&E

A rap star has a hard time retrieving his promotional truck from the impound lot; a ticket writer shows how he recovers from the stress of dealing with angry citizens.

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Wed Aug 3 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 2, Episode 2) A&E

A booted vehicle vanishes; and a woman argues that her impounded car has been damaged.

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Thu Aug 4 7:00am
Parking Wars(Season 2, Episode 15) A&E

A female ticket writer is stalked while on her beat; a man wants compensation for his impounded car; and a woman's temper proves detrimental at the impound lot.

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Thu Aug 4 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 4, Episode 3) A&E

In Philadelphia, a woman calls the police when she's angry about getting a ticket; and a Detroit man tries to keep his booted car from being towed; and a ticket person gets mad at people parking in handicap spaces.

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Fri Aug 5 7:00am
Parking Wars(Season 4, Episode 7) A&E

A citizen is verbally abusive to a ticketer in Detroit; and a man alters his expired registration to retrieve his car from the Philadelphia impound lot.

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Fri Aug 5 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 5, Episode 11) A&E

A booter is harassed by bystanders. Also: angry confrontations at the impound lot.

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Fri Aug 5 10:00am
Parking Wars(Season 3, Episode 11) A&E

A blizzard in Philadelphia creates parking nightmares and fuels tempers, especially at the impound lot; and the freezing temperatures cause problems with vehicle boots.

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Fri Aug 5 10:30am
Parking Wars(Season 4, Episode 2) A&E

An angry man with a gun confronts a booter in Detroit; and a man tries to retrieve his car at the Philadelphia impound lot; and, also in Philadelphia, a beautiful ticket writer gets a lot of attention.

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Fri Aug 5 11:00am
Parking Wars(Season 6, Episode 3) A&E

A man in Detroit claims he's paid his tickets; "Johnny Tickets" receives an inhospitable greeting in Providence, R.I.; angry patrons at a Detroit bar react to getting tickets.

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Fri Aug 5 11:30am
Parking Wars(Season 7, Episode 2) A&E

Residents become irate when their cars are towed from an apartment complex in Staten Island; violators challenge a ticket writer's authority in Detroit; and a Providence, R.I., man claims his tickets are bogus.

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Fri Aug 5 12:00pm
Parking Wars(Season 6, Episode 8) A&E

A Detroit car dealer wants to park vehicles on the sidewalk; drivers in Providence, R.I., get rowdy; Detroit firefighters need help keeping fire hydrants accessible.

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Fri Aug 5 12:30pm
Parking Wars(Season 7, Episode 4) A&E

A ticketer is harassed in Providence, R.I.; cars without permits are towed in Staten Island; and violators in Detroit refuse to admit their mistakes.

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Fri Aug 5 1:00pm
Parking Wars(Season 7, Episode 13) A&E

Former boxer Tommy Hearns is ticketed in Detroit; violators fight tickets in Providence, R.I.

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Fri Aug 5 1:30pm
Parking Wars(Season 7, Episode 12) A&E

A tow-truck driver demands to see a woman's parking permit; broken parking meters cause headaches for a ticketer in Detroit; and violators are ticketed in Long Island.

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Mon Aug 8 7:00am
Parking Wars(Season 5, Episode 9) A&E

A cabbie gets angry in Detroit; a Philadelphia woman has trouble retrieving her stolen car from the impound lot.

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Mon Aug 8 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 7, Episode 1) A&E

In the Season 7 opener, a Trenton driver becomes outraged; a ticket writer is attacked in Detroit; and a man questions the legitimacy of a parking sign in Providence, R.I.

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Tue Aug 9 7:00am
Parking Wars(Season 2, Episode 10) A&E

An Israeli tourist tries to get his car from the impound lot; a deliveryman becomes irate over a ticket; and the vehicle of a couple on a date gets the boot.

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Tue Aug 9 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 5, Episode 7) A&E

Two Philadelphia women try to retrieve their car, which was towed because of a valet's error.

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Wed Aug 10 7:00am
Parking Wars(Season 6, Episode 12) A&E

Nosy neighbors of violators in Detroit become a nuisance; crosswalk parkers are reprimanded in Providence, R.I. Also: A man's car is booted because of an illegal license plate.

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Wed Aug 10 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 2, Episode 1) A&E

Season 2 premiere: A woman loses her car keys at the impound lot; a man becomes infuriated when his car has to be towed; and a man's impounded car can't be released without his mother-in-law being present.

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