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Top Moments: Catherine's CSI Goodbye and Rob Lowe's Lifetime Movie

Marg Helgenberger

Our top moments of the week:

11. It Takes Three to Tango Award: Kim Zolciak sets the scene for a romantic evening with her man, Kroy, on Real Housewives of Atlanta: candles, rose petals and a bathtub built for two. But is there room for one more? Because Kim's father suddenly barges in on the new parents' date night. He offers this sage advice. "I want you to be careful," he says. "If you can't be careful, be good. And if you can't be good, then just name it after me." Father knows best!

10. Best Kiss: It's been a rough road this season for Aria and Ezra on Pretty Little Liars. After they were forced to split up, Aria leaves Ezra a message, asking him to meet her under the clock tower to give their relationship just one last chance. He shows up, of... read more

Dr. Oz Says Psychic John Edward "Changed My Life"

Dr. Oz and John Edward

As a rule, the worlds of western medicine and psychic phenomena just don't mix, but that's not the case on Tuesday's installment of The Dr. Oz Show. Oprah discovery Mehmet Oz will welcome famed psychic medium John Edward, who claims to relay messages from the dead, and the two men will discuss how connecting with the afterlife can be therapeutic for those in grief. Edward also conducts readings for several members of Dr. Oz's studio audience, and offers advice on how to pick up signals your dead loved ones may be sending you — things you can do without the help of a psychic. TV Guide Magazine spoke by phone with Dr. Oz, who had quite a wild time watching ...
read more

Anthony Michael Hall Is Back in the Zone

Anthony Michael Hall, The Dead Zone

As USA Network's The Dead Zone returns for a new season (premiering Sunday at 10 pm/ET), series star and former Brat Packer Anthony Michael Hall ponders what's in his future.

TV Guide: You filmed the past two seasons of Dead Zone in Vancouver a year ago. Any hints about what's in store for your character, Johnny, this season?
Anthony Michael Hall:
He's just finished tracking down Sean Patrick Flanery [who plays corrupt congressman Greg Stillson] for four years.... I can't rememb read more

Time to Get Your Mindfreak On!

Criss Angel

David Blaine is a total hack, especially compared to Criss Angel. Although the three-time Magician of the Year winner has never romanced Fiona Apple, he's seduced celebrities such as Mandy Moore, Rob Zombie and Korn's Jonathan Davis — not to mention Goth-guy-loving gals — with his fantastical illusions, feats of endurance, adorable "Noo Yawk" accent and sexy Marilyn Manson-style wardrobe (thankfully accessorized by a much hotter face and body than the shock rocker). Last year marked the debut of his riveting A&E reality show read more

John Edward Is One Psyched Psychic

John Edward

He still connects with the dead, but now John Edward is getting up close and personal with the living. On his just-debuted documentary-style WE series, John Edward Cross Country (Fridays at 10 pm/ET), the famed psychic is conducting public séances — just as he did on Crossing Over — only this time he'll go home with the people who get readings. TV Guide: Clearly this new format is a cooler experience for the "chosen," but what's in it for you? John Edward: It's grounding me. I've always done my readings and split, but Cross Country is forcing me into a deeper realization of what I do. I follow up on the people, hear their personal stories, and learn how the reading affected their lives and changed their views on spirituality. There's a lot of emotion and healing. I've never had this kind of intimacy in my work. TV Guide: Crossing Over started six years ago on Sci Fi, home of the weir read more

The Mentalist Psychs You Out

Some television seers — like Crossing Over's John Edward or that Pet Psychic lady — claim to have psychic gifts. As in for real. Not Gerry McCambridge, who stars in NBC's hourlong special The Mentalist on May 12. This guy at least admits to cold reading his audiences! "I'm not a mind reader," he says. "Everybody is like an open book. It's just how much of a poker face do you have?" McCambridge counts the disciplines of "psychology, hypnosis, observation, linguistics, non-verbal communication, interpretation of body language, statistics, leap-of-faith guessing and memory" amongst the tricks of his trade. In other words, this dude's very good at sizing up his marks, whether they think they've mastered truly blank poker faces or not. "I have been doing this since I was an 8-year-old kid," he says. "I've always had the knack for getting into people's heads without them realizing what I was doing, twisting th read more

John Edward Sees His Future

Back in January, Universal canceled Crossing Over with John Edward, that low-rated show with the psychic guru from Long Island who talks to dead people. New episodes will run through May, but there's no plan for the show to continue in syndication. (Please don't ask, "If he's psychic, why didn't he see this comin'?" He's heard 'em all.) So what will John Edward do next? For starters, he guest stars on Will & Grace tonight (8:30 pm/ET on NBC). Here, TV Guide Online gets the sitcom scoop and glimpses into his future. TV Guide Online: You just came back from Australia, right?Edward: I don't even know what day it is! I was on tour for my latest book, Afterlife. I did five cities with huge venues of [up to] 10,000 people. TVGO: It's funny to think of you as an international celebrity. I just see you as...Edward: That guy from Long I read more


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