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Critiquing Padma's Ponytail
00:33 — Stephanie Cmar and Nina Compton are both in awe of Padma's perfect ponytail.
From New Orleans to Maui
00:59 — The competition is doesn’t let up even when the final cheftestants head to Maui for the finale.
Summer Camp But With Knives
00:58 — The cheftestants have no idea what's in store for them so they take an opportunity to relax.
The Etouffee Quickfire
01:19 — Which cheftestant smothers crawfish with the best flavor? John Besh and Padma Lakshmi decide.
A Brutal Stew Room
02:24 — The final three must endure the most grueling stew room before one of them is crowned Top Chef.
Sheldon Simeon: "I Had a Good Time"
01:34 — Going into the finale, Sheldon wanted it so bad and admits he overthought it.
The Winning Chef Re-Enters the Competition
03:36 — Tom Colicchio brings back the winning chef to compete in the finale.
LCK Winner Revealed!
03:36 — Find out who the winning chef is of Last Chance Kitchen.
After the Knife: Carrie
01:41 — Carrie cannot believe how she got eliminated from the Top Chef kitchen.
The Cheftestants Get a Breath of Fresh Air
01:12 — With another elimination closing in, the chef take a moment to breathe.
Mounting Pressure
01:01 — The chefs feel the pressure as they closer to the finale.
Paul's Knives
01:10 — Paul Qui's knives are special to him and he does whatever he can to take care of them.
'Top Chef' Winners Get Ready to Eat... and Tweet
02:52 — Go behind the scenes of the finale with the nine previous champions.
Christie Declares State of Emergency, Burger King's Whopper Wine
04:33 — Seth Meyers' monologue from Thursday, October 1.
LCK Ep 3: Janine vs. Bene
09:14 — Will Bene get a second chance to become “Top Gay Chef,” or will Janine continue her winning streak?
Cooking Demo With Chef John Besh
06:15 — Chef John Besh, author of "Besh Big Easy," cooks up some New Orleans favorites with Seth and Kenan Thompson.
How Has Top Chef Changed?
01:09 — Previous Top Chefs discuss how the competition has evolved.
Chef Besh Drives Recovery in NOLA
04:32 — Chef John Besh is helping to drive the restaurant industry in New Orleans by opening ten restaurants in and around the city. As an unofficial ambassad (more…)
What Are the Top Chefs Doing Now?
00:47 — Find out what the past Top Chefs have been doing since their win.
Brooke or Kristin?
01:30 — The chefs share who they think will be the newest Top Chef.
Highly Suspect Performance: "Lydia"
04:19 — Highly Suspect performs "Lydia" on Late Night with Seth Meyers.
Creole Queen
02:00 — The chefs gear up for the final challenge by having breakfast on the Creole Queen.
Extended Judges' Table: Not Clever at All
02:35 — The judges pick apart Chuy Valencia's reasons for why his dish was bad.
Superstitions in the Top Chef Kitchen
01:21 — Stephanie Cmar and Nicholas Elmi share their superstitions.
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