Sat Aug 8 6:00am
Things to Come TCM

Set in the fictional 'Everytown', a fantastic city of the future. THINGS TO COME depicts the future of mankind, beginning before World War II and travelling to 2036 AD, this journey predicts a host of modernities before following a rocketship to the moon.

Sat Aug 8 9:45am
The Scarlet Pimpernel TCM

A British aristocrat poses as The Scarlet Pimpernel to rescue victims of the French Revolution while maintaining the identity of a foppish dandy by day. Meanwhile, even his wife is unaware of his heroics as he and his band of likeminded masked men save cou (more…)

Tue Aug 11 3:45pm
Dreamcatcher MAX

Four friends who share a telepathic connection venture into the woods for fun, but discover an invasion of deadly aliens. Good performances marred by convoluted plot. Thomas Jane. Directed by Lawrence Kasdan, based on Stephen King's novel.

Tue Aug 11 4:00pm
The Thief of Bagdad TCM

"Arabian Nights" fantasy about a street urchin (with help from a bombastic genie) who aides a kindly prince in his quest to regain his kingdom from a evil grand vizier and win the hand of a beautiful princess. Oscar winner for cinematography, art directio (more…)