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As Brains Battle Brawn, Wipeout Celebrates Its 100th Episode and the Return of Jill Wagner


It's a chilly day on the set of Wipeout, located on a sprawling 20-acre ranch about 40 miles north of Los Angeles. The remote location is buzzing with activity, as a 300-person crew puts another group of contestants through Wipeout's signature obstacle course.

Reporting on the proceedings is original sidelines co-host... read more

Exclusive: Jill Wagner Wipes Out of ABC's Wipeout

Jill Wagner, Wipeout

After four seasons as one of the hosts on ABC's hit competition series Wipeout, Jill Wagner is bouncing on to new things.

Wagner will continue to be seen on the show's upcoming summer episodes, but plans to depart after that to focus on her acting career. Producers Endemol USA and Matt Kunitz are currently conducting a search to... read more

Cheers: Wipeout Is In

Wipeout by Adam Larkey/ABC

Cheers to the summer's biggest surprise: Wipeout . I didn't think I'd make it through a single episode of ABC's obstacle-course reality show, muchless become one of the sleeper hit's 10 million weekly viewers. It turns out watching people fall on their faces — among other body parts — never gets old. (I guess that's why so many slapstick silent films are still funny.) Hosts John Anderson and John Henson and field reporter Jill Wagner make a winning team, but the real stars are the "Big Balls," enormous red spheres responsible for the show's most spectacular wipeouts. The "big balls" jokes never grow old, either. Good thing, since ABC just picked up the show for a second season.• Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on or in TV Guide magazine! read more

Sports News Briefs, Tuesday Tune-in Edition

John Henson and John Anderson by Craig Sjodin/ABC

• SportsCenter anchor John Anderson expands his resume as the host of the latest entry into the summer reality sweepstakes, Wipeout (Tuesdays, 8 pm/ET, ABC). The obstacle-course competition puts everyday folks up against bruise-inducing events like Big Balls, Dizzy Dummy and Sucker Punch. Ex-Talk Soup and TV Guide Network host Chris Henson is Anderson's on-air partner.• HBO's Real Sports returns with a (mostly) Olympic-themed episode (June 24, 10 pm/ET). Host Bryant Gumbel takes a typically smug (and borderline xenophobic) look at the demanding Chinese sports schools that are producing scores of potential medalists for the Beijing Games — and some tears among the students (because we Americans never push our kids too hard at sports). Additionally Andrea Kremer cheerleads for the return of softball into the Olympics. The American-dominated sport has its swan song in Beijing, booted by the IOC due to “lack of global appeal” — and three straight gold medal... read more

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