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Billy Ray Cyrus "Lets Loose" on the Dance Floor

Billy Ray Cyrus steps up his game on Dancing with the Stars.

Now we've got ourselves a real horse race. In the beginning of the season, the Dancing with the Stars studio audience was strongly skewed toward former 'N Sync heartthrob Joey Fatone. But as we enter Week 6, not only have two new favorites emerged — Apolo Anton Ohno and Laila Ali — but there is one very dark horse by the name of Billy Ray Cyrus who will not be denied. Cyrus has been making a habit of coming into the audience after the show and shaking hands, giving hugs. The women simply melt. "He's got the biggest heart," says his pro partner, the fiery read more

Joey Fatone Spills His Dancing Secrets

Joey Fatone

Dancing with the Stars favorite Joey Fatone opens up to TV Guide about losing weight, panic attacks and his old 'N Sync pal Justin Timberlake. TV Guide: It looks like you've lost some weight. How are you doing it? Joey Fatone: I'm on NutriSystem. I started about two weeks prior to the first rehearsals. I lost about six pounds those first two weeks. And then when I started dancing with Kym [Johnson, his professional partner], the weight really started coming off. I was 235 pounds when I started. Now I'm 216. It's pretty cool to see my stomach get smaller. TV Guide: What's the difference between the physical demands of tourin read more

Dancing with the Stars: The Results-show Backstage Recap

Dancing with the Stars bid adieu to Shandi Finnessey and Brian Fortuna.

It's a shame the cameras weren't rolling: During one commercial break for Tuesday night's Dancing with the Stars, Billy Ray Cyrus bounded up into the bleachers to sing to a lovely, gray-haired lady from Scotland who has a thing for the "Achy Breaky" star. Branded "most improved dancer" by judge Carrie Ann Inaba, it's as though Cyrus has finally dropped the shackles of his "two left feet" mentality and is ready to cut loose.    He's not the only one. What the television audience doesn't get to see is that members of the studio audience are asked — before the show and during commercial breaks — to get up and shake their groove thing. Doesn't matter if you're 18 or 88, any kind of movement goes. And with the sound system blasting bass-hea read more

April 2, 2007: Movie Magic

I can’t go so far as to say it was an all-out theme night, but about half of last night’s celebrities got inspiration for their dances from movies. First Edyta took John Ratzenberger to a Valentino movie to get inspired for the tango. This seemed to work in terms of him getting into character for the dance. I was impressed with his facial expressions and intensity, but I think that was the strongest part of his dance. The judges pointed out that he needs to make some technical improvements, and it did seem like Edyta was working extra hard making big movements around him. He deservedly got one of the lowest scores of the evening.Movie inspiration proved far more successful for one of the top scorers of the night (there was a four-way tie), Joey Fatone. While I wasn’t crazy about the Stars Wars theme music (I found it and the lights a bit distracting), I have to acknowledge that it was a really good tango. The fact that Joey is so into Star Wars gave his performance ex... read more

Dancing with the Stars: All the Latest Backstage Buzz!

Dancing with the Stars' Joey Fatone

It was a night of such passion and enthusiasm at this Monday's Dancing with the Stars that women were losing their jewels. In the audience, a woman named Becky from Fillmore, California, was clapping so hard that her $30,000 diamond solitaire flew out of its setting — a scary moment until another audience member retrieved the precious stone. On the dance floor, fiery pro Eydta Sliwinska felt jewelry coming loose, too. As she snapped her head sharply back and forth doing the tango with John Ratzenberger, the fake diamonds adorning the back of her bun became more like dangling earrings, flying around her head as they separated from her hair. Tango, it seems, can make everything — and everyone — bust loose, bringing out th read more

Dancing with the Stars: This Week's Backstage Buzz!

Dancing with the Stars' Laila Ali

At Monday night's Dancing with the Stars, the fun began even before the big band blasted its first notes. But to get the whole picture, you need to understand a few logistics: ABC's Dancing is shot live at CBS Television City (which rents out its popular Los Angeles sound studios) and in the very same building as Fox's American Idol. What that means is that in the corridors, washrooms and elevators, stars can collide.  Which they did, tonight, when Idol's beat-boxing contestant Blake Lewis stepped out of an elevator, only to be greeted by Dancing pro Tony Dovolani. "Hey, man, how're you doing?" asked Dovolani. Dovolani congratulated Lewis on la read more

March 26, 2007: Second Chances

Last night our stars had a sort of second chance to make a first impression. Initially, I was against not having an elimination last week, but the judges commented that they were grateful for the chance to see everyone do both Latin and ballroom dances, and that is a good point — some people are simply better at one style than the other. OK, so they won me over with this new wait-a-week system.So who benefited from this extra week? First and foremost, Billy Ray Cyrus. Wow, did he step it up. The judges crowned him “most improved” performer and it was a well deserved title. I enjoyed watching his performance; he was actually doing the quick step, and moving at a fast pace. Taking into account this turnaround and adding in his huge Hannah fanbase, I don’t think this cowboy will be exiting the dance floor just yet.In addition to Billy Ray, Heather Mills also gained a lot from this part-two performance. Love her or hate her (she seems to inspire impassioned responses... read more

Critic's Notebook

Topic One: Dancing with the Stars. One long grin, that show is. I’d forgotten what a fun lark it can be, after the last few months of watching American Idol take itself way too seriously. Nothing’s really at stake on the Dancing show, except minor issues like dignity and rescuing B-list reputations from the celebrity coal bin. Early front-runners: Joey Fatone (especially if he keeps shedding the pounds as he dances) and Apolo Anton Ohno, the closest thing the show has to a hottie. (Possible miscalculation of keeping up his skating schedule when he should be perfecting his dance moves. He wasn’t nearly as electrifying as he needs to be.) And because a female is overdue a win on this show, let’s not count out Laila Ali, an interesting mix of athleticism, aggression and (when it matters) unexpected grace and charm.Charm really is the selling point of this ABC phenom. Even a klutz like Billy Ray Cyrus probably earned a few pity points for being a good sport. And I... read more

March 19, 2007: Are You Ready for Some Dancing?

And they’re off! The 11 latest celebrities to put on their dancing shoes hit the ballroom live last night. It was step one of their quest for that fabulous, sparkling Dancing with the Stars trophy. Throughout the show, the hosts pointed out that this is “the most remarkable cast ever” and that we were watching “history-making” television. It’s good to know that they’re keeping this fun, lighthearted dance show in perspective.OK, while they may have overstated things a bit, there were some firsts last night that did indeed set it apart from past seasons: their tallest contestant ever, NBA star Clyde Drexler, standing at 6-foot-7; their first contestant with an artificial limb, Heather Mills; and their youngest competitor, professional dancer Julianne Hough, who is all of 18.Another big difference from last season was that, overall, most of the celebrities participating this year are pretty well known. There’s much less of the “Who’s t... read more

Dancing with the Stars: Your Inside Guide to Season 4!

Ian Ziering and Cheryl Burke, Dancing with the Stars

Who's the youngest? The most surprisingly fit? The tallest toe-tapper in the show's history? As the Monday, 8 pm/ET premiere of the new season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars nears, TV Guide invites you to step right up and meet the new line of celebrity hoofers. Billy Ray Cyrus, 45Best known for: His country-music career and playing Dad on Disney's Hannah MontanaLives in: Los Ange­les and NashvilleDancing for: daughter Noah, who told her first-grade teacher that Daddy was "scared" to sign on for DWTS. "The teacher told my little girl to go home and tell me, ‘Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game,'" he says.Partner: Last sea­son's runner-up, read more

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