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Joey Fatone Joins TV Guide's Red-carpet Team

Joey Fatone and Lisa Rinna courtesy TV Guide Network

Joey Fatone is getting in sync with the TV Guide Network. The Singing Bee host will join fellow Dancing with the Stars alum Lisa Rinna on the red carpet for the upcoming awards season. Though the two are replacing Joan and Melissa Rivers, whose contract ended this year, viewers shouldn't expect them to be anything like the mother-daughter duo. "You can't fill anybody's shoes," says Rinna. "Joan Rivers is a genius. They made the pathway; we're the next generation."While Rinna brings her fashion expertise to the job, Fatone takes an Average Joe approach to his hosting duties. "You want to see real people and you want to see their personalities," says Fatone. "I think that's what America likes."Viewers will get their first chance to see the pair in action Sept. 16 when they hit the red carpet for the 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. — Reporting by Carita Rizzo read more

Joey Fatone Talks About Going from Dancing to Singing

Joey Fatone, The Singing Bee

Folks like me "love" music, we just don't make a study of, you know, the actual lyrics. Perhaps the most famous example is "Excuse me while I kiss this guy," one misunderstanding of the words to "Purple Haze." Not one but two — two! — game shows debuting this week were inspired by the fact that people with a song in their heart don't always have the correct lyrics in their head. The first one out of the gate is NBC's The Singing Bee, premiering tonight at 9:30 pm/ET and hosted by Joey Fatone, known both for his singing (as part of 'N Sync) and his dancing (on this past season of Dancing with the Stars). invited Fatone to explain why his "complete read more

Joey Fatone Joins Singing Bee

Joey Fatone by Lester Cohen/

Dancing with the Stars alum Joey Fatone will be hosting NBC's new summer reality show, The Singing Bee, the network announced today. The show debuts July 10.Bee contestants face the challenge of accurately singing the lyrics to well-known songs in karaoke-style games. Episodes will feature sing-alongs for the audience and encourage viewers at home to join in. The show will include live music by the house band Ray Chew and the Buzz and dancing accompaniment by The Honeybees. — Reporting by Dani Dornfeld read more

Backstage at Dancing with the Stars: Aches, Pains and Pride

Apolo Anton Ohno with Julianne Hough, Dancing with the Stars

There's something delicious about a show where nerves are on end and no one is a sure thing. "I have no idea who's going to win this," says dance pro Jonathan Roberts, who stopped by to chat just moments before this Monday night's competition began. He was seated in the audience with his former celebrity partner, Heather Mills. All 11 competing couples will return tomorrow night to dance in the grand finale. But for now, they were just there to watch the toughest, most important dances of the season alongside a number of famous former contestants: Harry Hamlin, Jerry Springer, and Mario Lopez, seated with his girlfriend and f read more

Backstage at Dancing with the Stars: Len Judges the Remaining Three Couples

Ian Ziering and Cheryl Burke, Dancing with the Stars

We started with 11 couples. Now there are three. And the head judge is jazzed about the finals. "It's going to be magic," Len Goodman said immediately after Tuesday night's results show, which sent Ian Ziering packing. Ziering gave the competition everything he had and wanted to stay in the worst way. But, says Ziering, "It really wasn't so unexpected. There are better dancers out there." Goodman agrees. It may have been a tight, four-way race to the finish, but Goodman thinks the right three couples made it into the finals. "As much as I loved Ian's performances last night, I think it was justified that he was the one sent home as the weakest dancer. If he had been in Season 1, 2 or 3, he would've been in the finals. But he's come up against three incredible couples." Goodman has presided over four seasons of read more

Backstage at Dancing with the Stars: Music Man Spills Secrets

Apolo Anton Ohno, Dancing with the Stars

It was a jaw-dropping semifinal, the best in the four-season history of ABC's Dancing with the Stars. Apolo Anton Ohno, Laila Ali, Joey Fatone and Ian Ziering on Monday night each pulled off grand finale-quality dances — and earned multiple "10s" from the judges — like it was no big deal to polish two entirely different routines. Plus, the routines themselves were longer: a minute and 15 seconds last week, one minute and 30 seconds this week.  The dances' length is not a question of keeping head judge read more

Dancing with the Stars: Charisma Couldn't Save Billy Ray

Billy Ray Cyrus and Karina Smirnoff, Dancing with the Stars

It was the first time that the grin was wiped off Joey Fatone's face. There was a gasp in the ballroom during Tuesday's Dancing with the Stars, when his name was called out as the second dancer to be scorched by the "red light of shame" in the bottom two. "I didn't see that one coming," said one man seated in the audience. He, like everyone else, expected Fatone to be the sort of Teflon entertainer who would never be stuck with possible elimination. Fatone himself was clearly shaken. He was the only dancer to get a standing ovation in Week 1. And every week since then, he's heard his name screamed out by adoring fans. While it's true that fans have also fallen hard for Apolo Anton Ohno, La read more

May 7, 2007: Daddy's Girl and Jessie's Girl

Emotions ran high on and off the dance floor last night, running the gamut from sentimental dedications to insults taken too personally. Let’s start with the good before we proceed to the bad and ugly. The guest we’ve been waiting for all season was finally in the audience: Muhammad Ali, on hand to support his daughter. Laila dedicated her performances to her mom and dad, and she had an extra sparkle in her eye all night. She began and ended her lovely waltz like Sleeping Beauty, and at one point blew a kiss to her dad. I was reminded of Jerry Springer’s emotional waltz last season — the waltz is fast becoming the father-daughter dance of this show. Carrie Ann commented that she always looks for emotion in dancing, and she felt Laila truly delivered that with this performance. Next up was Laila’s jive, which was fun and lively (Laila confessed she was happy she didn’t have to deliver any extra-sexy performances with daddy in the audience). I did notice ... read more

April 30, 2007: Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Remember that episode of 90210 where Steve entered a dance competition and Brandon, Kelly and Donna cheered him on? No? OK, it never happened, but it sort of felt like such an episode last night when founding members of what Tom dubbed the “90210 Alumni Association” were in the audience supporting Ian. I don’t know if it was their cheers or Billy Ray’s tutoring, but whatever it was, it worked. Ian finally came alive on the dance floor! His first dance was good and showed marked improvement from last week; his second dance was even better. For weeks now, Ian’s had the moves down but has been unable to sell his performances. Last night that all changed and the judges took notice, telling him he finally had fun out there and was authentic and “enjoyable to watch.” Most importantly, they pointed out that he and Cheryl had some real chemistry for the first time.Perhaps this means Joey will no longer be able to say, “If you become too serious, you b... read more

April 23, 2007: All the World's a Stage

Let’s jump right to the highlight of the night: the group swing was 100 percent fun, perhaps the best group dance that involved the celebrities in the past four seasons of Dancing with the Stars. Everyone was so into the performance that the energy was contagious. Even more impressive was how well they gelled as a group (even Heather and Jonathan, who missed the group practice). The couples all played to their strengths (e.g., Ian and Cheryl did back-to-back lifts, while Laila tossed Max aside and carried Apolo), and no one upstaged the others. Plus they all got into character and pulled off the cute little theatrical moments, such as Joey and Ian’s mock fight and the ladies all fawning over Billy Ray.Theatrics wound up playing a big part in many of the dances last night, a night in which the judges really emphasized the importance of performance. No one learned this lesson harder than Ian, who said that he was going to try to focus more on performance than technique this ... read more

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