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September 14, 2006: Furniture Hooker

After the premiere last week, one of the first comments I got was that we should be expecting more than just sex jokes from our shows. I think we are clearly getting the picture that 'Til Death will not be that show. I really hope this isn't the way the future goes. I'm not married yet, but the scenarios in this show somehow actually seem plausible to me. The newlywed Steph likes to buy furniture sight unseen, and, in return for Jeff's turning a blind eye to his girly house, he gets sex. Who's going to argue with sex, right? But then there's Joy, who learns of this technique and tries it on Eddie, who must research everything before buying, and he actually turns the sex down. Who's going to argue with manly patio furniture, right? OK, so maybe this isn't so plausible after all. Joy's actually offering Eddie "daytime sex" was funny. How many ways can Eddie put down his wife here? "You realize it's light out; I'll be able to see you," he says. Or after really giving it some thought, g... read more

Now that Arrested Development ...

Question: Now that Arrested Development is gone, does Fox have any promising new comedies set for its fall lineup? I read that they have a Brad Garrett show, but that doesn't really feel like the kind of cutting-edge comedy they have attempted for so many years now. Have they finally given up after canceling most of their best comedies too soon, or have the cutting-edge comedies gotten tired of being jerked around by Fox? Answer: It's true that this season Fox is going more mainstream in its comedy choices. Fox Entertainment chief Peter Liguori says the network did develop a few single-camera (read: cutting-edge) pilots that didn't work out. I think it's a mistake, though, to assume that just because a comedy is done the old-fashioned way (with multiple cameras on a soundstage before a studio audience) it's automatically not as worthy or as funny as a more stylized, filmed piece (à la Arrested Development, Scrubs or My Name Is Earl). Some terrific work can still be done in this format. ... read more

Scooplets: 24, L Word, O.C., Scrubs and More!

Here are several updates on stuff I reported in this week's Ask Ausiello as well as some new scoops mixed in. Enjoy! I can now confirm that Marlee Matlin has signed on to appear in 11 episodes of Showtime's The L Word. The deal just closed and, even though this drama is so far off my radar it's virtually undetectable, I wanted to bring you the official word ASAP. The Oscar winner will play a deaf artist who takes a shine to Jennifer Beals' Bette. She'll first show up in the fourth-season premiere in January. Speaking of shows I probably should be watching, Disney's teen phenom Hannah Montana has reeled in a pretty big fish. I'm told Dolly Parton will make a guest appearance this summer. I'm not sure who she's playing, but very reliable sources say her character will have huge knockers. Regarding the fate of The King of Queens, another source told me yesterday that "the show is definitely dead." Still no confirmation from CBS. My Eric Balfour mole (yes, I now have a mole assigned sp... read more

At last! A poker-game scene with...

At last! A poker-game scene with all the housewives together. Well, all but Lynette, who certainly had her hands full. Taking her crabby boss Nina out every night to the pickup bar certainly was taking its toll. At least getting Nina laid temporarily resolved her crabbiness problem. Loved when Lynette finally came out of her shell, showing us what a sexpot Felicity Huffman actually is. Her transformation scene totally reminded me of Sandy at the end of Grease. I was waiting for her to say, "Tell me about it, stud!" And I must say I love Joely Fisher on this show. Her comedic talents weren't exactly up to their potential on Ellen since she sort of had to play the "straight" man, even when Ellen wasn't out yet. While I'm on the subject of loving, I'm also loving Adrian Pasdar as David, Gabrielle's lawyer. That man has really aged well since the underrated Profit. Maybe being mar read more

First off, Joely Fisher needs...

First off, Joely Fisher needs to go. I get that she's supposed to be the boss from hell, but come on. She's Cruella De Ville with a boob job and a better benefits package. And Lynette darting from staff meeting to computer screen to video IM with her kid? Nope. Not buying it, even on sale. And apparently a lot of you didn't buy Betty's therapy chat last week, either, and you're all probably right. Maybe she was spilling her guts to get those sedatives. That doesn't mean the dude who made such a mess of breakfast isn't still her hubby. Especially with that "I've had my share of family knockdown, drag-outs" comment. The family I would like to knock down and drag out — to counseling — is the Myers clan. Between Susan ambushing Edie and Julie's church talent-show act, her patently humiliating scene at said event and Karl's affinity for emotionally crippled women, none of these people should be allowed to play together. Nor should Bree and George, so let's hope t read more

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