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Desperate Housewives' Dirty Laundry: Lynette Scavo's Wild Ride

Felicity Huffman

Desperate Housewives wraps its eight-season run on Sunday, May 13 (9/8c on ABC) and what a long, strange trip it's been for the ladies of Wisteria Lane! As we prepare to kiss our favorite harried housewives goodbye, takes a look back at each of the four protagonists' biggest triumphs, greatest downfalls and all the juicy hookups, makeups and breakups in between.

Check back every day this week for our takes on the other Housewives' wild rides.

Name: Lynette Scavo
Known For:
Being a fiercely independent, meddling, stressed-out working mom
Tom Scavo (separated)
Children: Preston, Porter, Parker, Penny, Paige and Patrick (deceased)
Professions: Former advertising executive, former pizzeria manager, interior designer

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On the surface... read more

Eddie Fisher, '50s Pop Singer and Father of Carrie Fisher, Dies

Eddie Fisher

Eddie Fisher, the 1950s pop singer and father of Carrie Fisher known for his high-profile Hollywood romances, has died. He was 82.

Fisher died Wednesday in his Berkely, Calif., home, from complications from hip surgery, his daughter, actress and singer Tricia Leigh Fisher, told The Associated Press.

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'Til Death is Dead: Series Will Not Return Next Season

Brad Garrett

'Til Death is dead.

Fox will air the sitcom's remaining new episodes as scheduled and it will not return for a fifth season, has confirmed. The cancellation news follows comments made earlier by... read more

Fox Gives 'Til Death New Life

Joely Fisher and Brad Garrett, 'Til Death

After disappearing from the airwaves in early October, many thought Fox's 'Til Death was on its way to the grave. But that doesn't appear to be the case.

Fox has ordered 22 episodes of the Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher comedy, which will return next season. The new order brings the series' episode total ... read more

Joely Fisher Adopts a Baby Girl

Joely Fisher by Jean-Paul Aussenard/

Joely Fisher and husband Christopher Duddy have adopted a baby girl, People reports.Olivia Luna Fisher-Duddy, who was born recently, joins big sisters Sklyar, 7, and True, 2, and big brothers Cameron, 22, and Collin, 20, Duddy's sons from his first marriage."They are all blissfully happy and enjoying their new baby sister," the 'Til Death star's rep said.Out of respect for the birth mother, Fisher will not be releasing more details. — Joyce EngWatch full episodes of 'Til Death in our Online Video Guide. read more

Joely Fisher Thankful for Surviving Car Crash

Joley Fisher by Jemal Countess/

Joely Fisher knows what she's grateful for this Thanksgiving. After a car crash this past Monday, in which Fisher and her daughter True were hit head-on by a 91-year-old man who fell asleep at the wheel, she thanks her lucky stars that they got away unharmed. At the launch party for the book Altar Your Space at the Tara Home store in Los Angeles, the 'Til Death star showed TV Guide a minor burn on her chin from the bursting airbag. "I'm thankful that it wasn't worse than that," says Fisher. "We were belted in and [True] was in a car seat. It's pretty amazing." The accident only added to an already difficult week. Fisher and her costars have shut down production on 'Til Death due to the writers' strike, and they don't expect to start up again anytime soon. "I'm in support of the writers, they're absolutely right. I think the unfortunate thing is that the studios and networks were so prepared for this that they're going to have a huge fight on their hands. We could be in a lot of trou... read more

The Wednesday Battle Begins

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley in Gossip Girl by Andrew Eccles/The CW

Is it possible that this season, Wednesdays are the new Thursdays? An incredible amount of high-profile new programming — nine freshman series in all — will be introduced to the Wednesday prime-time schedule over the next few weeks, and when the dust settles, I can only hope a few of my new favorites will survive.First up are CBS, the CW and Fox, launching their newbies a week before the official season begins. The biggest headlines so far have been generated by CBS' unseen-by-critics and instantly controversial Kid Nation, a reality show in which 40 kids are set loose in a desert ghost town (actually an unused film set) and tasked to create a Utopian adult-free society. Sounded kind of prosocial and heartwarming until all those red flags began to surface about possible abuse of child-labor laws, penurious confidentiality agreements that made boilerplate mention of such possible reality-show liabilities as STDs, and allegations of injuries on the set. Something tells me th... read more

Emmys: Bravo to Winners, Boo to Show

Katherine Heigl and Kevin Dillon by John Shearer/

And some people worried that getting Ryan Seacrest to host this year’s Emmy telecast was going to be the producers’ worst idea. That’s before we got a look at the set, an unwieldy and unappealing theater-in-the-round setup that looked more suitable for the new American Gladiators revival than for an awards show. The nominees, half of whom saw only the backs of the various presenters and performers, had a deer-in-the-headlights look every time Seacrest approached them or the cameras awkwardly cut to them. They appeared to be sitting in penalty boxes, not deluxe auditorium seats.Honestly, though, we poor schnooks at home were the ones suffering the penalty here: as in, confronted with one of the worst Emmy telecasts I can remember. As Emmy years go, I’m actually at peace with the majority of the winners, given who was and wasn’t nominated (and we’ve been over that frustrating ground plenty of times since the July nominations). Learning who won was a lot m... read more

Is their any chance that 'Til ...

Question: Is their any chance that 'Til Death will be renewed for next season and possibly paired up with the new sitcom starring Patricia Heaton and Kelsey Grammer? Since Heaton and Grammer are so well-known for the characters that they have played on other series, what are the chances that their new show will be successful? Sure, they have name recognition, and perhaps people will tune in to watch the first week. Will those viewers accept the actors in their new roles, or will they expect to see Frasier Crane and Debra Barone? Answer: Case in point regarding the previous question: 'Til Death is now looking more and more like a contender for renewal, thanks in large part to the ratings spike that occurred once it was scheduled behind the American Idol results show on Wednesdays. And given the fact that 'Til Death is something of a star vehicle, with the Brad Garrett-Joely Fisher squabbling the primary reason to tune in, it probably would be a good fit with the star-driven ... read more

September 21, 2006: Awkward Hole in My Pajamas

There was a comment left on last week's blog that it should be a requirement to be married to review this show. Well hey, I'm engaged so that will have to count for now. I can certainly relate to a diamond ring in the middle of a cantaloupe, though. I mean, I shoved it deep inside a watermelon when I proposed and that worked out well. OK, I'm just kidding about that ? it was actually a pineapple. Seriously though, most of you seem to think this show is crap. For some reason I think it's getting funnier. Maybe I'm demented (and maybe so are the four of you who said you liked it last week, too), but I think the five of us are right. This is really a quality comedy if you like lowbrow put-downs for 30 minutes. How about Eddie throwing the engagement ring at Joy? When she complains about the ring hitting her in the boob he compares it to "pitching softball to a slow kid." Ha. The way he proposed the first time around was better, though ? straight out of Top Gun when he asked her to "rid... read more

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