Joe Scarborough

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Charles Joseph Scarborough
  • Birth Place: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
  • Profession: TV host, Political analyst, Author, Former Congressman
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Rand Paul Is GOP Frontrunner But Joe Scarborough Says 'He Won't Win'
00:22 — Former Republican chair says the Senator has the infrastructure and message to win the 2016 nomination.
The Woolly Mammoth Is Coming Back: Author On New Book
07:39 — Writer Ben Mezrich joins Morning Joe to discuss his new book 'Woolly: The True Story of the Quest to Revive One of History‚Äôs Most Iconic Extinct Creat (more…)
Friday Wrap-up: Pompeo, Trump and Lavrov
09:17 — CIA Director Mike Pompeo said 'of course' when asked if Russia had intervened in the 2016 U.S. election and previous elections. Amb. Michael McFaul jo (more…)
What Trump's Ending of a CIA Program Means
09:22 — Adm. James Stavridis and Richard Haass join Morning Joe to discuss U.S. policy on Syria and Russia, specifically a CIA program to fund anti-Assad rebe (more…)
What Is the Senate Trying to Do?: Kathleen Sebelius
06:12 — Former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius discusses the GOP effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
Russian Minister Suggests Other Trump, Putin Talks
09:32 — Keir Simmons discusses his interview with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who remarks about President Trump and Putin's meetings at the G-20. (more…)
A New Hire for the WH, But Is Scaramucci Needed?
08:32 — The Trump WH is expected to name former transition team official Anthony Scaramucci as the new White House communications director. But given that Tru (more…)
New Shake-ups Ahead for Trump Outside Legal Team
08:26 — There are new shakeups to President Trump's external legal team, according to new reports.
Trump Seeks to Discredit Mueller and Investigators
06:30 — Trump is laying the groundwork to undermine the Justice Department's Special Counsel Robert Mueller, according to multiple reports. Trump's lawyers ar (more…)
Why Manfort, Trump Jr.'s Testimony Will Be 'something Else'
03:29 — Some of Trump's top 2016 campaign advisors, including Paul Manafort and Trump Jr., will head to Capitol Hill next week to speak about their meeting wi (more…)
Rand Paul: Health Care Was Broken Before the ACA
04:41 — Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., says while the government isn't good at 'things,' he wants every American to have low-cost health insurance. Sen. Paul also dis (more…)
Trump Traps GOP When It Comes to Health Care
12:58 — Nicholas Confessore and Kelsey Snell discuss Donald Trump's handling of health care, GOP frustration with the president on his handling of health care (more…)
Conservative Groups Push for New Tax Reform
10:02 — Some conservative groups are worried the GOP's inability to pass big legislation will hurt the party in 2018, and some of those groups are proposing n (more…)
Kristol: Sessions Should Stay in the AG Job
07:05 — President Trump stated he wouldn't have hired Jeff Sessions for AG if he knew Sessions would recuse himself from the Russia probe. The Morning Joe pan (more…)
Inside Obama WH Plan to Thwart Putin's Election Plot
04:37 — The Obama White House was prepared to call out the U.S. Military to help guard the vote from a Russian election hack, according to a previously undisc (more…)
Sessions' Act of Character Seen As Disqualification
04:21 — President Trump wouldn't have hired AG Jeff Sessions if he knew Sessions would recuse himself from overseeing the Russia investigation, according to a (more…)
Joe: John McCain Has Been a Fighter His Entire Life
05:17 — Long-serving Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., has been diagnosed with brain cancer, which was found during a surgery to remove a blood clot above his eye. T (more…)
Trump Warns Mueller, But Can Mueller Be Intimidated?
08:41 — In the NYT, the president also had a warning for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, saying there were areas that should be off limits to the investigatio (more…)
Donald Trump Stumbles Into Another Lie
06:53 — President Trump sought to clarify his second interaction with Russian President Vladimir Putin in his New York Times interview. Reporter Michael Schmi (more…)
James McAvoy Had The Pleasure Of 'Sexy Fighting' With Charlize Theron
04:22 — In his upcoming movie 'Atomic Blonde,' James McAvoy says he had a pleasure overload in a scene where the great Charlize Theron mops the floor with him (more…)
Trump And Putin Sitting In A Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G (Democracy Goodbye)
04:06 — Stephen hopes Trump's denial of a second meeting with Putin is truthful. But Trump isn't exactly the 'hope' President.
James McAvoy Met Justin Trudeau During Toronto's 'X-Men' Filming
05:00 — 'Atomic Blonde' star James McAvoy got a photo with Canada's Prime Minister and contemplates what his X-Men superpower might be.
Matteo Lane Needs Us All To Stop Mistaking Matteo For 'Potato'
06:06 — Stand-up comedian Matteo Lane breaks down the internal process of the barista who genuinely thought his name was 'Potato.'
The G20 Waitstaff Know What Trump And Putin Talked About
01:12 — These servers tell all after President Trump denies a second extended conversation with Vladimir Putin during dinner at the G20 Summit.
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  • Birth Name: Charles Joseph Scarborough
  • Birth Place: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
  • Profession: TV host, Political analyst, Author, Former Congressman

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