Joe Flynn



Year Title Description
2001 The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show: Joe Flynn Episode, Guest
1977 The Rescuers Movie, Actor - Mr. Snoops
1975 The Strongest Man In The World Movie, Actor - Dean Higgins
1974 Superdad Movie, Actor - Cyrus Hershberger
1973 It Pays to Be Ignorant TV Show Series, Host
1973 The Girl Most Likely TO... Movie, Actor - Dr. Green
1972 Now You See Him, Now You Don't Movie, Actor - Dean Higgins
1971 Love, American Style: Love and the Mixed Marriage; The Detective; The Wakeup Girl; The Guilty Conscience
Season 3, Episode 5
Episode, Actor
1971 Alias Smith and Jones: Night of the Red Dog
Season 2, Episode 8
Episode, Actor - Marsden
1971 $1,000,000 Duck Movie, Actor - Finley Hooper
1971 How To Frame A Figg Movie, Actor - Kermit Sanderson
1971 The Barefoot Executive Movie, Actor - Francis X. Wilbanks
1970 The Tim Conway Show TV Show Series, Actor - Herbert T. Kenworth
1970 The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes Movie, Actor - Dean Higgins
1969 Love, American Style: Love and Mother; The Dummies; The Athlete; The Shower
Season 1, Episode 10
Episode, Actor
1968 The Love Bug Movie, Actor - Havershaw
1968 Did You Hear The One About The Traveling Saleslady? Movie, Actor - Hubert Shelton
1967 Divorce American Style Movie, Actor - Lionel Blandsforth
1966 Batman: The Cat's Meow
Season 2, Episode 29
Episode, Actor - Belgoody
1966 Batman: The Bat's Kow Tow
Season 2, Episode 30
Episode, Actor - Belgoody
1965 Mchale's Navy Joins The Air Force Movie, Actor - Capt. Wallace Burton Binghamton
1964 The Joey Bishop Show TV Show Series, Actor - Frank
1964 Mchale's Navy Movie, Actor - Capt. Wallace Burton Binghamton
1963 Son Of Flubber Movie, Actor - Announcer in TV Commercial
1962 McHale's Navy TV Show Series, Actor - Capt. Wallace B. Binghampton
1962 The Jack Benny Program: The Phil Silvers Show
Season 13, Episode 3
Episode, Actor - Barber
1961 Bachelor Father: Bentley's Mad Friends
Season 4, Episode 31
Episode, Actor - Walt
1961 The Bob Newhart Show TV Show Series, Performer
1961 The Police Dog Story Movie, Actor - Collins
1961 Lover Come Back Movie, Actor - Hadley
1961 The Last Time I Saw Archie Movie, Actor - Pvt. Russell Drexel
1961 Cry For Happy Movie, Actor - MacIntosh
1960 Wagon Train: The Horace Best Story
Season 4, Episode 2
Episode, Actor - Crook
1959 The George Gobel Show TV Show Series, Performer
1959 --30-- Movie, Actor - Hy Shapiro
1959 The Twilight Zone: Escape Clause
Season 1, Episode 6
Episode, Actor - Second Adjuster
1959 Make Room for Daddy: Kathy Crashes TV
Season 7, Episode 13
Episode, Actor - Stanley
1959 Marshal Dillon: The F.U.
Season 4, Episode 27
Episode, Actor - Baker
1958 This Happy Feeling Movie, Actor - Dr. McCafferty
1957 Portland Expose Movie, Actor - Ted Carl
1957 Panama Sal Movie, Actor - Barrington C. Ashbrook
1956 The Boss Movie, Actor - Ernie Jackson
1955 The Seven Little Foys Movie, Actor - 2nd Priest
1952 The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet TV Show Series, Actor - Mr. Kelley
Batman: The Cat's Meow; The Bat's Kow Tow Episode, Actor - Belgoody
Night Gallery: Funeral/Nature of the Enemy Episode, Actor - Silkline
Love, American Style: Love and the Eskimos; Love and the Instant Father Episode, Actor
Love, American Style: Love and the Married Bachelor; Love and the Mixed Marriage Episode, Actor

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