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Top 14 Movie Misquotes, Whose Scream Is That and More

Darth Vader courtesy 20th Century Fox

Ask FlickChick Top 14 Movie Misquotes the Scream That Will Not Die and MoreQuestion I dont want to sound like a complete geek but it bugs me when people misquote famous movie lines like Luke I am your father which just isnt what Darth Vader said I feel that if youre fan enough to quote a movie you should be fan enough to quote it right Please tell me Im not the most compulsive person ever DonFlickChick The most compulsive ever No way I basically agree If youre going to quote the quote quote the quote That said theres a pattern to a lot of common misquotations Heres the thing Screenwriters cant predict whats going to seize the public imagination when theyre writing so that kickass line is often embedded in a larger less pithy piece of dialogue1 The Empire Strikes Back 1980Misquote Luke I am your father Actual quote No I am your fatherYour b234te noire spoken during Lukes illusion-shattering confrontation with his nem read more

December 8, 2006: Apocalypse Wow

I am so relieved. Last week, Dario Argento's Pelts provided a pivotal turning point in what I was starting to lament to be a disappointing Masters of Horror Season 2. After finding great satisfaction in maestro Argento's masterpiece, the big question for me was: Could the remaining masters keep this new momentum going, and would the second half of the season redeem the first? I had hoped so.Well, Joe Dante's The Screwfly Solution is now my second favorite episode of this season, stepping up pretty closely in line next to Pelts. Furthermore, Pelts and Screwfly Solution have now taken their places in my Top 5 favorite episodes of both seasons combined, and Screwfly is definitely the best sci-fi/horror gene-splicing of the lot. Actually, The Screwfly Solution is a far more sophisticated and significant work than many of the feature-length science fiction films I've seen over the years. Last season, Joe Dante had opted for politically challenging, sardonic horror with the zombie electio... read more

Jon Tenney Hails Closer's Big Opener

Jon Tenney, The Closer

TNT's The Closer (Mondays at 9 pm/ET) is the hottest show on cable right now, and it has the numbers to prove it. On the day that the Season 2 premiere's record ratings came in, got on the phone with Jon Tenney, who plays FBI agent Fritz Howard, beau to Kyra Sedgwick's crafty, if curt, police chief. So you're a star of TV's most-watched — what's the qualifier again? — ad-supported cable drama telecast ever?
Jon Tenney:
"Ad-supported, original scripted cabl read more

A recent episode of The Night ...

Question: A recent episode of The Night Stalker had a scene of a boy sitting on a chair in front of a TV watching cartoons and it reminded me of a similar scene from a movie. I think it was a girl sitting in front of a TV watching cartoons, in a creepy house, and when they showed the front of her, she had no mouth. But I can't recall the movie; it may have had several stories in it, but I'm not sure. Can you help?

Answer: I can. You're remembering the "It's a Good Life" segment of Twilight Zone — The Movie (1983). Adapted from a classic episode of the original Twilight Zone TV series and directed by Joe Dante, it revolves around a small boy (Billy Mumy in the original TV episode, Jeremy Licht in the movie read more


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