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Community Sound Off: Did Romney Forget Ed Miliband's Name?
The Community sounds off with Alicia on Mitt Romney's London trip gaffe, Senator Rubio's take on Joe Biden's comments and a potential surge in milk pr (more…)
Community Sound Off: Rubio Weighs In On Joe Biden Comments
The Community sounds off about Mitt Romney's London trip gaffe and Senator Rubio's take on Joe Biden's comments and a potential surge in milk prices.
Biden & Ryan Discuss Sanctions On Iran
Joe Biden and Paul Ryan discuss the sanctions placed on Iran regarding their nuclear capabilities.
Joe Biden Opts Out of 2016 Race
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has said he will not be a candidate for President in 2016.
Dem Nomination a Three-way Contest: Poll
03:05 — The latest Bloomberg Politics shows a tightening Top Talkers: Democratic race: Hillary Clinton is at 33 percent, while VP Joe Biden stands at 25 perce (more…)
Vice President Biden Surges in Polls
02:31 — Guess who's surging in a new poll of Democrats? Here's a hint: it's not Hillary Clinton, and it's not Bernie Sanders. It’s none other than Joe Biden (more…)
Biden & Ryan On Syria
Joe Biden and Paul Ryan discuss how the U.S. should deal with Syria.
Biden & Ryan On Unemployment
Joe Biden and Paul Ryan tackle the issue of Unemployment in the U.S.
Biden & Ryan Discuss Afghanistan
Joe Biden and Paul Ryan discuss the future for the U.S. in Afghanistan.
Paul Ryan Mum On Tax Details
Joe Biden and Paul Ryan discuss tax cuts.
Republicans React To Biden
Republicans react to Joe Biden's behavior at the Vice Presidential debate.
Biden & Ryan On Meidcare/Social Security
Joe Biden and Paul Ryan tackle questions about Medicare and Social Security.
Biden & Ryan On Abortion/Religion
Joe Biden and Paul Ryan discuss their views on abortion and religion.
Biden & Ryan On The Conflict In Libya
Joe Biden and Paul Ryan give their thoughts on how the U.S. has handled the attacks in Libya.
VP Biden Calls for 'Sane Gun Legislation'
Vice President Joe Biden is predicting investigators will find that a semi-automatic or automatic weapon was used in the Oregon college shooting. He i (more…)
Biden Says US Will Not 'Betray Our Ideals' After IS Attacks
The White House deployed Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday (November 21) to explain to fearful Americans the administration's policy on Syrian refu (more…)
Biden: Minority Communities and Police Need to Heal
Speaking at a breakfast Monday in honor of the late Martin Luther King Jr., Vice President Joe Biden said minority communities around the country need (more…)
Joe Biden Moves Closer to a 2016 Run
Vice President Joe Biden is increasingly leaning toward a run for president in 2016, even though he would be a clear underdog, if he can out together (more…)
Joe Biden Celebrates Cinco De Mayo Early
Biden and his wife held a breakfast at their D.C. residence at One Observatory Circle Wednesday morning. About 40 people were there, including Mexican (more…)
Joe Biden cautions against turning Syrian refugees away
04:20 — In the weekly White House address, Vice President Joe Biden says that the extremist group ISIS wants to "manufacture a clash between civilizations" an (more…)
Around the Net: Joe Biden Introduces New Bodyguards
Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey present the top viral videos around the internet, including a backyard waterslide fail, Joe Biden introducing New Bod (more…)
Biden And Bloomberg Speak Out On Gun Violence
Vice President Joe Biden teamed up with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg at a press event with Newtown families to push Congress to do something about gun (more…)
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden Visits China
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Beijing on Wednesday (December 4), where he is expected to discuss China's new air defense zone with its lead (more…)
Biden: Protect Voting Rights for Civil Rights
Addressing the National Action Network's MLK Breakfast, Vice President Joe Biden urges supporters to protect voting rights as the foundation for prese (more…)
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