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Joe Biden Narrates His Upcoming Memoir: Get an Exclusive First Listen
00:54 — Former Vice President Joe Biden’s upcoming memoir will chronicle the difficult year of 2015, when his son Beau was battling brain cancer. Biden himsel (more…)
Brandi Glanville
11:14 — Eric interviews Real Housewife Brandi Glanville and Vice President Joe Biden.
Biden receives Brzezinski prize, tells Putin story
07:12 — Former VP Joe Biden spoke Thursday at the Center for Strategic and International Studies while receiving the Zbigniew Brzezinski annual prize. Last ni (more…)
Monday headlines: Biden, Puerto Rico, health care
07:57 — Fmr. Gov Howard Dean joins a discussion about Joe Biden's remarks about the president and race relations, the state of Puerto Rico following Maria's d (more…)
Biden: We Have to Be a Light to the World
03:56 — Vice President Joe Biden and wife Jill Biden share some words at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park.
HUD “Must Give Homes 48-hr Head Start”
11:26 — Jared Bernstein, fmr. Economic Adviser to VP Joe Biden, says HUD must organize 48-hour interventions for delinquent home owners to get on track before (more…)
Barney Frank: Joe Biden, Talented But Undisciplined; Can't Keep His Mouth Shut or Hands to Himself.
00:55 — Outspoken Former U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, the first openly gay member of Congress, tells Larry King that Vice Pres. Joe Biden is "his own worst enemy," (more…)
Obama Responds to 2016 Democratic Field
02:22 — President Barack Obama responds to Hillary Clinton's recent comments on a "no fly zone" in Syria. Obama also weighs in on Joe Biden's potential bid fo (more…)
Pope Francis Greeted by President, First Lady
03:11 — Pope Francis is greeted by President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama after he touched down in Washington, D.C., at the beginning of his highly-ant (more…)
2016 Speculation Swirls Around Biden
09:17 — The "will he or won't he" speculation swirling around Vice President Joe Biden doesn't seem as though it will let up any time soon. Katon Dawson, Tara (more…)'s Top Moments of the Week (March 19 - March 25)
01:39 —'s Top Moments of the week of March 19 through 25.|Top Moments|Dancing With The Stars|Breaking Bad|Joe Biden|Barack Obama|
Biden Ex-Chief of Staff: ‘He Might Well Run for President”
01:17 — Ron Klain, Joe Biden’s onetime chief of staff, tells MSNBC the former Vice President decided to launch a PAC to help Democrats win in 2018, but doesn’ (more…)
Bernstein: Biden Will Be a Great Asset
01:51 — VP Joe Biden's former Economic Policy Advisor Jared Bernstein responds to Biden's recent announcement. He explains why he thinks Biden will continue t (more…)
Did Biden Make the Right Decision?
08:53 — Vice President Joe Biden announced his decision not to run for president Wednesday. Was it a good or bad day for him? Jared Bernstein, Matthew Littman (more…)
Biden Speculation Dominates Week's News
10:22 — NBC News Senior Political Editor Mark Murray, NBC News Political Editor Carrie Dann, and NBC News Campaign Embed Monica Alba join The Briefing to deba (more…)
Biden, Lynch Tackle Nation's Rape Kit Backlog
07:20 — Vice President Joe Biden, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance announced a new effort to solve the backlog of sex (more…)
BREAKING: VP Biden Not Running for President
02:38 — Vice President Joe Biden announces that he will not run for President of the United States.
Biden Speculation Dominates Week's News
10:01 — NBC News Senior Political Editor Mark Murray, NBC News Political Editor Carrie Dann, and NBC News Campaign Embed Monica Alba join The Briefing to deba (more…)
Draft Biden: We Are Grateful for the Support
01:57 — NBC's Andrea Mitchell shares a statement from the Executive Director of the Draft Biden campaign, Will Pierce, responding to Joe Biden's recent announ (more…)
Biden: Won't Be Candidate, But Won't Be Quiet
13:56 — Vice President Joe Biden announces that he will not be running for President. Watch his full statement from the Rose Garden here.
Anticipation Surrounds Biden Announcement
02:19 — Rick Wade, former senior adviser to the Obama/Biden 2012 campaign, talks about his "strong relationship" with Joe Biden and whether he will be a formi (more…)
Biden Goes to Florida Amid 2016 Speculation
08:44 — Vice President Joe Biden headed to the battleground state of Florida, testing the political waters with a speech about college affordability and the e (more…)
VP Biden Stirs up Social Media
03:08 — Nisha Chittal runs through the top-trending social media stories, including VP Joe Biden's explanation for his decision not to run for president. Plus (more…)
Joe Biden Pushing Iran Nuclear Deal to Jewish Leaders in South Florida
01:25 — Vice President Joe Biden delivered a lengthy, impassioned defense of the nuclear agreement with Iran on Thursday, telling a group of prominent South F (more…)
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