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I Am I
I AM I is the story of a young woman, Rachael (Jocelyn Towne), who meets her estranged father Gene (Kevin Tighe) at her mother’s funeral. Eager to get (more…)
Turkey Shoot
David goes on a turkey hunt with some townies. Jocelyn takes Moira on a “relaxing” spa day, while Alexis meets the new love of her life, Ted, the town (more…)
Little Sister
Moira’s estranged sister, Deedee, pays an unexpected visit, while David agrees to talk with one of Jocelyn’s students about being “different”.
Empire of the Wolves
From the producer of The Professional and The Fifth Element and starring Jean Reno (The Professional) this intense horror/thriller finds a woman suffe (more…)
Pineapple and Doughnut Sundaes With Rum Sauce: Make Them On the Grill
04:08 — The only thing better than a doughnut is one that's been warmed on the grill, topped with sweet rum-infused pineapple, ice cream and a boozy brown sug (more…)
She's Got The Look Season 3
TV Land Prime brings sexy back with the second season of this over-35 modeling competition series. Watch the nationwide search, follow the drama as th (more…)
Undercover Boss - Let Me Help You Get Started
02:26 — Darius Rucker surprises Jocelyn with a record deal.
Akram Khan: Homeland - Official Trailer
01:08 — Akram Khan: Homeland offers a rare glimpse into the working and personal life of Akram Khan as he orchestrates each stage of the creative process behi (more…)
Latino Vote Key in GOP Nevada Caucuses
04:34 — Jocelyn Sida, Deputy Nevada State Director for Mi Familia Vota, joins to discuss what Latinos are looking for in a candidate.
We Got a Nazi Zombie Hunter!
01:17 — Well she plays one in a movie, we got Jocelyn snow and since she hunts zombies in the movie ‘Dead Snow: Red Vs. Dead’ we talk to her about zombies and (more…)
Schitt's Creek Extra: Good Sports
01:23 — Catherine O'Hara and Jennifer Robertson reflect on the evolving relationship between Moira and Jocelyn in season 3 of Schitt's Creek. Schitt’s Creek (more…)
Inside Schitt's Creek: Teacher's Review
02:09 — Jocelyn (Jennifer Robertson) shares some feedback from her student evaluations in S3E11 of the exclusive digital series "Inside Schitt's Creek." Schi (more…)
Inside Schitt's Creek: Jocelyn's Musical
01:40 — Jocelyn (Jennifer Robertson) and Twyla (Sarah Levy) offer a sneak peek at the off-off-off-Broadway production Jocelyn's been working on in S3E9 of the (more…)
Fruity French Toast, Cornflake Fish Sticks: Try These Cereal Day Recipes
02:35 — It’s National Cereal Day, so food blogger Jocelyn Delk Adams shows TODAY some of her favorite cereal-infused recipes, including fruity French toast, c (more…)
Wake Up With the Schitt's: Spilling the Beans
04:03 — Written by & starring Chris Elliott & Jennifer Robertson. Schitt’s Creek WEDS 8P/7c on Pop. Mayor Roland Schitt (Elliott) and his wife Jocelyn (Rober (more…)
Inside Schitt's Creek: Jocelyn's House Tour
01:57 — Tour Mayor Roland Schitt's family home with his wife, Jocelyn (Jennifer Robertson), in this web-only Schitt's Creek companion series. ABOUT SCHITT'S (more…)
Schitt's Creek - Welcome to the Luau
01:39 — Johnny (Eugene Levy) & Moira Rose (Catherine O'Hara) spark up conversation (among other things) with Roland (Chris Elliott) and Jocelyn Schitt (Jenni (more…)
Inside Schitt's Creek: Oh Schitt!
01:33 — Get even more inside with outtakes from the Inside Schitt's Creek webisode series, featuring Jocelyn Schitt (Jennifer Robertson), Alexis Rose (Annie M (more…)
Inside Schitt's Creek: Apology Sausages
02:29 — Jocelyn Schitt (Jennifer Robertson) gives a tutorial on her classic sausage recipe in webisode S2E11 of the online "Schitt's Creek" companion series. (more…)
Inside Schitt's Creek: Back to School
01:43 — Alexis (Annie Murphy) and Jocelyn (Jennifer Robertson) chat about the special gifts the returning student brings to class in S3E7 of the exclusive di (more…)
Inside Schitt's Creek: The Surprise Party
01:51 — David Rose (Daniel Levy) and Jocelyn Schitt (Jennifer Robertson) share some secrets from Moira's surprise birthday party in this web-exclusive compani (more…)
Wake Up With the Schitt's: With Special Guest Stevie Budd
04:35 — Written by & starring Chris Elliott & Jennifer Robertson. Schitt’s Creek WEDS 8P/7c on Pop. Roland (Elliott) & Jocelyn (Robertson) welcome a special (more…)
Wake Up With the Schitt's: Win a Call From the Mayor
05:22 — Written by & starring Chris Elliott & Jennifer Robertson. Schitt’s Creek WEDS 8P/7c on Pop. Roland (Elliott) & Jocelyn (Robertson) introduce a new se (more…)
Schitt's Creek - David Rose, Political Stylist
01:07 — David (Daniel Levy) helps Jocelyn (Jennifer Robertson) find some fresh new looks for her political campaign in this scene from Schitt's Creek S2E8, "M (more…)
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