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Inside Schitt's Creek: Back to School
01:43 — Alexis (Annie Murphy) and Jocelyn (Jennifer Robertson) chat about the special gifts the returning student brings to class in S3E7 of the exclusive di (more…)
Mulder and Scully become the focus of a misinformation campaign when they attempt to trace the government's secret transport of an alien life form.
Inside Schitt's Creek: The Jazzagals
01:28 — Jocelyn (Jennifer Robertson) and Twyla (Sarah Levy) explain the history of their singing group in S3E5 of the web series "Inside Schitt's Creek." Sch (more…)
The Transforming Princess Valkyrie
Valkyrie crashes on Kazuto, and gives him half of her soul. Hydra comes to Earth from Valhalla to bring Valkyrie back and Valkyrie and Kazuto hide, bu (more…)
Penn and Teller go on the prowl for virgins! We meet women – and men! – who are saving themselves for marriage. We find out –what the hell for?  Then (more…)
In His Image
A scientist creates an android that has the qualities which he feels he's lacking.
Of Men and Angels
With Luke in dire need of help, Jace, Clary and Simon take him to Magnus' lair in hopes of saving his life. Once there, the story of how Valentine cam (more…)
Love At First Site
New Jersey newlyweds search for a picture-perfect suburban home where they can start a family.
A Door Into the Dark
Jocelyn's action forces Clary to question how much she knows about the Shadow World. Jace tries to fight Valentine's indoctrination, but is tempted by (more…)
Catching Up With Mayor & Mrs. Schitt
01:04 — Schitt's Creek stars Chris Elliott and Jennifer Robertson discuss what's in store for Roland and Jocelyn in season 3 of the critically acclaimed scrip (more…)
Thanksgiving Cornbread Recipes: Savory Dressing and Sweet Pound Cake
03:38 — “Debutante Farmer” Elizabeth Heiskell and “Grandbaby Cakes” blogger Jocelyn Delk Adams team on TODAY to demonstrate ways to make Thanksgiving dinner e (more…)
Oreo Brownies, Pineapple Upside-down Cake: Make Them in One Bowl
04:09 — TODAY Food’s week of one-pot wonders ends with dessert: one-bowl desserts, of course. Jocelyn Delk Adams, author of cookbook “Grandbaby Cakes,” is in (more…)
We Got a Nazi Zombie Hunter!
01:17 — Well she plays one in a movie, we got Jocelyn snow and since she hunts zombies in the movie ‘Dead Snow: Red Vs. Dead’ we talk to her about zombies and (more…)
Prequel 3: Old Rivalries Die Hard
04:08 — Jocelyn shoots a mini-documentary of the Bomb Squad, East Los High’s illustrious dance team that is now in a losing slump. Her camera reveals that th (more…)
Prequel 2: Don't Worry Where I Got The Money
05:05 — An influential food critic’s review of the taqueria leads to an interesting proposition for Maya. Paulie interviews Jocelyn about intimate topics and (more…)
Mission to Mars Experiment Underway in Hawaii
03:00 — A new NASA-funded mission on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii plans to use data collected from the simulated space mission and apply it t (more…)
Prequel 4: My Tongue Still Hurts
05:40 — Maya flirts with the taste of success while Amber hires Paulie to direct her music video. Jocelyn recruits Ceci to teach an inspirational class at Eas (more…)
Latino Vote Key in GOP Nevada Caucuses
04:34 — Jocelyn Sida, Deputy Nevada State Director for Mi Familia Vota, joins to discuss what Latinos are looking for in a candidate.
ET FIRST: Simon Helberg & Wife Expecting a Baby
00:29 — The Big Bang Theory star Simon Helberg has revealed to ET exclusively that he and his wife, Jocelyn Towne, are expecting their second child!...
This Gooey Cookies and Cream Cake Will Leave You Drooling
03:37 — If you love brownies and Oreos, you’ll have to try this recipe for a layered desert from blogger Jocelyn Delk Adams.
Make This Mouthwatering Cinnamon Roll Pound Cake
03:13 — Jocelyn Delk Adams, the author of “Grandbaby Cakes,” joins TODAY to make a sweet treat that combines two classics: a cinnamon roll, and a pound cake!
Worst Dater in Missouri Pt. 2
06:13 — Jocelyn, the worst dater in the state of Missouri, left a lasting impression on Steve when she brought her date Brandon to a BBQ to meet her entire ch (more…)
Worst Dater in Missouri, Part 1
05:40 — Jocelyn, the worst dater in the state of Missouri, left a lasting impression on Steve when she brought her date Brandon to a BBQ to meet her entire ch (more…)
Blueberry Crumble Bars: ‘It’s Like Pie Without the Work!’
03:05 — Food blogger Jocelyn Delk Adams is in the TODAY kitchen to demonstrate how to make an easy blueberry crumble bar with ingredients from a farmer’s mark (more…)
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