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The New Season in Review: Marry Me

Casey Wilson, Ken Marino

Ironic that in a fall season where so many new romantic comedies are fighting for our attention, and maybe even our affection, I'm still waiting to fall in love. Maybe it's the Goldilocks syndrome of being necessarily picky: one's too gimmicky (Manhattan Love Story), one's too generic (A to Z), one's too self-consciously trendy (Selfie), none seems just right.

Last of the batch to arrive, and thankfully not the least, NBC's brash and hyper-verbal farce Marry Me (Tuesday, 9/8c) is at least worth falling in "like" with, especially if your own heart was broken by ABC's cancellation of Happy Endings a year or so ago. That show's executive producer, David Caspe, has cast the funniest female from that ensemble (Saturday Night Live veteran Casey Wilson) — who happens to be his real-life bride — as the maddening Annie, who's her own worst enemy when it comes to her six-year romance with the long-suffering Jake (an endearingly droll Ken Marino).

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Keck's Exclusives: Video Preview: Dead Mom Rises on Perception

Eric McCormack

As the exclusive video clip below shows, Perception's Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack) is about to experience the mother of all hallucinations when his deceased mama Margaret (Poltergeist's JoBeth Williams) pops in for an unexpected visit. As usual... read more

Why Scandal Isn't Just Another Grey's Anatomy


Just because Scandal comes from executive producers Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers, doesn't mean it's another Grey's Anatomy.

"The only reason... read more

Private Practice's Kate Walsh: Addison Shuts Down Following Her Mother's Suicide

Private Practice

Following her mother's suicide, Private Practice's Addison (Kate Walsh) will go into a dark place that may threaten her relationship with Sam (Taye Diggs).

Exclusive: Paul Adelstein to direct an episode of Private Practice

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Mega Buzz: Grey's Tries Real-Time, a New Chick for Chuck and the Return of Fizbo!

Ellen Pompeo (Grey's Anatomy), Zachary Levi (Chuck), Eric Stonestreet ((Modern Family)

Every week, editors Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to

Any Grey's Anatomy scoop on Meredith? AJ
NATALIE: The Feb. 10 episode, which is titled "Golden Hour," will follow Meredith for a real-time 60 minutes as she runs the E.R. "Golden hour" is medical jargon for the crucial first hour after a trauma, and how it can often be the difference between life and death, so don't expect "Golden" to be rosy.

I could really use some Chuck scoop right about now. — Marcus
Might Chuck soon be meeting his next big foe? I'm hearing that the show is casting a major recurring guest star... read more

Mega Buzz: Hope for Calzona on Grey's, Damon's Vampire Rival and a Fringe Death

Sara Ramirez (Grey's Anatomy), Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries), and Anna Torv (Fringe)

Every week, editors Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to

Will Callie's hookup with Mark come back to haunt her when Arizona returns on Grey's Anatomy? — Sharlene
Here's the good news: "Callie and Arizona will be back together soon," executive producer Shonda Rhimes says simply, adding that Arizona will soon show up on Callie's doorstep. "[The breakup] was a way to jump-start the next phase of their storyline." The bad news? Oh wait, this is good news, too! "Mark is her best friend, they slept together before, so it's just recycling. Two people having sex does not necessarily mean that they're in love, or that they're going to be together, or that it means anything."

I am dying for some Vampire Diaries scoop. Can you help? — Valerie
ADAM: Klaus is comin' to town. The oft-mentioned member of the Originals is described as handsome, charming, and 1,000 years old. We sense a Klaus-Damon snark-off coming... read more

Mega Buzz: NCIS' Daddy Danger, House's New Doc and Chuck's Run-In with 007

Cote de Pablo (NCIS), Hugh Laurie (House), and Zachary Levi (Chuck)

Every week, senior editors Mickey O'Connor and Adam Bryant satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to

Have you heard anything about Ziva's storyline on NCIS' November sweeps episodes? — Carly
ADAM: A special security team will be tasked with protecting Ziva's father (Michael Nouri) when he attends an NCIS conference. Also at the conference: former NCIS agent Riley McCallister, whose troubled past has given him a bit of a hero complex. It's probably no accident that McCallister is played by Michael O'Neill, who learned a lot about gunplay as a Secret Service agent on The West Wing and as the gunman who shot the hell out of Seattle Grace in last year's Grey's Anatomy finale.

Who does Amber Tamblyn play on House? — Peter
House describes her as the "the love child of Einstein and Mary Poppins." The brainiac's bleeding-heart principles of course irk the cranky doc. So he fires her — several times.... read more

Tim Burton's Teeny Tot, Quarterlife, More News Briefs

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter late Saturday welcomed their second child and first daughter, says People.... The web series Quarterlife gets its NBC premiere Monday, Feb. 18, at 9 pm/ET, sandwiched between Baby Borrowers and Medium).... JoBeth Williams on Dec. 20 will help announce the nominees for the Screen Actors Guild’s new honors for stunt ensembles.... DVD releases have been set for Rob & Big: The Complete Seasons 1 & 2 Uncensored (Jan. 8) and 30 Days of Night, Goya's Ghosts and the CBS TV-movie Jesse Stone: Sea Change (all on Feb. 26). read more

"That Night, a Forest Grew"

Though I have no idea how the title related to this ep a better one might have been Requiem for Demonic Dexter Dexter continued to try to alter the monster within and with each week of recovery gets closer and closer to taming the wild beast I must say they are pulling out all the stops in the second season of Dexter This is the antithesis of the sophomore slump If anything Dexter has gotten even better this time aroundDexter decided to control the actions of Lundy and his task force with his Presto Manifesto In an action designed to force the force to run scattershot Dex offered them the scent of another dog that led them down a dead-end trail However it really didnt matter because with Chopins help Nocturne No 2 in E flat major to be exact Lundy put some of the pieces together and figured out the Bay Harbor Butcher is in law enforcement Wow hes goodSay what you will Lila but Dexter not only took control of his feelings but those of read more

"Dex, Lies and Videotape"

I know Ive said this a hundred times before but this was perhaps one of the best Dexters ever written Ever I watched this ep a few days ago and have not stopped thinking about it since I thought we had already made the connection between Harry and Laura and the possibility that Dexter is Harrys biological son Dexter wanted to know if Harry planned to have him settle the score on behalf of his mother Perhaps Harry felt guilty for basically leading the murderers right to Laura and her two sonsLila was certain Dexters newfound discovery that even though he built everything in my life on what Harry told me to be and learned that Harry didnt follow his own code was part of a fresh start so he could figure out who he is She assured Rita and Gail at dinner that Dexter was doing well in recovery How well he was doing in recovery took most of the ep to find out Lila left an incriminating message on Dexs machine referring to Rita as Very Martha read more

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